Teenager Spirits

Gianna Matthews, is 19 years old and has a mix of lavender and baby blue hair,and she does hip hop dance. Gianna is the fun typed,never mean and not a Mrs.Perfect, people thinks she's a freak,but in reality,she has alot of spirit in herself. She has two best friends, Danielle and Eleanor. They may have beaten Gianna for dating two hottest boy in the schools,Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson,but she can't deny anything,but what happens when Gianna is the same level as Dani and El? A new student came to school,and that student was a nerd and he gets make fun of. But what happens Gia helped him through put school,and then they fall for each other?


13. Honesty,Trust,Lies,Changing

Hey guys so sorry I haven't post this but I promise i will get to this

Gianna P.O.V.

A tear dropped in my eye,
I never thought it hurts so much. I usually don't care if people push me around cause of my hair, or personality or looks. People call me emo, and dumb, and pathetic. I looked in the mirror, My hair showed so much spirit,but looks like I came out from the cotton cart machine and came out from the carnival. This what happened.

As it was a boring day, of a Sunday. I was sitting around, Zayn has to do a family reunion. So I decided to go to the park. I was walking around, as the biggest bitches in the school come walking towards me. 

"Hi Gianna, I love the name Gianna, is so pretty and nice,but I don't think Gianna fix you perfectly, more like a man name", she started to laugh.

"Go to hell", 

"Oh what's that? Does little emo getting mad"

"I'm not a fucking emo"

"I don't know why Zayn would date you"

"Why would you care? You were being mean to him how nerdy he his"

"Face it babe, under his glasses he has the total of a hottie and Zayn is honest, he will tell anybody the truth, expect you, cause he is your precious little girlfriend"

"What do you mean?"

"Sure he will say you look pretty and nice,but I over heard him talking to his friends in the bathroom saying "Gianna, ugh please, you call her cotton candy hair beautiful I call it not beauty"
And I have to agree with him, you should go with more like a pink, and maybe one color only, if you want Zayn to be yours forever, or I can just take him"

"Your wrong", I ran away crying.
*End Of FlashBack*

I stared at myself to the mirror I got a nose piercing just a few days ago, Zayn said it looks cool. I touch the pink hair I dyed it yesterday. Zayn doesn't know that I dyed my hair, and he's coming back from his family reunion. El and Lou knows about my hair, but not the rest. They tried to stop me from changing, but I just went ahead and do it. My phone ranged, I grabbed it.

To:Gianna From:Zayn

Hey babe, I'm coming back and probably be there I'm 20 mins

To: Zayn From: Gianna
Okay, I missed you, but please don't come over to my place

To:Gianna From Zayn
Why? What's wrong?

To:Zayn From Gianna
It's that I've been through something and I just want to be alone

To:Gianna From: Zayn
Okay babe, when can I see you

To: Zayn From: Gianna
At school

To: Gianna From:Zayn 
Okay babe, see you tomorrow love you

To: Zayn From:Gianna
Okay love you too.

I put my phone away, I was alone at home, cause my family are out. I heard my front door knocked, I got up and went to it. I looked through the pupil. It was just El, I open my door and let her in.

"Hey babe how is it going?"

"Horrible, I hate this, so much, but I have to suck it up and get use to a new color" a tear rolled down and I say in the floor.

"Hey it's alright, where's your spirit in your heart"

"I don't have it, it washed away in my heart"

"Now that's not true, you still have spirit, it's in your heart, Shelby may be the popular girl and can take away your hair, but she couldn't take a away the Gianna I know, the Gianna who sticked up for her boyfriend on his first day, the Gianna who goes with me to detention, the Gianna who lives free and doesn't care what a people give a shit about, she can't take that away from you" she kneeled at eye level.

"Your right El, so maybe I have a new look, but it's worth it"

"And you still look beautiful, your name Gianna is a spirited name"

"I prefer Gia"

"Whatever you like, you still wearing Zayn necklace he gave you on your first date"


"Well that's the key to your spirit", I rubbed over it.

"He's key to your spirit so are you going to let Shelby take you down like that, or are you going to keep standing till you never stop cheering for yourself on"

"Your right El, I've acting too stupid, Shelby is just a girl at school, and Im not gong to let her shit me down like that"


"But that thing she told me about Zayn, Zayn a honest, and would he lie to me behind my back"

"Gia, Zayn would never do that to you, and if he would, he would tell you anyways, your relationships is getting stronger already, you guys trust each other"

"Your right"

"What did he say about your nose piercing?"

"Well I told him I was going to get one and he went with me, then he said I look fantastic"

"See he's telling you the truth, he will die without you, and never hurt you, his friend flew all the way down here and help him set up the perfect date, and you think he's already telling something behind your back"

"Well yeah"

"Gia, this is your first relationship and I been through there with Louis"

"I set you guys up,cause you both like each other"

"You set up me and Dani up with then, if it weren't for you, we wouldn't be dating them right now and probably be dating some other chicks"

" true" 

"Sooooo are you going to go out there and show all the people who you really are? Instead of staying in here all day"

"I will do that tomorrow"

"Gia you have to do it, you've been sitting here at home since Zayn left and since that incident at the park, when are you going out"

"Tomorrow, it just that--", she interrupts me.

"Cause of your hair, Gia, I seem so many boys and cools who multi dyed their hair in different bright colors and the hair that you had was pastel and it looks great, but now you have pink hot pink hair, and do you think I care cause what they look like? No I don't and if you go out there, then other people doesn't care either, please, just come out with me"

"El, I love you so much, but I have to stay in here, I still feel little uncomfortable since my new look, I have to get use to it"

"You were used to it when you had pastel colors"

"Yeah when I first dyed it,I look like I came out a cotton candy machine and out if the carnival, and now I look like I came out a bubble-gum packet of the market"

"Fine, but I will be at Louis place if you need me", she said and hugged me, I nodded and she left, I  laid back in he floor hands in my face. I sighed and groaned. I heard a knock on my door, I didn't look through the pupil, cause I thought it maybe Eleanor. I open it.
If you ask why do I have a soft spot for my hair now? 
Well when I was a kid, I used to have brunette hair, and when I dyed it I showed my best friends well now use-to-be -friends, they started laughing at me and telling me how ridiculous I look. I have a soft spot for my hair, but I don't care what people say about my hair cause there not my friends and their my enemies, but for my friends, there the soft spot. I always think my friends turn my back against me cause of my hair.

I sighed, and looked in the mirror, the question in my mind I always ask in my head, is 

"Why am I so spirited?"


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