I'll Fight Forever

"Anna, come look at this, I think you'll like this." I walked around the couch and sat next to my mother carelessly. What could make a girl like me happy?
"What?" I said groaning. She handed me the news paper. I looked at the title on the page, 'Sing for the Sick'. "Okay so what?" I said, not really caring.
"One of those boy bands are coming to town to sing to kids like you." Kids like me?
"I think I'll pass this time mom." I said handing back the newspaper.
"You've been stuck in two places that none of us enjoy, it's no longer a choice if you go or not."
I took the news paper back from her. "If I'm going, I at least want to know who I'm going to see." I read threw the article quickly. And for some reason I felt a little excited. One Direction was coming to town.


7. Chapter Six

(Anna's POV)

"Mom!" I groaned as I look at my alarm clock. 1 AM In the morning. I couldn't hear footsteps coming towards my room, so I screamed my mothers name again. "Mother!" I hear a door open this time, and I can't even turn over to look. My body aches, and I feel hot. My covers are tangled at my feet, as I try to just breath. I hear my mother come in as she sits down on my bed.

"What's wrong?"

"I think I'm overheating." Which in my case 'Overheating' Can be bad. Because of my low count of White Blood cells I have a hard time fighting over any types of sickness. Like simple diseases for people without cancer; Like the flu, or a cold are hard to fight off. That's how most cancer patients die.

My mother placed her hand on my forehead. "Yeah your warm." My mother picked up the home phone by my dresser in my room. "Hi, um my daughter Anna Sanders has a high temperature." There was a pause. "Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer." Another pause then. "Yes she had a chemo therapy appointment later today." Another pause, and I began feeling tension in my chest. "Okay we'll be there soon, okay thanks bye." My mother hung up then. "Okay lets go."

"I can't get up." My legs felt weak, and I felt like if I got up I'd throw up. My mother groaned and started to walk out of my room. "I'll get your father." A few minutes later, my father had lifted me up like I was a child and put me in the car. It was a good thing he was a firefighter or he never would have been able to get me down the stairs and out into the garage.

Once we arrived at the hospital, I was put in my chemo therapy room on a gurney. The nurses took my temperature, and ran some tests. My doctor, Doctor Bo, wasn't here so had to wait till 6 in the morning for him to come. He was a specialist in patients with Lung Cancer.

"Good morning Anna how are you feeling?"

"Extremely hot." I said adjusting a fan next to me.

"To much partying at the concert last night?" I smiled up at him, and he smiled back. I hadn't told my mother yet about everything. Because I think she'd have the doctors run a test on me to see if my cancer spread to my brain or not because I was going insane.

My doctor looked through the papers on my clipboard quickly before taking a deep breath and sitting down. Bad news.

"So you do have a high temperature, but from the xrays we took earlier-." I cut him off.

"It spread." There was a moment of silence, and I knew it. I just knew it.

"No actually, your tumour is shrinking." I felt like my world just stopped. It's shrinking?

"That's good?"

"That's very good." I didn't know how to react. This was the first good news in a long time. My mother came over to my bedside and hugged me as we both cried in hope together. "Your tumour was 6cm the first day you got here when you lost your breath at Volleyball Practice. Each year you have been here, which is 3 years. You shrunk 2cm altogether. But in the last month you shrunk 2cm. Which means your tumour is now 2cm and we can now take you into surgery to remove it." I rolled over to the side of my bed and hugged my doctor. Once we pulled away he told us a few more things. "Your white blood cell level has gone up which is good, but it's still not enough to fight off your high temp, so we are going to put you on some antibiotics and stuff to help you fight it off." I nodded, and my doctor hooked me up to an IV.

"Mom can you go home, and get my phone for me? I should be fine, I'll have Kat come and get my breakfast later."

"Okay." She got up from her chair then. "Thank you Doctor Bo, it does mean a lot to us."

"It's great news, tell you're whole family." He said. But I only wanted to tell one person.



(Niall's POV)

"Niall are you coming with us to eat?" I turned around to see Harry in the living room turning the TV off.

"Ugh no I gotta head up to the h-." I stopped myself. If I told them I was going to the hospital to see Anna, Harry would probably make fun of her again. And honestly, I don't think I can take much more of his crap. "Park, to see some old friends."

"You have old friends here in Newcastle?" Liam said coming out of the bathroom with only a towel.

"Yeah, they're on vacation here." Anna had called me earlier this morning around 9 and told me she wanted to see me. She sounded really excited, and I was dieing to see her beautiful eyes again.

"Okay we have interviews at 6 tonight, be back here at the hotel at 5." I gave them a thumbs up before grabbing my wallet off the counter and putting it in my sweatshirt pocket. I looked over at Louis and he winked at me. I just laughed and grabbed my hat off the hook on the door and placed it on my head trying to cover some of my hair. Then after putting my sunglasses on, I walked outside and got into the elevator.

Once I was outside I called for a taxi and they took me straight to the hospital. I tried to fake my accent so the taxi driver wouldn't recognize me. I paid the taxi driver and got out. I walked inside the hospital and walked up to the front desk and used my best British accent. I didn't know Anna's last name, so I used as much info as possible. "Do you know where a girl named Anna-." Before I could speak much more the nurse pointed to a room. "Thank you." I looked at the room, and I could see Anna through a window. She turned her head, and looked at me. A smile appeared on her face. I walked into her room and closed the door. "Mind if I shut the shades?"

"Go ahead." I shut the shades so I could take off my sunglasses and my hat. I fixed my hair a little. I looked at Anna, and her face looked wet, and she looked really hot. She wasn't wearing her wig, and her skin wasn't really pale.

"How are you doing?" I laid down next to her and rested my hands on my stomach.

"Better than ever." She smiled again, it was a weak smile this time though.

