Debby's mom got a new job in Bradford, so they had to move. When Debby started on her new school she got bullyed by a guy named Zayn and his friends Drake and Ashton. Zayn were strong, brave and mean, while Debby were sweet, smart and kind.. But what happens when Zayn falls in love with her, while Debby tries to avoid him? Read and find out!


7. "Because I'm in love with you."

Debby's P.O.V

I ran home and locked thhe door. Why the hell did he beat Theodor up? What a dick.

I layed down on the couch trying to catch my breath. I layed there for about an hour before I picked up my phone. Theodor gave me his number, I dialed his number and called him.

"Hello?" I heard him speak from the other end.

"Theodor are you okay?" I spoke, but everything got quiet.

"Theodor are you there?" I said before he hung up.

I tried to call again but no one picked it up. Suddenly the doorbell rang. I stood up and walked over and opened the door. It was Zayn.

"How did you know where I lived?" I said with my eyes wide open.

"Ashton told me." Zayn spoke and smirked.

"Well, go away, I don't wanna talk to you." I said and tried to close the door before Zayn placed his foot in front of it.

He opened the door and stepped inside, "I'm calling the police." I said as he closed the door.

"Go ahead, does it look like I care?" He said as I backed.

"Why did you beat up Theodor?" I asked with an angry voice.

"Because he punched Ashton." Zayn spoke.

"And Ashton punched him back, do you had no reason." I said before my back hit the wall.

Zayn came up close to me, "I'm backing up my friend." He spoke.

"Yeah right, but where is he now?" I asked.

Zayn lifted his shoulder as he said, "How could I know, he went home I guess." 

"Why isn't he picking up my calls then?" I asked angrly.

Zayn giggled and looked down on my lips and licked his lips.

"I told him to." He whispered.

He smelled good to be honest, he went closer and closer until I stopped him, I layed my hands on his stomach and I could feel his sixpack troguh the shirt he was wearing.

Zayn's P.O.V

"Like what you touch?" I said in a cocky way.

She took away her hands and rolled her eyes.

"Why did you tell him to avoid me?" Debby asked with a loud voice.

"Why not?" I joked and smirked.

"Zayn! Why?" She shouted pushing me back.

"Because he was flirting with you!" I shouted back.

"And why do you care? Why can't you just leave me alone for gods sake?" She yelled as I went up close to her again.

I bit my lips and looked another way befor I whispered, "Because I'm in love with you."

I looked down at her, she was shocked...

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