Teenager Spirits

Gianna Matthews, is 19 years old and has a mix of lavender and baby blue hair,and she does hip hop dance. Gianna is the fun typed,never mean and not a Mrs.Perfect, people thinks she's a freak,but in reality,she has alot of spirit in herself. She has two best friends, Danielle and Eleanor. They may have beaten Gianna for dating two hottest boy in the schools,Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson,but she can't deny anything,but what happens when Gianna is the same level as Dani and El? A new student came to school,and that student was a nerd and he gets make fun of. But what happens Gia helped him through put school,and then they fall for each other?


15. What's the Point of Spirited Gia?

Gianna P.O.V.
I was at Starbucks, school already ended and I was in the back tapping my pencil. I was suppose to write a essay about my life. I heard the bell of the door, I didn't looked up, then I realized four boys sitting in front of me, I looked up. It was Liam and the rest. 

"Can I help you?", I asked

"What happen back there? You aren't the same anymore", asked Louis.

"Did you heard? Gia Matthews lost her teenage spirits"

"That's not try Gia"

"It's Gianna", I said.

"Now you use your full name, Gianna you changed, look Shelby may be mean,pushy and gets what she wants, but do you really think she took your spirit away?", Lou asked. 

"I'm positive, she took it away"

"Here take this, Tape"

"What's this?"

"It's a little video we did when we met you, it was the day when we hang out at the park", Liam Said

"Thanks guys I don't need it"

"Why not?"

"What's the point of spirited Gia? I mean every day I always wake up with a messy hair and don't really care, and what I even wear, when I looked in the mirror I look like I had a drunk Friday night"

"Well the point is... We love the Gia that always fools around and make everyone laugh, just keep the tape", Liam patted my back and that left. I sighed and went back to work. 

After I was done, I placed everything in my backpack, and I grabbed all my stuff. I walked out and grabbed my keys, and went inside. I drove all the way home. I went inside and my parents are at work as usual. I walked up to my room and threw my backpack. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling. This day is horrible. I got back up and went to get my drawing book I have. I love to draw. As I I pulled it out the tape that Liam and the guys gave me feel out. I just stared at it a couples times. I grabbed it and then threw it in my drawer. I'm fine I don't need to be spirited again. 

My phone ranged a couple times. I looked at the caller I.D, it was Zayn. I pressed 'end'.

"I don't need this", I said to myself,
"CAN EVERY INE FORGET THAT GIA MATTHEWS IS NO LONGER HERE WITH ME!!!", I yelled and knocked my books on the desk. A picture frame fell from my desk, I looked at it, it was me and Zayn together. I had my pastel color hai, I threw it under my bed, I threw anything under my bed and a box that related to Gia and Zayn. 
I ran to the bathroom I gripped on the cold granite, I slammed my fist o the counter. I leaned against the door and slid down. What's happening? I heard the phone ring downstairs, I went and get it but it left a voice mail.

"Hi Mrs and Mr. Matthews, Im calling for Gianna, she wasn't in school today and I just wanna say that some of the kids in school that Gia--" I hit the end button and deleted the voice mail.

"I don't wanna hear that crap of stuff they said", the door knocked and I went to get it, I open it and it was Dani and El. I shut the door in their face, I don't need anyone right now. They knocked again.

"Guys looks, I don't want to see anybody right now", I said opening the door.

"Gianna please, every body at school is worried about you", said Dani.

"Then they should stop caring im fine can any body forget Gia Matthews already, it's no big deal"

"Uh yeah it's a big deal, everyone in the school thinks your the coolest person, and spirited, everyone misses Gia"

"Well now I hate being Gia, my full name is Gianna, I go by it now"

"Gianna--" El started.

"El, no.... Okay... I tried with your advice...it didn't work...I think friends should agree that their friends should chooses their own decision"

"I'm just trying to make the best of you"

"Your trying it wrong, and if you don't accept my decision I guess we can't be friends anymore now good-bye!", I said and shut the door. I never yelled in front of El like that.

"WELL FINE WHO NEEDS YOU! YOUR JUST A COMPLETE FREAK!", she yelled at the other side of the door.

"WELL GO TO HELL!" I yelled and walked to my room. I saw a picture frame of me and El, I knocked it away. Then I made a huge mess in my room. I looked in the mirror, then I realize something.......


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