Good Luck

A group of young adults all work together to solve the crimes too gruesome or dangerous for humans. All six of the members of this secret FBI division are the creatures of your dreams or nightmares. From a vampire to an angel. Getting along would seem difficult but they seem to do it well. Anabelle, leading the group with her childhood friend Alex, has her past spit back into her face as she finds a body with a message directed directly to her. The same message that seven years earlier was directly to Alex and her parents after she was taken. All forty-eight times. Anabelle's kidnapper is back and seeking to play with Alex and her some more. Follow along with everyone's journey to catch this psychopath. Watch Alex and Anabelle get closer than ever while they hunt this masked man down.


3. Crime 3

“Anabelle. Hey, we’re home.” Alex’s voice filled my head.

I pressed my hands to my face then rubbed my eyes. “Mhm,” I grumbled and opened my eyes. Slipping my bag over my shoulder, I crawled out of the car and stretched. I was really tired and I didn’t know why. I could sleep all day for all I cared.

Hoping my eyes weren’t red from crying, I marched inside, Alex following closely behind me. Ashlynn and Aiden’s eyes shot up to me when they heard me walking in.

“What’s the news?” Aiden asked, standing up from the couch. I sat down in the chair farthest from them. Alex stood behind it, arms crossed on the back.

I looked up at him and he glanced at me. “There was a body found. Female. She was like a doppleganger for Anabelle. The reason we were called in was because of the message left.” His eyes found mine once again.

“The phrase ‘Good Luck’ was carved into her stomach.” I said, looked at Aiden and Ashlynn.

“What’s the significance?” Aiden asked, sitting back down slowly.

“Well, as you both know, I used to get kidnapped a lot as a child.”

“He always left a message for me.” Alex’s voice interrupted mine. He was definitely getting angry just talking about it. “It said the same thing.”

“Except this time it was directed for me. He’s playing with me. He’s trying to tell me that I can’t catch him. He did the same with my parents and Alex, except he got away then. I refuse to let that happen again.” I kept my anger bottled up inside me. I wasn’t going to let my anger affect this case.

“Are you sure it’s a good idea to have you on the case then?” Ashlynn butted in this time. I glared at her.

“There’s no way that I won’t be on this case. If you think that my past with this psychopath will affect my working ability, then I think that you need to get to know me better.” The expression on her face after I said that made me almost regret saying it. But that I remembered what she said and cleared that thought out of my mind.

“Excuse me for worrying. Someone needs to take a chill pill.” She stood up from the chair and walked into the kitchen. My eyes drifted to Aiden as he spoke up.

“I’m sorry, Anabelle, but I agree with Ashlynn. I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to be on this case either. It’s too personal. You’re technically a victim.”

“Don’t you even go there, Aiden. I am not a victim here. Yes, we did have a past together. But what he did made me want to become what I am. I am here because of him.”

“I know but I just don’t think you should be on the case. I’m sure everyone feels that way.” Aiden’s eyes moved from mine to what I’m guessing were Alex’s. I followed his gaze.

“Do you feel that way too?” I knew he did so I don’t know why I bothered asking again. Maybe I thought he changed his mind.

Alex’s eyes just drifted from mine. I shot up out of my chair, angrily. “You know what. Whatever. You guys aren’t going to get me off this. Whether I have to investigate on my own or not. I’m done.”

My feet started for the stairs. I needed to get out of that room before I punched someone. For some reason I had a feeling it would be Alex. I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door shut when I got there. My body fell onto my bed and I rolled over, staring at my ceiling.

What was wrong with them? My anger fueled me. It make me want to solve the case more and make sure the right person gets the justice that is coming to them. I just don’t understand why they don’t want me on this.

I covered my eyes with my arm and held back more tears. Maybe they didn’t want me on it because they didn’t trust me. Maybe they don’t like me and they don’t want me on the team anymore. This morning everything seemed perfectly fine. I mean, we were all just sitting around watching television together.

As I continued to hold back tears, I managed to fall asleep again.


“Anabelle, honey. Wake up.” A female voice spoke through the darkness I was seeing. I opened my eyes and saw an older woman standing over me with a smile.

“Mom…” I whispered, sitting up. I wrapped my arms around her neck and she laughed, hugging me back.

“Well, good morning to you too.” Her voice was just as I remembered it. It was sweet but you could tell that she would cause you trouble if you got on her bad side. Her bright red eyes shone like mine did. “Come on. Your father and Alex are waiting for you downstairs.”

Suddenly, this scene came back to me. This was right before they died. The same morning they died. I followed her downstairs just as I had the first time this happened.

My father was sitting at the head of the table, his dark red eyes on his newspaper. Alex was sitting to his left, poking at his food. His head popped up when he heard up walk in and his eyes brightened once they met mine. I felt my lips pull into a smile. He used to always get happy when he saw me. Well, until after we were left alone.

At this point, he’s sixteen. That made me fourteen. We lived on our own until he was 18. Then we were caught but there wasn’t much that anyone could do. He was 18 and I refused to leave his side. Then I left for college.

I sat down next to Alex and he passed a bowl of fruit to me. I nodded my thanks to him and started to eat some fruit.

