Teenager Spirits

Gianna Matthews, is 19 years old and has a mix of lavender and baby blue hair,and she does hip hop dance. Gianna is the fun typed,never mean and not a Mrs.Perfect, people thinks she's a freak,but in reality,she has alot of spirit in herself. She has two best friends, Danielle and Eleanor. They may have beaten Gianna for dating two hottest boy in the schools,Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson,but she can't deny anything,but what happens when Gianna is the same level as Dani and El? A new student came to school,and that student was a nerd and he gets make fun of. But what happens Gia helped him through put school,and then they fall for each other?


2. The Boy Who got Pushed Around



Gianna's P.O.V

As I woke up and brushed my teeth and brushed my hair,it created some curls,people likes my hair like that. For my clothes I was wearing a black tee and a necklace,Black skinny jeans and Combats boots and a black beanie, (image above).

A I grabbed my bag and headed down stairs and into the kitchen, I grabbed a Sunny D,and kissed my Mother and Father cheeks and fist pump my brothers and ran out the door. I over heard my father saying.

"someone is a bit too spirited in the morning".

I got in my new Fiat 500, It's white,and light blue stripe,that matches my hair. As I drove to school,and I parked in Parking lot. As I got out I met up with Dani and El.  

"We saw the new kid in the offices and he's a boy",said El

"guys stop it,I don't need a boyfriend,c'mon lets go to English"

"Um I have Math",said El

"oh okay see ya in 4th period.

(after English)

"that's was boring" I said to Danielle

"yeah--hey is that the new kid",she said.

"yeah and-- Of course Damien is pushing him around"

"Danielle be right back"

 As I run up to them,of course Damien is pushing the new kid around like a Volleyball 

"GUYS STOP!LEAVE ME ALONE!" Yelled the new kid 

"make us loser",said Damien

"HEY DAMIEN LEAVE HIM ALONE!" I yelled pushing him.

"Hey why gives,oh is it Gianna,why should I leave him alone?"

"cause what happens if you were that new kid being push around? And what happens when your face fall flat on the ground? And if you won't leave him alone,you will be in the coma and waking up, in a hospital, beat up. Or I can tell the principal"

"fine whatever Gianna have what you want,but I will get that my payback for him", he threw the kid on the floor,knocking his papers on the ground and leaving.

As soon as the left,everyone was clapping,and then talking starting going around. The new kid was picking up the papers, I kneeled down and helped him,when I saw his papers,he drew a field of roses and a sun and butterflies,it wasn't that bad,it was beautiful. I have him the papers, and said

"did you drew this?"

"y-y-yeah,people makes fun of me and said only girls can draw",he said.

"well I think it's pretty cool"

"you think soo",he said,when he looked up,I saw beautiful dark eyes,then my stomach started to blow up fireworks.

"yeah I know so,what's your name?",I asked

"Zayn,Zayn Malik",he said.

"Zayn,that's a cool name,my name is Gianna Matthews,but you can call me Gia"

"Gianna,that's a beautiful name",I blushed and looked down.

We stood up, and I brushed myself off.

"so Where did you come from?",I asked 


"really? How come you move here?"

"well I got bullied in school,and tried home schooled,but it didn't work,we move here to see if people acted like I'm normal,turns out it didn't work,I only have one friend and that's my sister, I never make new friends cause I'm too shy and dorky,no likes me"

"well that's not true,I like you,we can be friends"





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