Debby's mom got a new job in Bradford, so they had to move. When Debby started on her new school she got bullyed by a guy named Zayn and his friends Drake and Ashton. Zayn were strong, brave and mean, while Debby were sweet, smart and kind.. But what happens when Zayn falls in love with her, while Debby tries to avoid him? Read and find out!


16. Remember me?

Debby's P.O.V

After about 30 minutes me and my mom stepped outside the room, Zayn sat on a chair, his eyes were all red. He stood up fast walking over to me.

"You guys need any help?" He said constantly laying his eyes on me.

He was kinda cute to be honest, but a total creeper. My mom shook her head and we walked past him. I looked back as I saw him tearing up again. Poor guy... I probably meant something to him.

When we came home I sat down on the couch. My mom walked over to me and sat down next to me.

"Do you think you can go to school tomorrow?" She asked pretty upset.

"I'll survive." I spoke and smiled.

She kissed my forhead and whispered, "I love you Debby." 

"I love you too mummy." I said as she stood up walking into her bedroom.

Suddeny it knocked on the door. I walked over and opened it, it was Zayn, he stood there with a bag. He reached it out for me.

"You forgot your schoolbag at my place..." He sighed about to walk away before I stopped him.

"Zayn..." I whispered, "I have no idea on how close we were... I'm sorry but, do you think we can start it all over again?" I smiled.

Seeing him smile made me happy, "Yes! Of course!" He said cheering. 

I walked inside again closing the door. Then I walked upstairs to my room and went to bed.


I woke up 'cause of the alarm. I walked downstairs, my mom weren't home, she was probably a work or something. I ate some breakfast and put on some makeup later. I got dressed, packed my bag and walked outside locking the door.

I walked up to school, no familiar faces, I went to an old man hoping to be the teacher, "You know where my class is? I'm Debby Miller." I said and smiled.

"Ah, Debby Miller, your mom called and told us everything. Yes you're class is down the hall and the first door to the left." The man spoke and smiled.

I thanked as I placed my bag beside the chair walking to the girls bathroom. Before I stepped inside I saw Zayn. He smiled at me, I smiled back as I went inside the bathroom. 

As I stood in front of the mirror, two random boys came in.

"I think you've got the wrong bathroom." I laughed as they were serious in their faces.

"You remember us Debby?" They spoke clenching their fists.

"Actually I don't." I said cocking up an eyebrow.

The one with light brown hair and blue eyes went for a punched in the stomach. I fell down on my knees, the other guy with blonde hair and brown eyes held up my chin and started kissing me.

I pushed him away as I backed up against the wall, "What the hell? Who are you?" I shouted.

"Are you serious?" The blonde guy laughed.

"Drake and Ashton?" One of them spoke pointing at who's who.

"Gurl, what are you playin'?" The Ashton guy spoke.

"Am I supposed to know you?" I asked as the Ashton guy came up to me.

He started to kiss me but I pushed him back, "Get away from me!" I shouted trying to walk past them as both of them grabbed me and pushed me down.

The Drake dude sat on top of me and took off my top, "Help!" I screamed as Ashton slapped me.

Were they going to rape me? What have I done to them? What the hell was happening?!

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