Debby's mom got a new job in Bradford, so they had to move. When Debby started on her new school she got bullyed by a guy named Zayn and his friends Drake and Ashton. Zayn were strong, brave and mean, while Debby were sweet, smart and kind.. But what happens when Zayn falls in love with her, while Debby tries to avoid him? Read and find out!


14. The accident.

Debby's P.O.V

He smiled back as I turned around, I took off my top and spotted in the mirror that Zayn was looking at me. I smirked as took off my shorts as well. I opened the drawer and picked up a grey t-shirt who went down to my knees.

I turned around and Zayn looked another way fast rubbing his neck. I laughed as he also took off his shirt. He had a well-trained body with some tattoos, it was many, but not too much. 

He layed down on my bed and moved the sheets on the other side, "You coming?" He smiled.

I smiled as I went over and layed down, I turned to face him, he looked down on me and smiled.

"Good luck on the test tomorrow." I whispered.

"You too." He winked.

When I turned off the lights and turned around to face the wall I felt his warm hand grab around my waist and pulled me closer to him. It felt good, and safe.

I slept good that night with me in his arms. But he was just a friend, I promised myself that...

Zayn's P.O.V 

The alarmclock waked us up at seven in the morning. I yawned and rubbed my eyes as I watched Debby get up.

She put on some new clothes and smiled at me, I smiled back and put on my shirt.

We walked downstairs and grabbed something to eat. 

"You wanna come to my place after school?" I asked her as I took a bite from the toast.

"Sure, I'd love to!" She said smiling at me.

"I live with my older brother though.. My parent are in jail, but my brother is a really sweetheart." I spoke.

"Why are your parents in jail?" She asked with a serious look.

"Child abuse." I spoke, "But don't worry, if I cared about them I would get upset about it, but I don't so.." 

We went to the bathroom getting ready, packed our bags and went to school. I didn't talk to Drake and Ashton the whole day. I only hung out with Debby. And for the first time I didn't beat anyone up either.

When the school was over I ran over to Debby showing her the test results. I jumped in happyness as she looked confused at me.

"I got an B-" I cheered as she opened her mouth smiling.

"Oh my god! Congratulation!" She cheered and hugged me.

"Thank you Debby, really, for everything!" I said and hugged her tight..

Debby's P.O.V

I was so happy for Zayn, I felt kinda proud of myself too. We walked outside heading towards his place.

His house wasn't big,but it wasn't small either. We stepped inside, it was pretty neat for two guys living here.

Suddenly I saw a huge guy in heavy metal shirt and black pants with alot of tattoos and piercings coming towards us.

He gave his brother a brofist and looked straight at me.

"Debby, this is my brother Jake." Zayn spoke and smirked.

He was like, twice my height. I blinked a few times, "H-hi." I said reaching out my hand shivering.

Jake streached out both of his hands and smiled running towards me, "Helloooo!" He shouted, picked me up and hugged me.

I could hear Zayn laugh as he put me down again. His brother started to laugh as well.

"I told you he were a sweetheart." Zayn laughed.

"You should've seen you expression." Jake laughed.

I started to laugh too as we walked into the livingroom. 

"Hey Jake! Can we borrow your car?" Zayn asked his brother.

"Sure, just bring it back in full pieces." He spoke and threw the keys to Zayn.

"Can you drive?" I asked Zayn as we walked outside.

"Yeah, been driving for three years now." Zayn spoke as we sat inside the big black car.

He started to drive..


We've been driving for an hour now, Zayn parked the car in front of an pub, it was raining.

"Let's just wait here until the rain is gone." He spoke.

I nodded as we just looked at eachother and smiled. He closed his eyes and were going for a kiss. I really wanted to, i leaned in to, but then we were just a few centimeters from eachother everything turned black..

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