Teenager Spirits

Gianna Matthews, is 19 years old and has a mix of lavender and baby blue hair,and she does hip hop dance. Gianna is the fun typed,never mean and not a Mrs.Perfect, people thinks she's a freak,but in reality,she has alot of spirit in herself. She has two best friends, Danielle and Eleanor. They may have beaten Gianna for dating two hottest boy in the schools,Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson,but she can't deny anything,but what happens when Gianna is the same level as Dani and El? A new student came to school,and that student was a nerd and he gets make fun of. But what happens Gia helped him through put school,and then they fall for each other?


16. Trying get Back Who I used to be?

Gianna P.O.V.
I just realize something... It wasn't El or Dani fault, it wasn't Liam or Louis fault either, and it wasn't Zayn Fault, it wasn't Shelby fault also.. Well it kinda half is, but...the person who should feel guilty is
"Me", I said. 

Shelby always push eveyone around, and stuff but she didn't take my spirited away, it was still inside of me, and my self-conscious is blocking it. I just need to stop being ask-concious, I looked in the mirror, I rubbed all the make-up off, well the only think I add was mascara. I took out the bow in my hair and the pins, I flipped my hair, and scuffle 
It. It was back to the hair that used to be, well not the colors I meant the curlyness. I breath slowly, and I went to grabbed the tape. I looked at it, I went downstairs to put it in. As it went inside.

The video started.

"HELLO PEOPLE OUT THERE WHOSE WATCHING THIS, IT COULD BE THE CHILDREN OR ANYONE!", yelled Lou in the camera acting like a reporter.


"AND DONT FORGET GIANNA MATTHEW! She's our new friend,say hi"

"Hi, but Lou call me Gia", I lugged and got his arm playfully.

"Well talk about yourself Gia"

"Well...I love drawing, I dyed my hair, it's naturally brunette. And there's nothing good about me, I guess I'm self-conscious about myself", I said.

"Well that's not true...your beautiful...and your good at everything don't let anybody bring you down...your spirited and we can help you?"


"Yeah let's take you out if your shell and we will teach to you to be have alot of spirits", he said.

"Thank you", I said and hugged all of them.

**End Of Flashback**

A teared fell down, the reason I was spirited is that my friends helped me......this taught me how to be spirited, and all this time I hold El back to stop helping me, and Shelby brought up my self-conscious again...I can't believe I lost El. Why have I done? And Zayn? I LOST HIM TOO! 

"What have I done? The only way to do it...is bring back who used to be"
But I ran out of dye and I promise mum that I would stop dying my hair. So I guess in stuck with pink. The only way to bring back my spirits is going back from the start. I grabbed my shoe and went out. Louis house is t far, just around the corner. As I run to his house I saw the light in his room on. I knock like 20 times and he finally open the door. He saw me, and I was panting like a dog.

"Gianna what you doing here?", he said with a questioning look.

"I need to talk to you"

"Sorry your not welcomed here anymore at my house, Liam house or even Danielle house"

"What? Look I'm sorry I got mad at you guys but please listen"

"No sorry", he shut the door at my face"

"AND IM NOT SORRY FOR THAT EITHER!", I groaned. Now they won't talk to me...ZAYN!. I ran to his house, cause I was lazy to get my car. I walked up to his door and he answers it. I was panting even harder.


"Zayn...just....give...me...a...second.....to...breathe", I pant in between my sentence. As I got to normal.

"Zayn---" he stopped me.

"I thought you don't want me to see you and now you came to see me? What do you want Gianna?", he said my full name and an attitude.

"I'm sorry okay"

"Yeah I heard about you yelled at El not cool"

"Wait all of sudden you turn to soft that broke my heart and now it sound like your the one breaking my heart"

"Yeah and Shelby also told me you were being mean to her when you guys were friends"

"You actually believe her...Zayn... We were friend back at Pre-K, but she's the one who was mean too me"

"Yeah I'm not stupid, oh and your no longer at my house and my friends house", he shut the door on my face. I just got rejected by Zayn.

"I guess I need to work on my own", I said and I walked to the park. Where Lou film that video? I stood in the spot that I was standing. And I let it replay in my mind.

"Well that's not true...your beautiful...and your good at everything don't let anybody bring you down...your spirited and we can help you?"

"Really?", I said to myself pretending I'm back where the first time I lost my self-conscious, and be free and spirited.

 "Yeah let's take you out if your shell and we will teach to you to be have alot of spirits", then I open my eyes. I remember all the fun memories we had together, then I lost my best friend and boyfriend, well I kinda the one who dumped him. Then there only one way I need to talk to....Shelby.

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