I'll Fight Forever

"Anna, come look at this, I think you'll like this." I walked around the couch and sat next to my mother carelessly. What could make a girl like me happy?
"What?" I said groaning. She handed me the news paper. I looked at the title on the page, 'Sing for the Sick'. "Okay so what?" I said, not really caring.
"One of those boy bands are coming to town to sing to kids like you." Kids like me?
"I think I'll pass this time mom." I said handing back the newspaper.
"You've been stuck in two places that none of us enjoy, it's no longer a choice if you go or not."
I took the news paper back from her. "If I'm going, I at least want to know who I'm going to see." I read threw the article quickly. And for some reason I felt a little excited. One Direction was coming to town.


6. Chapter Five

(Anna's POV)

The concert had just ended, and girls around me were either crying or screaming. "We need to get out of here!" I said trying to talk to Kat, who was right next to me.

"I agree!" She said, yelling just as loud as I had. I grabbed onto Kat's arm as we pulled our way out of the crowd. Their performance was great, but I didn't want to miss my time with Niall backstage. We took the elevator upstairs, and Paul just let us find our way to the boys dressing rooms. There were girls upstairs, trying to get past Paul and his few other body guards, but they weren't kids from the hospital that had backstage passes.

Kat knocked on Louis's dressing room door the same time that I knocked on Niall's. I blew her a kiss as she walked into Louis's dressing room, for good luck of course. Nothing weird otherwise.

I heard a door open, and noticed Niall standing in the door frame. "Hey Anna." He said looking down at my shirt. "It's a little big." He said with a laugh as he held up another shirt. It was black with the same flower type print that was on my shorts.

"How-?" He cut me off before I could speak much more.

"I had Paul sneak out during the concert and go shopping, I guess it's the same place you got your shorts." Niall said with a smile as he handed me the shirt. "I'm not sure if it will fit though." He said moving away from the door as he handed me the shirt. I walked inside then and sat down on the couch again, holding the new tank top in my lap.

"You guys had a great performance." I said as Niall walked into his closet.

"It was only good, because we had to put on a good performance for somebody as special as you." He said, and I laughed a little, feeling my cheeks turn bright warm. "You can change out there I won't stare at you like a creeper." I went to go take my shirt off then, but then realized something. I hadn't gotten this tank top for a reason when I went shopping earlier. My Chemo tubes would show. I grabbed my phone and went to text Kat.

'Mega Emergency, please come to Niall's room' (To: Kat)

'One sec, I just got here and you're already in trouble' (To: Anna)

"Did it fit?" Niall said as he came out of the closet.

"Oh um no, I ugh." I was trying to come up with a reason. "I love your shirt. Super comfy." I said with a smile, and two thumbs up. Niall looked at me kind of weird, but then Kat came into the room. "Be right back." I said to Niall as I grabbed Kat's arm and brought her back outside Niall's room. I held up the tank top. "Remember why we didn't buy this?" Kat froze, and I felt like my knees were going to give out.

"And he doesn't know about your cancer." She bit her bottom lip. "Maybe you should just tell him Anna I mean think about it, it's the smart thing to do." I shook my head no. "He's going to probably find out anyways, he's a celebrity.

"No I can't do that." I heard a door begin to open and I looked over. It was Niall. "I can explain."

"I need to go downstairs." Niall walked over to a dressing room door, and knocked on it. Liam Payne came outside to the hallway as Niall brushed passed my shoulder and walked away. Liam smiled at us, and lightly kissed Kat's cheek.

Although Kat was scared for me, she blushed and smiled. I took a deep breath, and let out a big huff of air. I blew my chances with the hottest, and most populated guy in the world. I felt like a complete jerk. Like a small speck on the earth. And then Niall was a dot, a big dot that could take control and destroy everything in it's path.


(Nialls POV)

"Remember why we didn't buy this?" I heard Anna's voice, and I leaned my ear against the door. No means to be a stalker, but she was acting really weird.

"And he doens't know about your cancer." I moved away from the door, taking a few steps back. Anna had cancer? Questions ran through my head. Was it serious? Why was it a big deal for her? What did the tank top have to do with her having cancer? Why wasn't she bald, didn't most cancer patients lose their hair?

I walked back up to the door, and opened it. I ran my fingers through my hair as Kat and Anna turned towards me with pale faces. "I can explain." Anna said looking up at me.

"I need to go downstairs." I went over to Liam's dressing room door and he came out. I had to go take pictures with fans anyways. But what was there to hide from me that she couldn't tell me she had cancer?


(Anna's POV)

I walked back into Niall's room. "Change into it." Kat said.

"I don't feel like showing the world my chemo tubes." I said groaning as I saw back down on the couch.

"So? Other girls here are bald, pale, hooked up to tubes, in a wheelchair." Kat went on and on, but I ignored her.

"What if I saw somebody I liked here, and I don't feel like embarrassing myself."

"Are you saying you're a lesbian? I didn't see any boys in the crowd." Kat said, sitting down next to me.

"I wasn't talking about people here for the concert."

Kat looked at me like I was crazy. "Are you serious? You think out of all the girls in the world Louis would date me. Or Niall date you?" I felt kind of hurt by her comment, but I tried not to show my pain. "No offense Anna, but these guys could date Models, Famous people, anybody they wanted too."

"What if we are that anybody?"

"Be for real Anna, no hurt feelings, but be for real, I don't want you to get hurt because some famous boys aren't going to date you." I knew what Kat had meant. I mean seriously. I get backstage passes, that's all the luck I've had in my life. Otherwise what else was good?

I got cancer, which is Bad. I lost both my kidneys in 1 surgery, Which is Bad. I've nearly died more then 10 times, Which is really Bad.

