Good Luck

A group of young adults all work together to solve the crimes too gruesome or dangerous for humans. All six of the members of this secret FBI division are the creatures of your dreams or nightmares. From a vampire to an angel. Getting along would seem difficult but they seem to do it well. Anabelle, leading the group with her childhood friend Alex, has her past spit back into her face as she finds a body with a message directed directly to her. The same message that seven years earlier was directly to Alex and her parents after she was taken. All forty-eight times. Anabelle's kidnapper is back and seeking to play with Alex and her some more. Follow along with everyone's journey to catch this psychopath. Watch Alex and Anabelle get closer than ever while they hunt this masked man down.


1. Crime 1

“I need to find my daughter!” The mother was nearly yelling. I sighed and looked at her angrily.

“We will take care of it, Bianca. You just need to stay here with Mackenzie. She’ll keep you safe and we will get your son back. I promise.” I sighed again and looked at Mackenzie.

Mackenzie had auburn hair and very pale blue eyes. She was the one who was always in charge of staying at the house with whoever we were currently working for. It was never good to get other people involved. Mackenzie had always been good at calming people down, especially frantic mothers who had children who were kidnapped. That was part of her personality as an angel.

She nodded once to me and walked over to the grieving mother. She started to talk to her and walk her into the kitchen.

Bianca’s son had gone missing early this morning. He was only two years of age and she is positive it was his father. According to her, he had lost visitation to him after he was suspected of murder. He had been acquitted but the judge wasn’t going to let him near his son or his ex-wife again.

I turned and looked at everyone else in the group. They were all standing in a straight line, waiting patiently for orders. From left to right stood Ashlynn, Damien, Aiden, then Alexander, none of which were normal.

Ashlynn was your typical blonde hair girl. She was popular in high school. Head cheerleader, good at sports, good grades. The whole ordeal. The thing that made her stand out most about her though, were her abnormal yellow eyes. She always just said she was born with them but the truth was definitely different than that. What everyone-besides the six of us- didn’t know was that she was really a shape-shifter. She could only turn into a tiger, though.

Damien had brown hair that was long enough to cover his eye patch. It was obvious he was trying to hide it but everyone could see it. The eye that wasn’t covered was blue and always had a sad expression to it. He used his covered eye to control people. Once they looked into his eye, he had complete control over them. The black shade that his eye was drew people into it. He always kept it covered because he couldn’t control who or when he controlled people. They would look into his eye and he would ask the person to do something and they would do it. No questions asked. He wasn’t able to control a group of people without separately telling each person to stay under his control.

Aiden was your everyday, blonde-haired, blue-eyed, all-American boy. He was quarterback on the football team in high school, he had a lot of friends, and he kept his grades high. He graduated from high school as Valedictorian then went off to MIT. There has been one thing stopping him, though. He is a dragon. He was a great fighter. He preferred hand-to-hand combat because that was his strong suit. If it wasn’t for the fact that Aiden and Ashlynn were different species, you would think they were twins. Most people did. Until they found out they were dating.

That’s how it was. Ashlynn was with Aiden and Mackenzie with Damien. The only two left were Alexander and me. And there he stood, last in the line.

Alexander was the most attractive of them all and I wasn’t just saying that because he was the only one left that understood what I was like. Everyone thought so, including both the victims and the criminals. Most of the time for the girls, he was the one to distract them-and sometimes even the guys. You could say that both he and I were in charge.

And just like in the movies, he and I were complete opposites. He had black hair, I had blonde. He had blue eyes, I had red. He looked athletic-very athletic- and I didn’t. I was a vampire, he was a werewolf.

Alex was the type who likes to joke around about everything. He has his serious moments-this being one of them-but most of the time he liked to joke around. He was very protective of me. I was sure that he would have been of the other two if they wouldn’t have had someone to do that already. Then again, Mackenzie didn’t need anyone to worry about her. Ashlynn never really did anything dangerous, either. She was more of the negotiator.

I looked around at the group again. They were all ready to do what they needed to. All stood frozen besides Damien, who was fidgeting with his eye patch like he always did.

