I'll Fight Forever

"Anna, come look at this, I think you'll like this." I walked around the couch and sat next to my mother carelessly. What could make a girl like me happy?
"What?" I said groaning. She handed me the news paper. I looked at the title on the page, 'Sing for the Sick'. "Okay so what?" I said, not really caring.
"One of those boy bands are coming to town to sing to kids like you." Kids like me?
"I think I'll pass this time mom." I said handing back the newspaper.
"You've been stuck in two places that none of us enjoy, it's no longer a choice if you go or not."
I took the news paper back from her. "If I'm going, I at least want to know who I'm going to see." I read threw the article quickly. And for some reason I felt a little excited. One Direction was coming to town.


4. Chapter Three

*1 Week Later*

(Kats POV)


Beep. Beep.

I pain from my stomach caused me to groan in pain.

Beep. Beep.

Bright white lights blinded my eyes.

Beep. Beep.

Whispers circled around my head.

Beep. Beep.

Who on earth is making that annoying noise?


My eyes finally fought over the blurriness in my blindness as I could finally see familiar faces surrounding me. Anna's doctor was by my side with a clipboard and I couldn't help but smile over the pain. "Nice to see you awake again Kat." The doctor said, I didn't move scared that it would hurt. "The procedure was complete, and you and Anna are both doing just fine."

"Did you tell my dad?" I said worried. A couple days ago, my dad had called and asked why I hadn't been home in a while. I had been sleeping at the hospital in the bed next to Anna's because she couldn't sleep unless she had somebody to talk to till midnight. But that's when I told my dad that I was donating one of my kidneys. He got a little mad, but now that I was awake and doing fine there was nothing to worry about. He said he'd be there for me when I woke up but I didn't see him anywhere.

"He's outside Kat." I nodded my head. "Do you feel any pain? If so rate it 1 as bad 10 as good."

"Ugh." I had to think about this, I mean I didn't want to rate it to high or to low. "Probably a 5." I said, then he began adjusting some machines around me. Thankfully the beeping noise that woke me up wasn't that loud anymore. "Can I see Anna?"

"She hasn't woken up yet, they just pulled her out of surgery a couple of minutes ago, and your kidney is working just fine for her." I smiled. It made me want to donate more because I felt like the nicest person ever. I was like the sister Anna never had, and Anna was like my replacement sister.

"Can I go sit in her room?"

"You just woke up, you're not strong enough to walk yet." I really wanted to go see Anna, so I tried to think of what Anna would do in this situation.

"Can I take a wheel chair?"

The doctor smiled. "You've been hanging out with Anna to much." I smiled because it hurt to laugh, but he laughed anyways. "I'll get you a wheel chair in about 20 minutes when your body is more awake so it can get use to functioning with one kidney." I nodded and the doctor left the room.

I turned my head towards the window when I heard the door open again. "Kat?" I turned my head to see my dad. I smiled and he came and gave me a careful hug. "I'm proud of you." He said. "You're so much like your mother, always helping somebody." I felt my eyes water.

"Dad, I'm still more like you. Always happy. Don't ruin that." I said, I didn't want to see him cry because I'd flood the room with tears.

"After this, I'm going to surprise you with something. Just me and you."

"I'd like that, we haven't had a lot of father daughter time since-." I stopped myself. Dad nodded.


*The night Kat & Anna met*


"You don't know your beautiful." My sister and I laughed as we finished singing "What makes you Beautiful" By One Direction.

"Louis is mine." I said crossing my arms.

My sister Bethany, only a year older than me, crossed her arms mimicking me. "Louis is mine." She said in a snotty voice.

"No but seriously Bethany who do you like?" I said laughing as another song came over the radio.

"I don't know probably Liam because he's mature and cute." She said blushing a little.

"Well Louis is funnier than Liam."

"Liam knows how to treat a lady with respect." My sister said poofing her hair a little.

"Fine you got me there, but only on that one." I said not giving her all of the victory.

"Girls can you be quiet for a couple of minutes it's getting kind of rainy and it's hard to see." My dad said me and my sister both groaned.