"Just put the freaking tank top on." Kat said. I looked down at it, it's soft texture comforted me.

"I don't want my chemo tubes to show." Kat began to take off her jacket. "It doesn't match."

"Put it on." She sounded like my mother for a second. So I quickly ran off to Niall's Walk-In-Closet so I could change. When I came back out, I looked into a full body mirror by the door. I could still see my Chemo tubes.

"I don't like this, this tank top doesn't cover it up."

"Why do you want to cover up who you really are?"

"Because I don't want people to be afraid of me." I sighed, and took off my wig. "No hair freak?" I remember going back to school for the first day, and I didn't have a wig yet. I had my dads baseball cap on, completely bald. Upper Class men laughed and called me 'No Hair Freak' And a whole bunch of other names. "I don't want to be made fun of anymore, I want one play I can go where nobody can make fun of me." I put my wig back on. "I'm ugly Kat, you don't have to tell me I'm not when everybody knows I am." I came back to the couch and sat next to Kat.

"Well if you think positive, if you wouldn't have cancer, you wouldn't have met Niall Horan."

"I have my ways." I said, and we both burst out laughing. "Probably break a couple windows." I pulled a pillow close to me and took a deep breath. I was going to have to tell them the truth, even though Niall already knew. He deserved to know the truth, because he came all the way here just to sing to kids like me.


(Niall's POV)

"You seriously have feelings for a sick fan girl?" Harry said laughing.

"Dude you just met her." Liam said, as we finished up taking pictures with fans.

"What's the big deal? I mean Harry dated Taylor, why can't I date Anna?"

"She's sick, and she's a fan, and she's not even that pretty." Harry said. Anger filled up in my stomach and my fists clenched.

"I think Kat's beautiful, I'd date her." Louis said with a smirk on his face.

"She's different though." Harry said.

"Dude just shut up." Zayn said thankfully, otherwise I probably would have said something ridiculous. Us boys walked back upstairs, and I was going to go into my dressing room, but then I heard Kat and Anna laughing. I decided to knock then, even though it was my dressing room. I heard footsteps come towards the door as Anna appeared in front of me.

"Hey." She said, opening the door wider and stepping out of the way. I noticed that she was wearing the tank top, and she had some hospital things coming from her chest. A jacket covered her shoulders, it looked like that one Kat was wearing. "Niall can I talk to you?" Kat got up quickly and ran from the room.

"Sure." I said, kind of confused.

"I'm sorry I lied, that was pretty stupid." She said biting her lip. She looked up at my eyes, and I noticed how beautiful she really was. She had dark chocolate eyes, and I froze. "I have NSCLC Non-Small cell Lung Cancer." I didn't know what to say, or how to respond. Was she going to die? "I've had it for like 3 years now and-." She cut herself off. And she looked away. "I'm sorry." She looked back at me and she was crying. I brought her into a hug. I felt horrible for her. I ran my fingers through her hair softly. "It's not real." She said pulling away from me.

"What do you mean?" Before I could fully finish my sentence, she tugged on her hair. And it ended up being a wig.

"It's because of my Chemo." She then pulled the tubes that were tucked under her tank top. "Chemo tubes."

"Ugh." I didn't know what to say, or how to respond.

"Just don't say anything." She took a step back. "I better be going anyways."

"No you should stay." I took a step closer to her, and took her wig from her hands. I placed it on a table next to us. "Please."

"But it's getting late, and I'm probably distracting you from something anyways."

"Well then, at least don't leave without my number?" Anna smiled, and it made me smile too. "Here take my phone." I said giving her my phone. She took my phone, and typed her number in. "So I'll cya later, you know before we leave NewCastle?"

"Yeah." She bit her lip and smiled. She gave me a kiss on the cheek before walking out of the room. I sat down on the couch and took a deep breath. Then noticed she left her wig here. I guess I'd have a reason to come meet her.


(Anna's POV)

"Do you think he'll call?" Kat said. I was still trying to get over the fact that a celebrity asked for my number.

"I don't-" I was interrupted by the ring tone on my phone. "Omg." I took my phone out of my pocket. 'Unknown Number' I bit my lip and answered. "Hello?"

"I just wanted to make sure, you didn't give me some fake number." I laughed.

I gave Kat a thumbs up as I ran to my room. I closed my door and jumped on my bed. "I've lied once, I figured I shouldn't lie again."

"Hey, we make mistakes."

"Thanks for understanding." I went to go take my wig off, and realized it wasn't there. This was the first time I had realized I was out in public without my wig on. I felt my face go pale, but I decided not to say anything.

"Hi Kat!" I heard in the background.

"Louis wants Kat's number." Niall said laughing.

"No!" I heard Louis scream.

"I'll send you her number in a text Niall." I said laughing. I sent him the text message. "Just sent it."

"Just got it." There was a pause. "Hey I'll call you in the morning?"

"I've got Chemo, but I'll call you when it's over."

"Sounds like a plan."


"I'll be waiting." I laughed.

"I'll cya later Niall."

"Goodbye love." He said, and I hung up. I screamed and Kat and I met each other in the kitchen.

"Girls, be quiet!" I heard my mother yell from her room.

"Sorry mum." I said. "Louis asked for you number!" I said kinda-sorta yelling.

"Oh my gosh, I'm going to pass out." She said laughing as she pulled me into a hug. "Forget what I said earlier, maybe we both have a chance at love." A chance at Love? I felt my heart race, A chance at love. That's all I ever wanted.

"Sorry mum." I said yelling a little louder. "Louis asked for you number." I said whispering into her ear.

"Oh my gosh, forget what I said earlier maybe we both have a chance at love!" She said pulling me into a hug.

A chance?

At Love?

Maybe their were outcomes of having cancer.

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