"Is something wrong?" I said kind of worried. She looked horrible compared to yesterday.

"No it's just the chemo kicking in." She paused and turned over quickly. She grabbed a bucket and vomited into it. I reached over to a table and grabbed her a cloth. "Sorry." She said coughing a little as she wiped her face. "That happens a lot." She laid back down on a pillow and closed her eyes. "But no I actually got really good news this morning."

"I'll be glad to hear it." I said turning so I could see her face.

Anna opened her eyes again and looked at me. "I came in with a high temp this morning." She paused and took a breath. "They took tests on me, and also took some xrays of my chest." She smiled her weak smile again. "My tumour is smaller now." I was happy to hear that her tumour was shrinking. But I didn't want to overexcite her because she looked really tired.

"You're tired aren't you?" I said laughing a little.

"Very." I pulled Anna close to me and looped my arm around her neck. She rested her head on my chest. "Sorry, I called you and then the doctor told me I should start chemo early."

"It's fine." I waited for Anna to say something, but I noticed how even her breath was. Her eyes were closed and she was sleeping so calmly. She was beautiful.


(Kat's POV)

I was laying in bed on a weekend day when my phone went off at 8 in the morning. I stayed the night at Anna's, but she left at like 1 in the morning to go to the hospital.

I picked up my phone, not even looking at the screen. "Hello?" I said yawning while I stretched.

"Somebody just woke up." I smiled and laughed.

"Hi Louis."

"Hi Katarina."

"What are you doing up so early?" I paused looking at my alarm clock. "You're insane getting up at 8 in the morning after a big concert."

"Consequences of being famous I guess." I laughed.

"So why'd you call?" I said trying to get comfortable in my bed.

"I thought maybe we could hang out or something, maybe somewhere private so we don't get harassed by other people?" I bit my lip trying to thank of a place.

"Where are some places you like to hang out at?" I said trying to get some ideas.

"I don't know I don't live here." He said laughing. Then I got the perfect place. But I wanted to know something first.

"Okay I've got the perfect place but I will hang out with you under 1 condition." I got up off Anna's spare bed and looked out the window.

"And what is that?" He said using a flirty type of voice.

"Answer this question, Why in the world would you and Niall give two crazy fan girls your phone number?" I closed the window curtain again, and grabbed onto my car keys.

"Are you saying you don't believe in love at first sight?" He said as I opened the door to the spare bedroom and walked outside.

"No, but no guy in school wants to date me, so why would you want to?" I twisted the keys on my fingers as I got into my car and started the engine.

"You're beautiful to me Kat, don't ever doubt that." I blushed at his comment.

"You're insane." I said laughing.

"You're beautiful don't forget it."

"I'll see you at the hospital at 9." I said biting my lip.

"Planning on it, Goodbye love." He said.

"Goodbye Loui." I hung up and drove off to my house to get ready.

*1 hour later*

I was standing at the entrance of the hospital sitting on a small bench waiting for Louis. I heard the automatic doors open and I looked up to see if it was Louis. But it was just a pregnant lady. I leaned back down on my chair and looked at the pregnant lady. She was huge, it was like she could give birth right here on the floor at anytime. And she had pain in her eyes.

I heard automatic doors open in the back of my head, but I continued to stare as she walked up to the front desk. "Hello." I heard Louis say leaning in close to my ear. I turned to be face to face with him. He was wearing sunglasses, and a beanie on his head.

"Good cover up." I said standing up.

"Oh I forgot." Louis brought his hand from his back, and he was holding 1 single rose. "I called it a Katie rose." I carefully took the flower and looked at it.

"Aw thank you." I said bring him into a hug.

"It's as beautiful as you are." He said as we pulled away from the hug.

I blushed. "Come on lets go find some place private." I was going up to the place where I wanted Loui and I to hang out when I noticed Anna's hospital room, and the lights were on. "Hey Loui do you mind if I do something really quick?"

"Go ahead." I grabbed onto his hand and pulled him along. I walked up to the door, and slowly pushed down on the handle as I dropped Loui's hands. I pushed open the door slowly and looked inside. I saw the one and only Niall Horan with his arm around Anna while she slept on his chest. Niall was asleep too, and his chin was rested close to Anna's head.

"Loui look at this." I said and he walked up behind me and looked over the top of me.

"That's my little man." Louis said. I noticed Niall move a little then so I softly closed the door so he didn't think we were being weird.

"We should probably let them sleep." I said turning back to Louis and I realized how close he was to me. I had never really had a relationship before. Or a first kiss. But with him right next to me, I didn't feel shy or nervous. I felt happy. "Come on." I grabbed onto his hand as we began running up stairs. We screamed and made jokes as Louis tried to tickle my sides as we climbed the stairs.

When we finally got to the roof I collapsed onto the ground and Louis fell right on top of me, but caught himself so he wouldn't kill me or something. "I beat you." I said laughing. Louis took off his beanie and his sunglasses.

"I call for a rematch then." I smiled and Louis rolled over so he was next to me. He sat up then, and grabbed onto my waist and pulled me close to him so I was sitting in between his legs. I used his legs for an armrest as he wrapped his arms around me. "Why'd we come up here?" He said, and I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. And it sent chills down my back.

"Because nobody else can see us, but you can see them." I smiled. "You can see everything clearly." I paused and took a breath. "It's nice to be invisible sometimes."

"Sometimes that's all a person needs." Louis said, talking right next to my ear.

"I think everybody needs it." A brush of wind blew past my face and I thought about the pregnant lady again. I had always thought about having kids. And my mother told me once that you'll never realize how important kids are until you've actually held your own, in your own hands.

And with Louis's arms around me I felt something. A spark. And a hand reach out to me, and it was my mothers.

And she was helping me, to find love.

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