I'll Fight Forever

"Anna, come look at this, I think you'll like this." I walked around the couch and sat next to my mother carelessly. What could make a girl like me happy?
"What?" I said groaning. She handed me the news paper. I looked at the title on the page, 'Sing for the Sick'. "Okay so what?" I said, not really caring.
"One of those boy bands are coming to town to sing to kids like you." Kids like me?
"I think I'll pass this time mom." I said handing back the newspaper.
"You've been stuck in two places that none of us enjoy, it's no longer a choice if you go or not."
I took the news paper back from her. "If I'm going, I at least want to know who I'm going to see." I read threw the article quickly. And for some reason I felt a little excited. One Direction was coming to town.


10. Chapter Eight

(Kat's POV)

I set my car keys on the counter. "Dad you home?" I waited for a response, but the house was empty. My stomach hurt a little, so I went to the kitchen to take some Tylenol. But before I sneezed, and a blast of liquid landed on my hands. I looked at my hands, blood covering them. I coughed and fell onto the ground. What was happening to me? Blood trickled from my nose. My phone was only a few inches away from my reach. I reached for it, grasping my side in pain as I choked on my blood. Before I could grab onto my phone everything went black.


I saw something beautiful standing in front of me. It was golden and huge, but my eyes were blurry and I couldn't make out exactly what was happening. I stood on something fluffy, but I couldn't move. Blurry people crowded around me wearing white and gold. When some huge man appeared in front of me, he spoke words that I couldn't understand. And then I saw Louis, his smile as he came closer to me. I reached my hand out to touch him, but he faded.

(Back to reality)

I leaned over in pain, I looked around and I was still in my house. A puddle of blood lay next to me. My phone right next to my head. I reached up and grabbed it, calling my dad. The phone rang and rang, but he never answered. I began crying, not knowing what to do. I went to dial Louis when my phone flashed at low battery.

I called Louis, and he didn't answer either. So I left him the shortest email as possible. Giving him my address, and saying I needed help. Right as I ended the voice mail my phone flashed black and powered off. I clutched my stomach, covered in blood as I waited for help to come.


(Louis's POV)

*Ring Ring* I heard my phone go off, and I knew it was Harry calling me. I had went out to search for Niall. But he left a voice mail so I decided I wanted to listen to it. Once I turned it on I didn't hear Harry's voice.

"Louis please help!" There was a sudden pause, and a gagging noise. Kat left her address.

"Shit." I turned around quickly calling for a taxi. Once I got in one, I told them I'd pay them extra if they sped, so they did. Once I was at Kat's house I handed the guy like 3 20's and told him to get lost before I ran up to Kat's door. I opened the door, and she lay on the floor covered in blood. Her eyes were wide open, and she wans't speaking. "Kat?" She didn't respond, her body limp and she wasn't moving. I felt my eyes whelm with tears as I dialed the police. "Please hurry." I said before hanging up. I held Kat in my arms and brought her out to the yard so they could take her away as soon as they got here.

I laid her on the ground as I heard sirens coming, and leaned in close to see if she was breathing. A soft wheezing noise came from her throat. "Don't leave me Kat." I said holding onto her hand so tightly. Her face was pale, and she still hadn't made any movement. Once the Ambulance was here they took Kat away from me off to the hospital. I looked at the blood in my hands. Kat's blood. The one girl I had loved, was dieing in my own hands.


(Anna's POV)

I stood up for the first time using the help of my doctor. "You excited to be leaving?" Doc said.

"I don't know who wouldn't be." I said, as he let go of me as I took a few steps on my own.

"Doctor Bo, you have a kidney transplant patient in and Emergency situation." A nurse said coming into the room. Doctor Bo walked around me and went to go help some patient. I heard a knock on the door, and walked slowly over to answer it. Louis stood in the doorway, blood covered his shirt. And his hands were the same way.

"Ew what is wrong with you?"

"It's Kat." He said. I froze. Kidney Transplant patient. Her kidneys.

"What happened?" I said, stuttering a little.

"I don't know she called me and there was blood everywhere." Not thinking at all, I walked up to Louis and threw my arms around him. We stood there for a while, until Kat came past us on a gurney. We seperated and looked at her before she disappeared into the Emergency room.

"She's not going to die." I said shaking my head. "I'm suppose to die, not her." I looked at myself, covered in blood now. "It's my blood not Kat's." I said trying to convince myself, while Louis looked at me not knowing what to do. "Come on." I said grabbing his bloody hand and dragging him into the bathroom in my hospital room. I washed myself off and looked at my hospital gown. Louis began washing himself while I took off my hospital gown so I was only wearing my bra and undies. I threw on a sweatshirt Niall left at the hospital and a pair of baggy shorts. "Don't tell Niall I changed in front of you." I said not really caring that he saw me half naked. Louis just nodded and I walked out of the bathroom. Niall was sitting on my bed looking at me as I came out.

