Good Luck

A group of young adults all work together to solve the crimes too gruesome or dangerous for humans. All six of the members of this secret FBI division are the creatures of your dreams or nightmares. From a vampire to an angel. Getting along would seem difficult but they seem to do it well. Anabelle, leading the group with her childhood friend Alex, has her past spit back into her face as she finds a body with a message directed directly to her. The same message that seven years earlier was directly to Alex and her parents after she was taken. All forty-eight times. Anabelle's kidnapper is back and seeking to play with Alex and her some more. Follow along with everyone's journey to catch this psychopath. Watch Alex and Anabelle get closer than ever while they hunt this masked man down.


4. Crime 4

I had to get it. I had to know. I continued to push my feet farther and faster. The shop was only down the street but it seemed to be on the other side of the world. I had to get to it.

As soon as I saw the shop in the distance, I pushed myself faster. But I was stopped after crashing through the doors by my phone ringing.

It was Anabelle. “What’s wrong?!” Even I could hear the anxiety in my voice. I tried to catch my breath as I started to walk toward the back of the shop.

I freeze next to the snack aisle. The voice that came from the other end of the phone was not A’s. No. I knew exactly who it was. I recognized the voice as soon as it reached my ear. In that moment I began to sprint out of the shop.

“Good Luck, Alex.” I barely heard him saying my name as I was using my arms to help me run faster.

I didn’t bother trying to make it home by the road. The woods would be a hell of a lot faster nad I didn’t have any time to waste right now. I quickly hung up and called Aiden. As soon as I heard the phone being picked up, I started to yell as I dodged trees.

“Go upstairs! Now! Anabelle’s in trouble!” I dropped my phone and didn’t waste any time shifting. I felt the sensations running through my spine. My skin felt as if it was being ripped off from all directions. My vision went blurry for a split second but returned at a lower level. I was moving faster than I had before and I could feel the cold ground on my four newly formed paws. I was able to dodge trees stealthier than before. I could already see the house in my view.

I could see Anabelle’s window since I was coming from the backyard. I could also see someone in the window. Not just anyone, though. Him. He had on the same mask as before and He was covering her mouth. I could see the horror in her eyes. I was sure that He was smirking. I couldn’t stand it. I pushed my burning legs harder but it wouldn’t have made a difference. He suddenly disappeared. Literally. Just disintegrated. I jumped at the door, knocking it down before I could see what happened after that. I pushed myself up the stairs, a growl leaving my curled back lips.

When my consciousness returned, I was laying in my bed. I attempted to sit up but I was restrained by a bare arm.

“Don’t move.” Alex’s voice growled from behind me. I looked over my shoulder and saw him laying behind me with his eyes closed. As my eyes drifted down, I realized that he was not only shirtless, he was also not wearing any pants.

“Like what you see?” His arm tightened slightly around me and I looked back up to his face. His eyes remained closed but he was smirking slightly.

“I’ve already seen it. Can you let me go?” I turned my head back and looked at the clock on my side table. “I need something to eat…”

Alex hesitated but removed his arm. “We really need to figure this out, you know. Soon.” I climbed out of bed and he sat up, the blanket covering his bottom half.

“Did you change?” I asked, walking to my closet. I was unconscious for several hours. Then again, I may have just been sleeping. It was already six in the morning.

I changed out of what I was wearing and into a pair of Alex’s sweatpants that he left in my room one of the many nights he had slept in here and a tank top. I turned around and looked at him. “Hurry up and put some clothes on and come downstairs.”

I turned around and walked toward the door. I was stopped by large arms around me. “Can’t we just stay in bed all day? All week. Forever.”

“Alex, we have to find this guy.” I placed my hands on his arms. “And we need to figure ‘that’ out.” I turned my head and looked at him. That’s when he placed his lips on mine.

His lips were sweet. They always had been despite the fact he didn’t like to eat many sweets. I closed my eyes and let him finish. He pulled back and my eyes opened.

“You’re not into it.” He stated. I could see a hint of anger in his eyes.

“I’m going to make something for breakfast.” I pulled his arms out from around me and walked downstairs.