“Alright. Here’s the plan.” Everyone suddenly became attentive and Damien dropped his hand. “Bianca is absolutely positive that her son is at the warehouse with her ex-husband. We will not kill him unless absolutely necessary…” I explained the rest of the plan with the team and I was praying that it would work. I was completely unsure of whom I was praying to but I still did it every time we had a case.

Damien was the first one to speak up. “Why don’t you want to kill him?”

“Because. We are not sure of what he is. From the way that Bianca was explaining it, he is definitely not human. He didn’t tell her much information but he did tell her that he was ‘different.’ If he comes out of this alive, we will send him to base where they will figure out what he is and what we are up against. I’m not even sure if what we have will work.” My hand reflexively when to my hip where my Heckler and Koch was sitting heavily and I ran my thumb against the leather holder.

“Let’s get going. We need to get this child back to his mother at all costs.” I turned and started walking for the door. Everyone else followed silently.

I walked into the garage and looked at the six cars. We barely ever used all six but it was good to have them. We had two black Dodge Chargers, two black Cadillacs, a black 2014 Corvette, and a dark blue Ford Fusion. I grabbed a set of keys off the key holder and walked over to one of the Chargers. I slid into the driver seat and started it.

Alex jumped into the seat next to me and flashed me a smile. Aiden, Ashlynn, and Damien were in the other car. I opened the garage door and we started driving to the only warehouse in town. It had been abandoned for years so I wasn’t surprised it was the first place someone went to commit a crime.

I glanced over at Alex who was looking out the window. I was curious about why he always rode with me. For some reason, he was always chose my car. He could always switch spots with Damien. He can’t drive by law because of his eye so he can ride wherever. He never rides in the car with me and I was sure it was because Alex was here. I just didn’t know why. I mean, he wasn’t that intimidating. We would never hurt each other.

“What are you thinking about?” Alex’s voice stopped my train of thought. I looked over at him again. Now he was leaning into his hand. He had his elbow on the door and his eyes on me.

“Nothing. Just that I want to get this kid home to his mother.” I turned and looked forward. I wasn’t about to tell him the truth. He would have a blast with teasing me about the fact I was thinking about him.

“Liar.” He said. I looked over just as he looked out the window with a smirk on his face. I shook my head and looked back at the road. Thanking whoever I was praying to earlier that we were finally here.

I pulled into the long winding entrance to the warehouse and parked the car far enough away so that they wouldn’t be in the way but they would be close enough if we needed to get out of there quickly. I turned off the car and got out, walked around to the back of the car and opened the trunk.

The inside looked like a weapon store. We usually didn’t use many of the weapons but we always liked to be prepared. I grabbed one of the bullet proof vests and slipped it on. Rather be safe than sorry. Even though there was only one way to kill me, I would prefer to let him play along and hope that he didn’t know the only way.

Alex got out of the car and walked over so he was standing next to me. He grabbed his vest out of the trunk and started to put it on. Damien, Ashlynn, and Aiden parked next to us and did the same that we did. After they all had their vests on, they stood in a circle.

“Alright, Damien and Alex, you go in first.” I spoke, looking directly at them. Aiden, Ashlynn, and I will stay out here, in case he comes out. Aiden, Ashlynn, you go around back.”

Everyone nodded simultaneously and Aiden and Ashlynn ran around back, putting tiny headsets in their ears. Damien put his in and took off his eye patch, placing it in his back pocket. Alex looked down at me as he put his headset in. I did the same, my eyes on his. The corner of his mouth twitched and he leaned over.

“Don’t get hurt.” He whispered in my ear. I shrugged him off and shot him a thumbs up.

“Right back at you, Al.” I smiled gently then shooed him away. “Go. We need to catch this guy.”

After they were inside, I shut the trunk and brought my wrist to my lips.

“Okay, can you all hear me?” Everyone answered back with their own version of ‘yes.’”Alright. Good. What do you guys see in there?”

There was a short silence. “Well, it sure as hell is dark.” Alex said and I knew there was a smirk on his face. I could hear it was gone when he spoke again. “It’s empty, aside from few crates. Definitely abandoned.”

“Any voices?”

“None.” His voice seemed slightly farther away than before and I concluded his head was turned and he was looking around.

