Good Luck

A group of young adults all work together to solve the crimes too gruesome or dangerous for humans. All six of the members of this secret FBI division are the creatures of your dreams or nightmares. From a vampire to an angel. Getting along would seem difficult but they seem to do it well. Anabelle, leading the group with her childhood friend Alex, has her past spit back into her face as she finds a body with a message directed directly to her. The same message that seven years earlier was directly to Alex and her parents after she was taken. All forty-eight times. Anabelle's kidnapper is back and seeking to play with Alex and her some more. Follow along with everyone's journey to catch this psychopath. Watch Alex and Anabelle get closer than ever while they hunt this masked man down.


2. Crime 2

My eyes drifted down to Alex as he yawned. There was plenty of space in the living room for everyone and their parents but he always chose to sit in front of me. I was sitting on the couch, my legs crossed and my hand unconsciously running through Alex’s soft black hair. He was sitting with his legs straight out in front of him and his laptop on his lap. He was skimming through some news.

Ashlynn and Aiden were in the same position, Ashlynn in the recliner and Aiden on the ground. Ashlynn had her arms around Aiden’s neck and her chin on top of his head. Their eyes were on the TV as Criminal Minds was playing.

Mackenzie was sitting on the floor in front of the couch and Damien was sleeping on her outstretched legs. His eye patch was laying on the floor next to them. Mackenzie was also running her hand through Damien’s brown hair.

None of us were dressed as today we didn’t have a case. Well, yet at least.

“You know, if I had the chance, I would definitely bang him.” I said, pointing to Shemar Moore as he popped up on the screen. Alex’s head immediately turned and his blue eyes were glaring at me.

“He’s too old for you.” He stated, his eyes not leaving mine. He was searching for sarcasm or any hint that I was lying. I wasn’t going to give it to him that easy.

“Whether he’s too old for me or not, I would still do it in a heartbeat.” I shrugged and placed my hands in my lap. He frowned. Alex enjoyed it when I played with his hair. He was just like a little girl.

He turned back around and looked down at his laptop. He was dropping it. I couldn’t help but to laugh. I wrapped my arms around his neck and laid my chin on one side of his head.

“I’m kidding! Don’t worry, you’re the only one for me.” I joked and he shook his head, his hair hitting me in the face. I sat back and he dropped his head back, into my lap. I smiled down at him and he closed his eyes. He definitely looked at peace right now. He looked like he had nothing to stress about and that he was just breezing through life.

I jumped when my cell phone rang and his eyes shot open. It was the ringtone. He sat up and turned slightly as I put the phone to my ear. Looking around, I noticed everyone’s eyes were on me.

“Hello?” I said as Aiden walked out of the room, surely going to get a notebook and pen.

“Detective Scott? It’s Director Evans.” He spoke formally and sort of like he was nervous.

“What is it this time, Ajax?” I could feel the anger through the phone.

“It’s Director Evans. But I need you to come down here. We have a body. It’s been drained of blood and a message has been carved into her stomach.” His anger faded and he returned to being nervous as he spoke. “You need to be here too, Detective Scott.”

“Okay, we’ll be there in 15.” I hung up and looked at Alex then to Damien. Aiden came back with the notebook and pen. “Damien, Alex. You’re with me. Aiden, I’ll call you with information when we get there.”

As everyone started to stand up and start getting ready, I looked at Mackenzie. "You’ll come too so you can contact her family.” Mackenzie nodded and looked at Damien who had stood up and was working on putting his eye patch back on. I walked up stairs and into my room. I had a really bad feeling about this case.


We all met back downstairs. I felt a little under-dressed when I looked at what Mackenzie had put on.

I was wearing flare jeans with a tight white t-shirt. I had a green designer scarf and a leather jacket. I had on gray flats with a flower on the front made of the same fabric. There was a single ring on my finger. It was one that was given to me by my mother before she passed away. It was her engagement ring. My hair was down and my bangs pulled back. I finished off the look with a brown tote purse.

Mackenzie was looking as adorable as usual. She didn’t have to ever do any running so she was able to always look cute. The had on a tank top dress-like thing. It was tight around her chest and the top half of her flat stomach then fell loosely down. On the sides it went to her knees but it the front and back it only went to her mid-thigh. Under the gray dress, she had on black leggings that went into her black boots with six-inch heels. There were small black leather belts around her ankles that seemed to be held together with a gold buckle. I was sure that they didn’t come undone, though.

Alex was the least dressed of all of us. He had on jeans, a white t-shirt, and a black blazer. He was never one to get dressed up.

The only time I’d seen his dressed in a tuxedo was for our parents’ funerals. He was much younger than I was when he lost his parents, though. That’s why he had come to live with us. He was my best friend and I cried to my parents until they let him move in.

“You girls finally ready?” He asked, pushing himself off the wall. “Damien’s been outside in the car for a few minutes.”

“Oh calm down. We had to look good for you guys.” Mackenzie said, touching Alex’s chest as she walked past him and out the door.

I shrugged at him and walked out the door after her. Damien was in the Fusion. I walked into the open garage and looked at the remaining five cars. Alex walked past me and went directly to the Corvette. He always chose that. When we weren’t actually going to arrest anyone, we didn’t take the Cadillacs. I followed him to the Corvette and watched as Mackenzie got into the passenger side of the Fusion.

