Truth after Death.

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  • Published: 24 May 2013
  • Updated: 17 Jun 2013
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(Afterlife Competition)
What happens when we die? Do who go down in Hell or up to heaven? Do we come back to Earth as ghost? or Do we witness punishment or truth!


4. Chapter 4

"The Watcher," Grim began." Is one assigned to help those go at the right path, at the right path of salvation, at the path of peace, at the path of destiny, and path of hope."

"You first follow this through helping hunted Jews escape from the Holocaust happening in Europe. You weren't a Watcher at that time nor knew the rules of what The Watcher was suppose to do. Such doings gave interest on my Lord and I to appoint you as The Watcher."

I stood in silence, taking in what Grim was saying. I was The Watcher, one who helps people into the path of salvation and all that.

"Why me?," I asked."Of everyone who has done kindness in the world, why me?"

"Because of your soul," Grim said. "God created you, gave you freedom to do rights and wrongs, but you, you chose to the rights, to help those in needs. You risk your life and yours alone to save them, to give them hope. That's why we choose you"

"Me being part of the Carters family was no accident, was it," I asked.

"Indeed, if it wasn't for you the girls would become hopeless, afraid, but you took care them. You feed them, taught them, clothe them, you became like a father to them." Grim said. "You gave them a future, because of you Sarah lives her dream as a veterinarian and Sarah becomes a National USA volleyball coach. If it wasn't for you, they would have been lost. You should be proud of what you accomplished."

"I am," I joyfully said."Thank you for sending me to them."

"It isn't me you should be thanking," Grim said. "Come, your ready to go now."

"Go where?" I asked curiously, but Grim ignored the question and keep walking. I looked back at the cascade, then ran to Grim.

Grim keep his thought to himself as he took me down the park to what seemed a gate with the other side covered by pearl clouds.

"Through here you will go to the place humans have desired to go for generations. Heaven," Grim announced.

I stayed in shocked for a minute as Grim's word reached my skull. I was going to heaven, I was going to heaven.

"What happens now," I said, holding down my excitement.

"You shall rest for some time, until you are needed," Grim said.

I nodded to the answered and asked my final question. "Will I ever see Emily again."
Grim stayed silent, as if talking to someone else. "That's for my lord to decide," Grim answered and left in the blink of an eye, making the gates open before me.

As the gates opened a breeze of warm air touched my cheeks and sunlight blazed my eyes. As if under a siren's spell I walked inside.

As I did the gates closed and for ones I felt... free, relief. Then a voice came, a simple gentle charismatic voice reached my ears.

"Welcome, Egon"


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