"Yeah." My sister said as she slouched in her seat sitting on the other side of the back seat with sleeping bags and food in between us. The car filled with silence as raindrops beat down on the car. I watched the trees past by as we drove down a highway that led us to the campsite.

The car was silent, as the bumps in the road made me hit my head on the window. "Ouch." I said as we hit a bigger road bump. I rubbed my head a little, and my sister laughed. "Shut up." I said angry that she didn't care about me.

Suddenly my head slammed into the seat in front of me, my seat belt not helping what so ever. I felt my head hit onto the hard glass window and as it shattered. I landed on hard ground. But my head hurt to bad to see clearly. I closed my eyes, and my body took over in pain and agony. I locked my fingers, pain shooting through my body as raindrops pounded onto my cold body.

I heard sirens rolling in the back of my head, and I wondered if it was just a mind trick. But sure enough it wasn't I opened my eyes, I was so dizzy. I could feel my heartbeat in my own head. I looked around, noticing that I was laying on the ground. I looked over at the car that laid next to me, the car burning, orange, red, and yellow flames surrounding it.

The window that I had been sitting next to was shattered. I couldn't see in the windows, because they were foggy full of smoke and flames. "Momma?!" I said crying, not knowing where she was. "Bethany!" I screamed, but got no response. Two people came to my side in a rush. "Please don't let them die, Please don't let them die." I kept repeating in my head, but I was actually saying it out loud. "Please don't let them die."

As I was lifted up into a ambulance on a gurney, I kept repeating the same words. The doors closed and I no longer had communication with the outside world. "Please Please don't let them die god please." I groaned as they bandaged my head, but I felt no pain I didn't understand why they were stitching me up. I went to go touch the top of my head, but my hand was held down by a nurse. She shook her head no towards me and lipped some words, but I couldn't understand her. Was I deaf?

After the horrible ride in the ambulance, they said I was free to go. Which was weird, but I didn't care. So I raced threw the Emergency room doors as I saw my parents and my sister being taken to different operating rooms. The Doctors stopped me from going any farther. I noticed a girl about my age in a night gown and I just ran up to her and hugged her. I didn't know who she was, but I didn't care. My clothes were soaked and she probably hated me for it but I didn't care. I just need to know that somebody was there. Because I felt like it was me against the world.

"I'm Anna." The girl said breaking the silence. I backed up from her, realizing I had seen her in school before.

"Katherine." I said wiping my eyes, the pain in my head still hurt immensely. "Sorry about that."

"No it's okay, you're the first person I've talked to all week." Anna said smiling a little. I noticed that her head had been shaved, and her skin looked pale. I didn't want to be rude, but what was wrong with her? "Cancer." She said, her mood fading as she noticed her hair was gone.

"Oh." I said, and I had never felt so awkward in my life. Anna hugged me this time, and I cried into her shoulder. I was a complete and udder wreck hugging a random girl like a weirdo.


*Present Time*


My father got up as the Doctor came inside. "Okay, she just woke up." He said to me, a nurse came in with a wheel chair. My dad and the doctor all helped me get into the wheelchair by practically just lifting me up and carrying me there. Once I was sat down, my dad just pushed me around because my arms felt like rubber. As we entered Anna's room, I noticed how she looked just as bad as me.

"Hey Kat." She said with a smile. This was the first time I had seen Anna smile in a long time. And it was also the first time I had seen her family come to the hospital all at once. Her mother, Her father, and Jeff. Jealousy of a good family filled my stomach, and memories made my head spin. "How are you doing 1 Kidney Kat?" She said smiling. I laughed a little but then realized I probably shouldn't or I'd feel more pain.

"Never been more excited about something like a One Direction concert." I gave Anna a high5.

"Two days." Anna said.

"Just enough time to learn how to walk I guess." We both laughed, along with a lot of people in the room. While Anna and I chatted my dad went and met with Anna's family. He'd been locked at home and at work, so this was one of the first times I've seen him actually enjoying himself.

The door opened suddenly, and Anna's face lit up. I turned my head just a little to see what was going on.

Anna covered her mouth as her eyes filled with tears. I had never seen her cry when she was happy before. About 20 kids our age walked in with balloons, cards, and flowers. One person, a girl, came running up to Anna and gave her a gentle hug. "Oh my gosh." They both started crying. "I'm so sorry we haven't visited I feel like a jerk. It's been like two months now."