Alex had a smirk on his face when I got into the car. As soon as the door was shut, he sped off. He drove past Damien and up the winding driveway. I shook my head and put on my seatbelt. Boys and their cars.

Damien followed behind as we drove to the FBI head-quarters. Once there we started to walk in. Of course, we all had IDs but they didn’t say which division we were a part of. While we were walking in Damien was walking hand-in-hand with Ashlynn behind Alex and me.

We automatically went to the autopsy room. I glanced up at the director’s office as we walked by and noticed it was empty. He was probably waiting in the autopsy room for us.

Just as I said, he was. We walked in and he was standing over the autopsy table. He was staring down at the white sheet that was covering the body. He only looked up when the door shut behind us. I glanced at Mackenzie.

“Stay here. You shouldn’t see this.” She didn’t do good with dead bodies and I knew this one would have been worse for her. She nodded at me and stayed at the door, looking out it. The rest of us walked over to Ajax and looked down at the white sheet.

I could see a slight silhouette of the female’s body. I was slightly afraid to look. My stomach was turning and my heart race sped up and we hadn’t even removed the sheet.

I watched Ajax’s hand move to the top of the sheet. He was acting different than normal. He held onto the top of the sheet and hesitated. I heard him take a deep breath then he started to pull the sheet down. I couldn’t help but to cover my mouth.

She looked like me. Almost exactly. Her blonde hair was in tangled waves on the chrome table. Aside from a mole on her neck, which had been attempted to be covered. As the sheet was pulled down further, more of her was revealed. The autopsy had already been performed. The v-shaped cut on her chest. Ajax’s hands stopped right above her stomach. I looked up at him and he was looking at me. His eyes drifted to Alex then back down to the girl. My eyes followed.

I took a step back. No, more of staggered back. I couldn’t believe what was in front of me. He was back. I immediately felt Alex’s hand over my eyes, arm around my waist, and body against my back. I couldn’t see it anymore.

The message that had been carved into her stomach was one I had known. It had been directed at me. It read: ‘Dear Ana, Good Luck.’ There was only one person who had ever called me Ana. After the first time, I had refused to be called by that nickname by anyone. The memories came flooding back and I had to hold back my tears as I turned in Alex’s arms.

When I was younger I had been kidnapped several times by the same man. He had always left a message saying, ‘Dear Alex and Friends, Good Luck.’ He always wore a mask. It was a plain white, porcelain mask with the eyes cut out. The lips were painted a bright shade of red. He always had me for exactly forty-eight hours, not a minute sooner, nor a minute later. Forty-eight hours after I was removed from wherever I was taken from, I was returned to.

He spent the forty-eight hours torturing me in some way, shape, or form. The first time, he just walked around the room, sat down, stood up, walked more. He had me blindfolded so I could only hear his footsteps on the concrete. I was tied to a chair and I was shaking vigorously.

The guy had never been caught. He stopped kidnapping me when I graduated and left for college. I only returned to this town for the same reason I wouldn’t let my parents take me away. Alex. My parents had told me that every time I went missing, all forty-eight times, Alex remained at the kidnap spot. He wouldn’t eat or sleep. He just waited. Knowing I would come back.

The man always found a way to put me there without Alex noticing. No matter how many guards were placed to protect me, the man always found a way to get me. Everyone insisted that one minute I was there and the next I was gone. Even I was unsure of how it happened.

“Damien, you take over.” Alex’s voice boomed in my ears and his chest moved as he spoke. His voice was calm but I could feel the anger radiating off of him. He walked me out completely out of the FBI building.

Once I was seated in the Corvette, Alex bent down next to me. His blue eyes nearly glowed with anger and worry.

“He’s back, Alex. I thought he was gone. It’s been four years since I’ve been home.” I was shaking. Alex took my hands in his but didn’t take his eyes off me.

“Do you know how many months that is? Forty-eight. He does everything in forty-eights. He took you forty-eight times, returned you after forty-eight hours. I’m sure she’s been dead for some interval of forty-eight.” His voice remained calm as he stood up and put my feet in the car. I felt so helpless right now and I hated it. I was very thankful for Alex and I knew that he wouldn’t take his eyes off me for a second.

He nearly ran around the car after shutting my door. He got into the driver’s seat and took my hand before starting the car. He released it and put it on the shifter.

“I’m not losing you again.” He stated, eyes in front of him as he pulled out of the parking space. “I’m bringing you home. You’re going to rest and let everyone else deal with it for now. I swear to you, no matter what costs. I will catch him and he will not get out of this alive.”

I couldn’t help but to tear up. He cared about me. He truly did. He was worried about me and I knew that he would always be here for me. But I had to shake my head.

“No. I want to help. I need to help. He’s my kidnapper. I’m not going to let my emotions ruin this. We are going to get him.” I stated, looking at him then laying my head on his shoulder. “Thank you, Alex. For everything.”

His hand moved to my cheek and he quickly turned his head and kissed me on my forehead. “Always, A.”

I smiled at his nickname. He used to call me Ana but after I started crying when he did after the kidnapping, he came up with A, instead. Ever since then, he had called me that. For the past 20 years, since I was 4 and he was six.

I wrapped my arms around his and closed my eyes. I might as well get some sleep on the way home. I knew that he wasn’t going to speed like he normally did. He wanted to give me time to recuperate before Damien would have to rely the details to us.

I drifted off to sleep as Alex reached over and turned on some music.

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