"I came to pick up my sweatshirt." He said laughing as he saw me wearing it. I didn't speak, I just ran up to Niall and laid next to him. I pulled him as close as I could get to him. "Anna I need to tell you something." Kat, Kat, Kat. She kept running through my mind. Is she dead? I didn't speak, so Niall carried on with his conversation. "The management is having us boys leave early." I couldn't process everything that was happening, until Niall said that.

"You're not leaving." I said, looking my legs in between his.

"But-." I cut him off my laying myself on top of him, and touching his lips with mine. He put his hands on the side of my face, pulling me closer to him. As we aggressively kissed each other with such passion, and in perfect sync. Before we could take it any farther, I pulled away from him breathless. And my chest ached from the spot I had surgery on just a day ago. I rolled off Niall then, laying my head back on his chest. Louis came back out of the bathroom, thankfully not seeing what Niall and I had just done. But he did something I didn't expect him too. He tangled his fingers in his hair and slid down the wall crying.

Feeling super sorry, because it seemed like he knew Kat better than me now, I walked up to him and pulled him into a hug kissing his cheek. Niall came over also and helped pulled Louis off the ground, when they gave each other a manly hug. Doctor Bo knocked on the door while walking inside. "Anna, can I talk to you?" My bottom lip trembled.

I looked at Louis. "Tell him first." Doctor Bo nodded and walked outside. I pulled Niall into a hug, while he basically held me up as I cried into his chest once again. "No." I came repeating over and over again. "No."


(Louis's POV)

"Do you have any contact with her father, so we can get a hold of him and tell him the news?" I couldn't speak, I stared at him with complete disbelief. "I know this is horrible to hear." He waved his hand in front of me, seeing if I was still alive, but I didn't speak. "Well could you please send Anna out for me?" He said. I nodded and took a deep breath as I walked inside to see Nial holding up Anna.


"NO!" She screamed at me. "I was suppose to die!" She screamed. Niall ran his hand over her back in a circular motion. I slid my back down the door and ran my hands threw my hair as I thought of all the memories of Kat, the one I loved.


*The Next Day (Anna's POV)*

I heard my doorbell ring. My mother went and answered the doors, while I sat on the couch. I heard whispers, and I turned the TV to the news to see what time it was. 7 PM. I felt somebody fall into the couch next to me, and I continued to stare at the TV. "Anna I'm leaving soon." I heard Niall say. "Anna, you can't do this you're scaring me." He said, I didn't respond. He grabbed the TV remote from me and turned off the TV. I continued to stare at the TV. "Anna."

"She wasn't suppose to die." I said, not tears rolled down my face, but they were threatening me. "I was."

"Anna!" Niall said almost yelling at me. I heard my mother walk up behind me.

"Anna. Niall's trying to talk to you, and if you keep refusing all of us-." I cut her off.

"None of you understand!" I screamed. "You don't have cancer, you didn't lose your best friend." Niall grabbed my hand but I pulled it away. "I can't be with you Niall, and you know that. No matter how much I want you to be mine." I said looking away as tears rolled down my face.

"Anna, for the sake of you're health. I took you out of High School."

"Good I'd be a no life at home for the rest of my life." I said cupping my hands over my eyes as tears flooded the floor.

"Niall's going to be taking you with him on tour." She paused, and I had to run that sentence through my head before I could even think. "We have everything packed for you." I looked up and Niall was giving me a slight smile. Even though my heart ached for the loss of my closest friend, I threw my hands around Niall almost tackling him as I pulled him into a tight hug.


(Niall's POV)

Anna threw her arms around me almost throwing me off the couch. Her mother gave me a thumbs up and walked away. "Niall I-." She stopped and looked up at me. "I think I like you, a lot." I smiled.

"Then you wouldn't mind being my girlfriend?" She looked down.

"I don't know how I could say no, but why would you want to date me?" She stayed sat on my lap, but relaxed and slouched on the couch. "I'm a depressed wreck with no friends."

"The boys will love you."

"Niall you've been hiding me from them, because they hate me." She paused, and I knew she was right. "Except for Louis of course." I wrapped my hands around her waist.

"Well would you like to see them again, I already told them I was bringing somebody on tour with me."

"Wait till they here." She said letting out a sigh.

I picked up her chin with my finger, and carefully forced her to look at me. "Anna, who cares if they don't like you, there are a billion people in the world."

"I just don't like to disappoint people, and I don't want people to be angry with you because you're dating me."

"If they are, their not worth listening to." Anna gave me a slight smile, before softly kissing my lips.

"I'll go get ready." She said before slowly rising up off my lap and walking upstairs. The first time I had seen happiness in her eyes before Kat had died. The thought of losing one of my best friends sent shivers up my back, and I pushed the thought away.

I would never be able to make up for the pain Anna has gone through, but I could at least try to keep from more coming.


A/N: I have to say, I had a hard time letting Kat go. It kind of sucked having her die. But this book is all about drama so there you go. Ugh I hope I didn't make any of you guys cry to much :( But I hope you guys like the book! Make sure to fan, like, and add this to your favorites. This book is a lot more popular that I thought it was going to be! <3 xoxo

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