The Way<3

ariana is just a normal girl that is 18 shes just walking through the park when she sees someone following her...she starts freaking out someone she meets but he can be agresseve towds her but soon.... she relizes shes falling inlove..

hope you like


1. hello?



hi,im 18 and i have long red used to bebrown but i like red better! i have grass green eyes.

ok mum...ill se you later i said walking out of the house to go to the park. it was 9 o'clock at night. i started walking and it felt like someone was watching me...i hurd something so i started running to the park. when i got there i went on the swing when i was swinging someone pushes me i looked ack to see a tall man with blue eyes and blonde short hair im a queff but you could tell her dyed it because you could see his brown roots. he wore white skinny jeans with a blue shit with a lether jacket on hey doll he said in a low irish voise as he stopped the swing to get me hi i said back her got close to me and put his arms around my waist i tryed to get away from him but he was to strong. whats your name doll he said a-ariana i said sexy name im niall he said he pulled me close and put his face in my neck and he started to suck..hard i didnt want to moan but it came out he looked at me and i could se a smirk on his face than my phone started ringing i tryed to get it but niall got it he did somethin i think he put his number in my i phone and sent a txt to himself so he would have my number great he has my number i thougth to myself need a ride doll her said i looked in his eyes dark is all i see...but why i could see in his eyes that he was trouble um no thanks i said yes you do he said he picked me up and through me over his shoulder hey! let me go i said hitting his back but all he did was laugh



she was beautiful! she had long red hair with grass green eyes she wasnt to skinny nor to big she was perfect and her name was ariana, i know iv been with a lot of girls and i never had feelings for them i ddint really have any feelings anymore bu twheni saw her my heart started to beat i fell inlove with her i asked if she needed a ride but she said no so i through her over my shoulders she puched my back but i just laughed when we got to my car i through in the front seat were do you live doll i asked she showed me and i droped her off i out n opened the door for her she got out and i walked her to her door i pulled her close and kisse her on the lips i grabed her bum and she jmoed alittle but she didt kiss me back kiss me back i wispered in her ear she just looked at me and walked in adn shock her head no good night doll i said befor she closed the door she wisperd night niall but i all most didnt here it....






do you guys like it? hope you do!!! 



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