Teenager Spirits

Gianna Matthews, is 19 years old and has a mix of lavender and baby blue hair,and she does hip hop dance. Gianna is the fun typed,never mean and not a Mrs.Perfect, people thinks she's a freak,but in reality,she has alot of spirit in herself. She has two best friends, Danielle and Eleanor. They may have beaten Gianna for dating two hottest boy in the schools,Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson,but she can't deny anything,but what happens when Gianna is the same level as Dani and El? A new student came to school,and that student was a nerd and he gets make fun of. But what happens Gia helped him through put school,and then they fall for each other?


18. Lights,Camera,Apologize

>>Gianna P.O.V.<<

 "And why would I help you?", he asked us, we were at Harry...well apartment, and he wouldn't understand, he wouldn't understand anything.

"Harry please, it's was my fault that I did this whole thing, and we figures it out, we're friends again", said Shelby.

"alright fine, I forgive you, but you need to apologize to the rest"

"I know and I know how, c'mon",
I said, he grabbed his shoe and his coat. We walked to the park. 

"Now we have to record it and make it into a tape, Harry you record, Shelby you be right next to me", as they get into places. I sighed and hoping this work.

"ACTION!", Harry yelled. 

"Hey El,Dani,Louis,Liam, and Zayn, and maybe Niall, and Harry, Im sorry that I exaggerated that I lost my spirits and stuff-" then Harry interrupted me.

"You didn't even exaggerated"

"Thank you Harry for talking when I'm making a speech"

"Sorry, go on"

"Sorry, and Well I just-"Shelby interrupted me.

"It was my fault actually, I kinda brought her insecurities up and planning to looses her spirited ways, cause I was jealous"

"Wait jealous of me? I thought you hated me cause about what happen in Pre-K"

"No it's because your always spirited and doesn't care in the world what they think of you, I'm jealous and in sorry Gianna",I smiled and hugged her.

"It's okay"

"Aweee", Harry awed, we looked at him.


"Well for me to get my spirited up I do need your help, just come outside, and I will show you", I hand signal to turn it off. He turn it off.

"When you meant 'just come outside and I will show you' what do you mean?"

"Well here's the plan, your going to bring them in one house, maybe Zayn's and you will put this tape in, and then we will have a flashmob outside the streets and I will dance"

"What about me?", said Shelby.

"Well your going with Harry, and then you got to bring them out"

"Okay, wait what song are you going to do to dance"

"I don't know, I will think about it"

"What happen if they won't go outside?"

"I don't know figure it out, right know I need the people in my dance class and other people, c'mon Shelby, lets go, we're doing this This Saturday night, so Harry you make the tape, and while we get the people"

"Wait what happens is they see the people outside"

"Don't worry want you to close the curtains, and texted me when they are fully in the house, so that case I can bring people in the front"

"What happens a car passed by?"

"My Uncle works as a cop, he can blocked the streets and knock in everybody's door to tell then there's going to be a flash mom in their neighbor hood, OKAY NO MORE QUESTIONS! LETS GO!", I said and we separated. This is going to be a long week.
Hello people, 
Well there's nothing to say really, um Cheerleading isn't the easy, if you thought it was just girls being preppy and cheery, well there's alot if hard work, and Im going to One Direction Concert on Friday night, I will tell you what is like and my older brother is chaperoning, and did I ever tell you, without his glasses he looks like Zayn, well his hair is. So yeah!

~Xoxo Hallie

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