Just the nerd

What happens when the popular girl Peyton Grey starts to fall for the school nerd Harry will there be consequences or lust read and find out in just the nerd


2. A/N

************sorry this is not a note and the words are so small but I really have no idea where this story is going and I really need a lot of help soooo if you could help me out with that problem just to write a few chapters because I can't invite co authors the damn iPad (excuse my language;))doesn't let met the thing doesn't show up so therefore I can't invite any way plz if you can't help me email me at reynalynsey@gmail.com ASAP to help me get going with this fan fic!!!!!



~~~~~~~~~~~~~Love all ways Lynsey~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


********people also call me there will also be kylie and Peyton on here just so you know*******

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