The Way<3

ariana is just a normal girl that is 18 shes just walking through the park when she sees someone following her...she starts freaking out someone she meets but he can be agresseve towds her but soon.... she relizes shes falling inlove..

hope you like


4. iv missed you!



me and niall walked out of the store and saw liam standing in spencers....LIAM i yelled he looked at me and told me to come over i walked and niall was behind me omg hey li i ask giveing him a huge hug how have you been i asked good i guess my girlfriend broke up with me! he said oh im sorry buddie you can come go get something to eat with me and my boyfriend i said kay kay ari he said we walked to sit at a table and niall was there i-is t-hat you b-boy friend liam asked ya niall you know him i know i said oh...h-hi niall long t-time no s-seen he said to niall he gave each other a "man hug" awwwww bromance moment i said we all laughed well we should get going hey can i have your number i ask liam ya he said i gave him my phone and he put his number in it i huged him but i looked at niall he looks alittle omg he looked JELLY!! omg hahahaha i thought



we saw liam and said hi but ari said we had to go so they huged i got to say i was alittle jelly!! thats MY ariana i love her tho she dont know it yet we went to my car and went home to get changed i got my tux on and she came down in a knee high pink dres damn she looked hot her breasts really popped out she curled her hair and put on her eye liner and mascara she was perfect you look oh ari there no words of how you look i said kissing her and nialler you look fabulus!!!!!!!!!!! did she just say fabuLOUIS? no she didnt oh god im goin crazy! haha thx i siad we got int he car and whet to....NANDOS!! we got there and we both got peri-peri chicken!



sorry it was short i got hungry!!!!!!!!!!! :3

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