“Wait. Did you hear that?” Damien’s voice came into my ear. I clenched my stomach. They better be careful.

“We heard a voice. We’re going to check it out.” Alex’s voice was in my ear once again. I remained silent and I strained to hear inside the building.

It was made of brick and was soundproof due to complaints by the citizens. They complained about it being too loud and that it was causing them to be sleep-deprived. It definitely wasn’t doing us any good right now.

After I second, I managed to focus on where Alex and Damien were.

“Hey! Put your hands in the air!” I heard Alex yell. A deep, throaty laugh came from an unknown person inside the building.

I took a step forward then stopped myself. They’ve got this. I stopped myself from hearing inside the building and I looked at the still open trunk. I ran my hand against one of the guns. It was the one Alex used whenever he was sniping. It didn’t happen very often but there are those times when he has to. He doesn’t like sniping because he can’t be directly here to make sure everyone was safe.

I heard the front door open and I looked up, quickly pulling my hand from the gun.

“He doesn’t know where they are, exactly. They’re in the building but he doesn’t know where.” Damien was glaring into the man’s eyes. The man was very small. Then again, everyone looked small when standing between Alex and Damien. Both men stood at, at least, six foot three. Alex was slightly taller.

I took a few steps forward to meet them. I looked at the guy who turned his head from Damien’s and flashed an annoyed smile for a split second. “Who are you?”

“I’m Donald. I’m Patrick’s brother. He just wanted to be with his son.” The man’s voice matched the laugh I heard earlier.

“Put him in the car.” I said and stepped out of the way, my eyes on the building.

I saw some movement on the roof and I looked at Donald then back to the roof. Donald was halfway into the car when a voice came from the top of the building.

“Hey, Brother. See ya got caught.” The voice was deep despite the fact he was yelling. I heard Aiden and Ashlynn running around the building and a growl coming from Alex’s throat.

Standing at the edge of the building was now a man. He had his arm bent backward like he was holding something out of our line of sight. A laugh escaped the man’s lips again.

“Well, hello there. It’s Anabelle, right? Can I call you Ana? How about Belle?” He laughed again then pulled the child into view. He couldn’t have been more than two or three years of age. “Looking for him?”

I took a step forward and Alex grabbed my arm. I turned and looked at him. He was glaring at Patrick. No. It was more than that. He was full out pissed off. He was ready to rip the man’s throat out.

“Just let the kid go.” I said, turning back to Patrick.

“Where’s my beautiful ex-wife?” He made sure to emphasis the ‘ex.’

“She’s at home. Waiting for us to bring back her son.” Ashlynn was the next to speak this time. I glanced over at her. She was angry also but not even remotely close to the anger still radiating off of Alex.

Patrick glared at Ashlynn and moved his arm so he was holding the child over the edge of the building. The child squirmed for a minute, yelling, then he froze. Tears continued to fall from his eyes.

“Give us the child!” Damien yelled then turned to Donald. He held out a blade in his hand. “Hold this to your throat.” He said, angrily. “Give him to us or your precious brother dies.”

“Go ahead. I don’t need him.” The psychopath on the building laughed again with a shrug of his shoulders.

“Wait. You knew my name. How did you know my name?” I asked, holding my hand out to Damien and changing my expression completely. We hadn’t anticipated him holding his own son off the edge of the roof. Maybe if I played along, I could get to the roof with him and we could save the child.

“Oh, I’m sure everyone knows you. You used to model then you suddenly stopped. No one knew why but now I do. You stopped so you could catch criminals. You’re definitely hotter in person.” Even I could see the smirk that was covering his face as he examined me like a piece of meat. Men were disgusting. But I had to play along. I had to do it for the child.

“Well, how would you know way up there?” I took a step forward, despite Alex’s grabbing at my arm. He obviously didn’t realize what I was doing. He needed to be more observant. I would have a talk with him about that when we got done. “Mind if I come up?”

“Anabelle! What the hell are you doing?” Alex was now yelling. He stopped trying to grab at me. I glanced at him and shrugged then looked back up at Patrick. He looked interested.

