Debby's mom got a new job in Bradford, so they had to move. When Debby started on her new school she got bullyed by a guy named Zayn and his friends Drake and Ashton. Zayn were strong, brave and mean, while Debby were sweet, smart and kind.. But what happens when Zayn falls in love with her, while Debby tries to avoid him? Read and find out!


1. Moving to Bradford.

Debby's P.O.V

It took over an hour to say goodbye to my friends, it was hard, expacially when I saw my bestfriend Cassie tearing up. We hugged tight before I went inside the car. 

Mom and I drove away to Bradford. It took about two hours to get there. I was sad that I moved from my friends, but we need the money..

Mom parked the car outside the house, it was pretty big, two floors. I walked inside, it was beautiful. I ran upstairs finding my room. Amazing! It was huge with a walk-in closet. 

I ran downstairs again hugging my mom, "How could you afford all this?" I asked as she hugged me back.

"I don't have money yet to pay for the whole house, but as soon as I start my new job it'll be okay." She replied.

We spent the rest of the day packing out our stuff. I was so tired so I went to bed when we were finished.

Tomorrow was sunday, I couldn't wait until monday, new school, new life!

*The next day*

I woke up and went downstairs, "Goodmorning sleepyhead." Mom spoke as I looked at the watch.

Shit, it was two pm. My mom opened the emty fridge, "Oh honey, could you please run to the store and buy some bread and milk and maybe some toppings?" She asked and gave me a puppyface.

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed the money she handed me and got dressed. I put on some makeup quick and walked outside.

I came across the school before I realized I didn't know where the store was. I saw three boys hanging out in the corner of the school, they were smoking and had a laugh.

I didn't really wanna ask them where the store was but there weren't any other people around. I managed to walk over as they looked at me and gave me an bitchy look.

"Excuse me, do you know where the closest store is?" I asked the one in leather jacked, white t-shirt, ripped jeans and a blackhaired quiff.

"It's right across that street," He spoke pointing towards the store.

I thanked as I turned around as I felt him smack my ass. I opened my mouth facing him again giving him an hard slap in the face.

The two other boys laughed as the boy I slapped held his hand over his cheek.

I backed as and walked away quickly being proud of myself. I smirked as I headed towards the store. I bought some milk and bread and some toppings. Then I took a shortcut home to avoid the boys.

I got home and ate some breakfast with my mom. I tild her about the boys and she started to laugh. I didn't do much the rest of the day, I just sat on my phone texting Cassie and watched TV.. Then I went to sleep when the day was over.

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