Started writing this when I was 12 and i recently found it and thought i could continue it but i wanted too see if i should of if i should make any edits. It is about a girl who has a special power that others want and need to protect.


1. Assembly

What is the point? It is the exact same assembly we have had since year 7. I would text with my best friend Lizzie but all the teachers seem to be staring at me. So I stared blankly off into space as our horrible year head Miss Prime droned on about internet security. As she slowly mumbled into her safety lecture I shifted my gaze to Rafael, my crush. Oh the way his tight black t-shirt fitted his body and the way his jet black hair fell mad my heart flutter with joy. Miss Prime droned on about how in the current icy conditions,

“On the stairs please take GRACE GRACE care.”  I snapped back to reality. The entire assembly hall turned to face me. I sat up. I looked at Lizzie who looked as confused as I felt. Then I looked at the rest of the year group whose faces varied from concern to willing me death. Finally I looked at Rafael, his look sent a shiver down my spine. It was a look of fear. Miss Prime struggled to quieten down the year group who were not easy to control at the best of times. Slowly and reluctantly the majority of the student body turned back to face the front of the hall, the exception being Lizzie and Rafael who were still staring at me intently. I tried to relax but it was impossible with those two staring at me. Suddenly if felt like something hooked my leg. I just ignored it. It was probably just my bag, except it seemed to be pulling on my leg. I looked at the floor. It was covered in smoke. I let out a scream of terror as I was pulled off my chair. I tried to fight it but it felt nice and relaxing. I knew it wouldn’t hurt me. I gave in. I just wanted to let it take me under. It wouldn’t hurt me. As the smoke arms surrounded me I felt completely relaxed. I closed my eyes. Suddenly a strong hand grabbed my arm and yanked me out of the smoke. I heard a scream of anguish as I was pulled out of the smoke. I looked up at the person who dragged me out of the smoke. It was Rafael, he had one hand on my arm. I looked into his face nothing but anger showed in his eyes. I tried to search for kindness but his eyes were steel. I searched everyone’s faces as the smoke disappeared. They had all surrounded me. They were either confused, concerned or angry. The silence in the room was deafening. Eventually the silence was too loud. My voice ripped through the silence.

“What is going on?”

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