To be honest, I was terrified. I didn’t want to know the truth. My body knew the truth but my mind was refusing to accept it. I didn’t want to get the proof. I didn’t want my world to come crashing down with it. I worked myself to the bone just to get where I am and now it’s all going to be taken away.

When I got to the kitchen, I got a bowl of cereal and sat at the table, eating it. A million thoughts were running through my head and I couldn’t keep track of a single one of them.

Alex walked in, wearing only pajama pants that hung loosely around his waist, and the phone rang. I leaned over the table and grabbed it. “Hello?”

“Anabelle? How are you doing?” It was Ajax. Great.

“I’m fine. What do you need?” I took another bite of my cereal. It was tasting better and better with each bite.

“There’s another case.” He seemed unsure. I couldn’t tell if he was unsure about it being a case for us or being unsure whether he should tell us or not.

“What is it this time?” I asked, frustrated. Alex sat down across from me and rested his head on his hands. His eyebrow was raised curiously.

“Another kidnapping. She’s sixteen and a…” He hesitated. I could tell he was ready to tell me something that no one else could know. “She’s a vampire. Her parents said that the kidnapper called and said that if they gave up information about your group, they would return her. Her parents are on their way there right now.”

“Thanks for the heads up. We’ll let you know how it goes.” I hung up and put the phone back in the middle of the table. I picked up my half eaten bowl of cereal and dumped it out. “You heard, right?”

Alex nodded and stood up. “I guess we should go get changed. We can figure ‘that’ out after.” He sighed and ran his hand through his messy hair. Without saying another word, he left the kitchen.

I stayed to wash my bowl and get some drinks ready for the guests. I sighed and put the pitchers in the fridge then went upstairs to put on some clothes.

I ended up wearing light blue skinny jeans and a loose, off-one-shoulder, long sleeve shirt. It was a dark gray. I had on matching heels and a couple miscellaneous accessories.

I walked back downstairs, leaving my hair down. I was about to sit down on the couch next to Alex when the doorbell rang.

“Stay. I’ll get it.” He stood up and walked out of the room. Everyone else came into the living room, Ashlynn not looking at me. Mackenzie looked between the two of us then to Damien. He just shrugged and stood next to the chair she sat down in. Alex came back with a shaken up woman and a man who looked like he was trying to be the strong one. It seemed to be working.

“You two may sit here. Would you like anything to drink?” Alex gestured to the couch and I stood up, walking to the wall and leaning against it. His eyes lifted to me then he walked to the kitchen.

“I’m Anabelle. This is Damien, Mackenzie, Ashlynn, and Aiden. The man you just met was Alex.” I pointed at each person as they were introduced, each nodding as I did so. “Tell us exactly what happened.”

“We got a call from Elena’s school and they said she didn’t make it. She goes to Bellflower Academy so she has to be there by 5:45. If someone is not there, they call their home to figure out what is going on. She never misses a day of school. She’s not that type of girl.” The man was almost brought to tears as he spoke of his daughter.

“It was right after we hung up with the chairman that we got the ransom call. Why would they take our little girl?” The mother started crying again.

“The only person who can answer that is the perpetrator.” Aiden spoke this time. He was looking at me. “Sometimes people do things they shouldn’t and no one understands why but that person.”

“We’ll catch him. Did he tell you where to meet him and when?” I turned away from Aiden’s glare and looked at the worried parents.

“He said to meet at the Starbucks.” The woman looked at the man. Usually we got names but this case must have been different. As they were obviously a powerful family, I could tell that they wouldn’t be so willing to give up names besides that of their daughter.

I stood up and looked at Alex. “Alex, Damien, and Ashlynn, you are all coming with me. Aiden and Mackenzie, you stay here with the family.”

Without any argument, the three followed me to the car. When it came to cases, no one played around. No matter what personal issues we had going on; we didn’t let it affect our work. Alex got in the driver’s seat and I was in the passenger. We started off to Starbucks.

“Okay, this guy’s going to know our faces. He will come after Alex and I. You two will be sitting away from each other in the café. Lucky for us, it’s not too big but big enough for us to be able to blend in pretty well. Just follow along. We aren’t sure what’s going to happen.” I glanced to the backseat then to Alex. Everyone nodded.

