Dear Pamela

Dear Pamela is a short story in letter form. It's written by a father to his daughter while waiting in the waiting room for his wife who is suffering from cancer.


1. Dear Pamela

Dear Pamela,

It's been two years since your mother and my wife has been diagnosed with cancer. I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room while I am writing this letter to you. I love your mother more than anyone else in this world. I remember back when we met in High School. It was just like you hear in the stories about high school romances.

I was the quarterback on the football team and your mom was head cheerleader. One day we went to a post-football game dinner with the cheerleader team to celebrate our win. Everyone was joking around about how we should go out and of course I was going along with it. I mean who wouldn't. Your mother was the most beautiful human being I had ever laid my eyes on. I never told her that until our wedding day though.

Anyway, I had ended up sitting next to her at the small restaurant we had dinner at-the same restaurant I proposed to her at. I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and she didn't push me off.

Everyone ended up getting distracted, football players hitting on cheerleaders and moving on to the next one when they got turned down. Your mother looked at me with her gorgeous green eyes. I couldn't help but to smile when she looked at me. Even now I smile every time I see those green eyes that you two share.

She smiled back at me and I tucked some hair that fell out of her ponytail behind her ear. She blushed and I continued to smile. It was at that moment I knew I had to have her, even if it was just for show.

I leaned over and whispered something in her ear. "I have an idea. Meet me outside after dinner." She nodded to me and started talking to the girl next to her.

After we finished dinner I ran to the jewelry shop nearby and bought a beautiful bracelet for her. When I got back, she was waiting outside the restaurant in her uniform still and shivering. I quickly shrugged out of my jacket and wrapped it around her. She smiled at me with the smile that still continues to melt my heart. I handed her the box that contained the necklace and waited for her to open it. Once she did I said the two words that would change my life forever. "Be mine?"

Now here we are, been married for 26 years and together for 30 today. I decided to write this letter so you could read it every time you miss us or just need to be reminded that love exists. Your mother and I are deeply in love and nothing will ever change that. I love you and you deserve the best.

Don't be afraid to come home or give one of us a call even if it's just for a visit. We love you very much and I won't easily give you away to just any man. Just don't forget to give us some grand babies. 

Your One and Only Father

The 45 year old man folded the letter and put it in his pocket right along with the pen he used to write it. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath in the white waiting room. 

He nearly jumped up from his seat when the door opened and his wife walked out. She didn't look happy. 

He ran up to her and placed his hands on each side of her face. She definitely had been going through treatment and it wasn't hard to tell. 

He looked down at her and she looked into his eyes. Suddenly a smile crossed her face. Tears started flowing from the man's eyes. He wrapped his arms around the woman and held her tightly. 

"I'm cancer-free." She whispered and held him tightly, both crying with happiness in the middle of the waiting room. The desk clerk wiped tears away and the doctor stood in the doorway, smiling. The white room became a happier place during that moment.

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