“Sure.” He said, smirking. Even I was feeling disgusting now. I threw on a smile and strutted my stuff inside the building. While I’m making myself want to leave to go shower and never get out, I might as well show as much as I can.

The warehouse was musty and dark. I felt the urge to cough as I started to breathe in all the dust. I could smell mold and sweat. There was a hint of tears and hormones ranging as I got closer to the open door of the roof.

I pulled my shirt down a little bit more, showing more of my chest, and made sure that my matching black jeans were in the right spot so they moved with my hips. I took down my butt-length blonde hair and shook my head. I fluffed it up a little bit and took as deep a breath I could without choking.

Walking out onto the roof, I took another deep breath, breathing in the fresh hair. The scent of raging hormones hit me like a brick wall. Of course he would be horny right now. As he was holding his son over the edge of a warehouse. Perfect timing.

I smiled and walked over to where Patrick was. At the sound of my footsteps, he turned, leaving his arm out. I made sure that I was in the view of everyone.

“Hey there,” I said, looking him up at down. A smirk crossed his face as he looked at me up and down. I noticed movement out of the corner of my eyes but I didn’t take the chance to turn and look.

“How ya doin’?” He asked, taking a step toward me. I smiled and shrugged.

“Better now.” I looked at the child. “Come on. Just give him to them. We can create so many more.” I made sure to throw as much seduction as I could in my voice in this moment. I had to make sure he believed it. Then again, he was a male with his hormones telling him to bang me right here, right now. I was praying that it wouldn’t come to that. I would be forced to get out of character at that point.

I walked over to him and ran my hand down his chest. He smelled of a disgusting mix of dirt, alcohol, and motor oil. His beard was starting to grow in and he hadn’t showered for days, maybe weeks. I was definitely never getting out of the shower after this.

He looked me once over again and nodded. “Fine.” I glanced at his hand as he released his grip on the child. I know that I would have dived over the edge with him if I hadn’t had a vice grip around my shoulders before I had the chance. All I heard was the crying of the child and a male voice yelling in my ear.

“Put your hands up.” Alex was the one who had his arm wrapped around me. My hands unconsciously went to his arm and I buried my face into it. I caught sight of his gun in his other hand.

His warmth overtook me as he tightened his arms slightly. I couldn’t tell if the baby stopped crying or not. I was hoping not.

I looked up, holding back tears, just as Patrick reached for his gun. I heard a shot go off.

I watched as Patrick tumbled over the edge of the building. After a second, Alex let go of me and stepped in front of me, holstering his gun. His hands were on my face before I had the chance to look up at him.

“Are you alright?” He asked. His face and voice were oozing with worry. I nodded and he wiped away a tear from my cheek.

He was always the one who comforted me while I was like this. Tonight I would wrapped in his arms. Most people would think that we were in a relationship, but we weren’t. He just knew how to comfort me and I wouldn’t have been able to make it through this job without him.

He leaned down and kissed my forehead gently.

“Come on. Let’s go back down there and see how everything played out.”


We walked back into the house, exhausted as always. If it wasn’t for the fact I had to talk to Bianca, I would have gone straight to a shower.

As I entered the living room, Bianca and Mackenzie stood up. Worry covered both of their faces.

I looked between them then turned around. Aslynn came walking in, holding the small boy in her arms. Once he caught sight of his mother, he nearly jumped out of Ashlynn’s arms and ran to his mother.

Bianca took him into her arms and held him close as they both cried with happiness.

I walked over to Bianca and smiled, placing my hand on her shoulder. “You won’t have to deal with Patrick anymore. Or Donald.” I explained to her that Alex shot Patrick and that where Donald was sent, he wasn’t ever getting out.

I finished off the night with a nice hot, hour-long shower and crawling into bed.

Alex knocked on the door and opened it slightly. He was only wearing pajama pants that hung perfectly on his hips. I sat up and looked at him. I was wearing a tight tank top and shorts.

He just smiled at me and walked over to the bed, shutting the door behind him. I rolled over and let him crawl in behind me. I felt his arm wrap around my flat stomach and pull me to him, his muscles flexing against me as he did so. I closed my eyes and placed my hand over his.

I slept peacefully, as I did every night he slept in bed with me.

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