Starbucks was only five minutes from our home so we made it there fairly quickly since Alex was driving. He parked the car around back and we all went inside, separately besides Alex and me.

We ordered drinks and sat down at one of the table. Ashlynn was sitting in one of the corners and Damien was making friends with some lady that was working on her computer. He was definitely the ladies’ man. I don’t know how Mackenzie dealt with it.

Alex placed his hand on mine. I glanced at him, seeing someone walking our way out of the corner of my eye. “Please. Be careful.”

I just nodded to him. My eyes left Alex and went to the man walking toward us. He was average looking. Short, brown hair and brown eyes. He was average height, average weight. There were no outstanding characteristics about him.

“Anabelle. Alex.” He sat down at our table. I stood up.

“Let’s talk outside. We aren’t going to do this in here.” I didn’t wait for his reply. I walked for the door and Alex followed. I knew that if he really wanted information, he would follow also.

Alex and I stopped walking at the side of the building, making sure to be close enough to the car but far enough from the public so that no one could see us. I turned around and the man was standing there.

“What do you want with us?” I asked, crossing my arms over my chest. He looked over at Alex then back to me. I glanced around. Ashlynn and Damien were standing on either side of the building, definitely in hearing distance.

“I would like to speak to you, alone.” He said, looking back to Alex.

“No. You can speak to me with him here.”

“Fine. Then I guess that you don’t want the girl back.” He looked to me and started to smirk.

“Where is she?” I took a step toward him and Alex tensed up.

“Come with me and you’ll know.” His smirk deepened. I glanced at Alex and he shook his head.

“Don’t do it. We both know what he’s going to do.” Alex took a step toward me.

“I can hear you.” The man said reaching in his pocket. I saw the gun he was reaching for. I wasn’t sure if anyone was armed. I stepped toward the man.

“Come on. I’ll go with you.” I placed my hand on his, stopping him from grabbing the gun. The man started walking for the back parking lot and I followed.

Alex grabbed my arm. “Anabelle. Don’t go with him.”

“Alex. I need to save this girl. At all costs.” I couldn’t look at him. I could only imagine what his face looked like. He hated when I sacrificed myself. He always blamed himself, saying that if he was stronger then I wouldn’t have to do it.

“Even if that cost is our child.” I clenched my teeth and pulled my arm away. He said that too loud. Way too loud.

The man broke out in a sprint as a scream came from the trunk of one of the cars in the parking lot. Damien, being the closest to the car, got there first.

He spun around and pulled out his gun on the man. “Open the trunk.” The man raised his hands and stood in place. “Now!”

The man ran to the trunk and started to reach for his right side. The side that had his gun.

“Gun!” I yelled but it was too late. Damien had already been shot, falling to the ground. But the man had also been shot, falling to the ground the opposite direction of Damien.

I couldn’t stop myself. I ran over to Damien and Alex to the man. Ashlynn was on the other side of Damien by the time I realized he was only shot in the arm.

I sighed with relief and looked over to Alex as Ashlynn took care of Damien’s wound. She learned how to care for battle wounds while living with her parents. They were both military doctors for the humans.

“He’s gone.” Alex said and started to dig through his pockets. Another scream came just as Alex pulled the keys out of the dead man’s pocket.

Alex went over and opened the trunk. The girl was lying in the trunk, in her school uniform. She wasn’t tied up but you could tell she had her mouth covered and was restrained. She jumped into Alex’s arms when she realized he was “with the FBI.” I actually felt jealous.


The drive back to the house was awkward. I was absolutely sure that Ashlynn and Damien heard what Alex said. I knew that I was going to get an earful when this family left. And that I did.

“What’s going on?” Ashlynn asked, arms crossed and foot tapping. She looked like she was the mother that just figured out the news.

Alex and I were sitting on the couch, next to each other, like the kids that were getting ready to be lectured. Damien was standing next to Mackenzie, who was curiously sitting in the chair. Aiden had his hand on the small of Ashlynn’s back. He was just as curious as Mackenzie.

I looked over at Alex and he nearly had his face buried in his hands as he nervously rubbed them to the bone. I looked at everyone around the room then sighed.

“We think that I’m…” I closed my eyes then looked down at my slightly round stomach. “Pregnant.”


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