"Hey it's not your fault, you guys are going to be Seniors next year you were busy." Anna said, then realizing I was still here she wiped her tears. "This is Kat, she donated me her kidney." I was pleased that Anna could find it so simple to tell somebody that I donated a kidney. But I still felt weird about it.

"My names Chloe." She said, and we shook hands like real adults.

"Nice to meet you." The room was getting louder as more and more students came in.

"Oh my gosh Chloe I love you, you didn't have to bring the whole High School." Anna said laughing, even though it hurt her.

"I had to make it up somehow, and everybody I asked said yes anyways." I saw Anna look over at a certain guy then. He was carrying flowers, and was really cute. He had on a polo shirt and ripped jeans. He had brown hair that looked like Justin Biebers old hair style, only cut shorter and was a lot more sophisticated. I knew he looked familiar, but I couldn't put my finger on who he was.

"Hey Anna." He said with a smile, and then went and gave Anna the flowers. He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek.

"O-m-g I missed you so much." Anna turned back to me. "Kat this is Caleb, one of my close friends."

"Nice to meet you." I said. He gave me a light wave and a smile, definitely shy.

"Our school wanted to make you Junior Prom Queen." Caleb said, pulling up a chair to sit next to Anna's bedside. Anna looked like she was having the best day ever, and I felt kind of jealous. I had always been that kid that didn't want to socialize. I was open of course, but only with people that I could trust. Like Anna.

"You know I can't turn that down, who's Prom king?"

"Caleb." Chloe said, smacking Anna on the arm. "Duh." Anna laughed a little.

"Oh my gosh I wish I could give all of you hugs, but I can't." Anna said laughing.

"Gentle group hug!" Chloe said Only because Anna isn't that tall of a girl not everybody could hug her. So a couple people hugged my neck, and others hugged my wheelchair. Jeff came over to me then and sat on the floor next to me as everybody was talking.

"Thanks." He said.

"For what?" I asked, but Jeff just laughed at me.

"You donated a kidney to my little sister, anybody who helps my sister is a favorite of mine."

"Oh really?" I said kind of surprised, but I was being a little sarcastic.

"Katherine, can I let you in on a secret?" He said, I was surprised he used my first real name. But then again, that was the first time he's ever said my name in front of me.


He didn't answer right away. "Ever since I first saw you, I have kinda liked you." I looked at him, surprised by his outcome. "That's not to weird for you right?" He said kind of worried.

"Not at all." Before I could tell Jeff my opinion on what he just said, Caleb came over to us. Caleb handed me a card and smiled. "Thanks." I said, and we gave each other an awkward High5. He didn't speak though. I looked at the envelope that held a card on the inside of it. I opened the envelope and took the card out. 'Thanks' Was written in bright neon colors on the front of the card. I read the card out loud so Jeff could hear it. "Anna told me about you, she always had something positive to say. When you told her you'd donate her a kidney, I was the first one to hear about it. I've noticed you in High School a lot, carrying around her homework. And I just wanted to say that Anna's super lucky to have somebody that cares so much. From, Caleb. P.S. Sorry for your loss." I closed the card.

"That was nice of him." Jeff said, taking the card to look at it.

"I never knew somebody would even care."

"Care about you? You mean?" Jeff said looking me in the eyes. And I realized how much I liked him too. "Kat, I don't know anybody that doesn't care about you." He paused. "I care about you, your father does, Anna does." He grabbed onto my hand. "And without you, nobody's lives would be the same." Jeff made me stop and think how special life really was. I lost my family, yes. But if I wouldn't have lost my family I wouldn't have gotten to save another.

I guess it's just those special moments, like this, that makes you think about how lucky you are. I'm sure other people have had it far worse than me. "You should be a therapist." I said smiling.

"Well I guess I am a pro." He said flipping his hair to the side. He got back up then, and kissed my cheek. "I'll cya later." As he let go of my hand, he left a slip of paper in my hand with his phone number. I looked up at Anna and she winked at me. I rolled my eyes. This could not be happening.

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