This was when everything was perfect. When I was able to sleep at night without a worry in the world. When Alex slept in the chair in my room every night to make sure nothing happened.

That never stopped my kidnapper though. He always managed to get in and get me. And still. Despite that, I still felt at ease with him near me.

I sat, playing with my fruit and watching my parents. Dad looked up from him paper and shot me a smile.

“How did you sleep, Annie?” My heart tightened as he spoke. His voice made me want to cry. I missed my parents. I missed my dad. I missed the old days.

Why did things have to change? Why did my parents have to die? Why? Why? Why?

“Anabelle…” Alex started to speak now. But it was different. His voice wasn’t the same as it had been that day. It was more like how it was now. In the real world.

“Anabelle. Come on.” He spoke again and I shook my head. I have to wake up.


“Anabelle. Wake up.” I rubbed my eyes and sat up. The real Alex was sitting next to me. “Can we talk?”

I was about to open my mouth to answer when I got a weird feeling in the pit of my stomach. It’d been a while since I felt like this and I wasn’t exactly sure why I was right now.

Knowing what was coming next, I jumped off my bed and ran into the bathroom. I vaguely heard Alex yelling my name and running after me. Once in the bathroom, I dove over the toilet and let the little bit that was in my stomach out. I was trying to keep my hair out of my face while simultaneously trying to not fall into the toilet.

Suddenly my hair was out of the way and a hand was rubbing my back. I sat back, once I was finished, and flushed the toilet. I grabbed the nearest towel I could and started to wipe my mouth. I made sure not to face Alex.

“Are you alright?” He asked, his hand dropping my hair and moving to my shoulder, the other moving from my back to my other shoulder. He started to rub them and I nearly melted into him. If he wasn’t a detective-thing like me, he would definitely have to go into massage therapy.

I stayed quiet and just dropped my head, focusing on my breathing.

“Did you eat something bad?” He asked as I saw his legs stretch out next to me.

“I ate the same thing as you this morning. You’re not sick. Maybe I’m just coming down with something.” I sighed and stood up, walking over to the sink. I, again, made sure not to look at Alex. He didn’t need to see anymore of me. I probably looked horrendous at the moment.

The cool water on my face was a relief and my mouth felt magnificent after I took a toothbrush to them. Alex stood behind me. Whenever I would look at him, he looked as if he was pondering something. Doing math or trying to figure out some logical reason as to why I was getting sick. Even I knew that I wasn’t coming down with something. I didn’t ever come down with anything. Never. Vampires didn’t get sick. It was in our blood. My parents told me that. ‘Even though we can’t get diseases or any sicknesses, don’t go around doing as you please with whom you please.’ My father told me that countless times while I was sitting on his lap while he was working. I was always with him. Since I had been home schooled up until their death, I was able to be with him while he was working. I went to his meetings with him and he would put headphones on me whenever they had to have an ‘adult conversation.’

At the time, I didn’t know what Dad did for a living. Now I knew he was nobility in the supernatural world. Even though vampires weren’t high on the ‘food chain’-as my Dad called it- he was still one of the highest demons. From what I heard, I come from one of the bloodlines of the strongest vampires. They were the stealthiest, strongest, smartest, and just overall best. No one bothered to mess with them. All the other families died out because they had girls or their men didn’t marry. Either that or they all died.

I was sure that someone would be coming after me sooner or later but I was ready for them. Not that I could continue the family name, though. I wasn’t planning on marrying or having children. Not with my work.

The look on Alex’s face when I turned and looked at him made me almost fall backward. He looked shocked. “What is it, Alex?” I was starting to get worried. I had never seen him like this. His expression was a mix between worry, shock, and complete horror.

“I… Uh…” He has never been speechless before. Ever. Not even when our parents died. Never. “Stay here or in your room. Don’t leave at any costs. I will be right back.”

He stood, waiting for me to agree. Once I did, he bolted out the door. What was wrong with him? I walked out of the bathroom to see if he was in the hall still, and he was gone. He was definitely in a hurry and I don’t even think God knew why.

I shook my head and walked into my room. If I disobeyed his orders he would probably freak out on me. I sat on my bed and looked down at my hands.

My stomach still felt a little off so I stood up and walked over to my closet. Might as well get into something comfortable. I grabbed out a pair of sweatpants that I had taken from Alex and a tank top. I quickly got changed and rolled the pants a couple times. Alex was a lot larger than I was so I had to do this so they wouldn’t drag or fall off my hips.

As I looked down to tie the string, I noticed something. Something I wished I hadn’t. Something I wished wasn’t there. I quickly ran over to the mirror and looked at myself. Then it all hit me, as it had Alex.

My cell phone was in my hand and up to my ear before I started pacing nervously around the room.

No. No. No. No. No. No. This can’t be happening. It can’t be. Why me? I can’t deal with this. I just can’t. The phone seemed as if it had rung for hours before Alex finally answered.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was anxious and sounded like he was out of breath. Like he had been running for a while.

I opened my mouth to speak but instead it was covered by a leather gloved hand. Another hand took the phone from me. I started to shake. No. Not again. This can’t be happening again. Not now.

A deep chuckle came from the man holding me in place. “Good luck, Alex.”

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