Truth after Death.

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  • Published: 24 May 2013
  • Updated: 17 Jun 2013
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(Afterlife Competition)
What happens when we die? Do who go down in Hell or up to heaven? Do we come back to Earth as ghost? or Do we witness punishment or truth!


3. Chapter 3

My eyes open in an instant shock. As I did, I knew I wasn't in the car no more. Also knew I wasn't alive no more.

The feeling of being dead wasn't different from being alive. I still remember my memories, still remember the shock and fear when the Police Truck came and hit me on the back sit.

The weather warm and sunny. I was sitting on a bench in the park. Birds flew over me, chirping and singing to each other. They were light blue and pearl white. A pond lay in front of me, reflecting the luminous night sky.

I realized that I was clean, still wearing the same clothes I had before I died, but without any blood.

"Hello, Dan" a elderly man said next to me, seemingly appearing out of thin area, wearing a gray-black suit.

I stare at him in surprise as the man cut through the calmness in the air. "Am I dead," I ask.

"Yup," the elderly men solemnly said, flipping through what it seemed a New York Times newspaper.

As does words struck at me, sadness and worry filled me. I wasn't with my sisters. Are they dead.

"Where are my sister," I asked.

"Not dead, if that's what you want to know," the elderly men answered, flipping the newspaper to the sports section. "Don't worry, your sisters are still alive, safe and sound. Their time has not come yet."

"What you mean," I said, wondered by the mans lack of emotion as he spoke.

"Exactly what it means," he plainly said. "Come, lets take a walk."

I stood up and walked with the elderly men without hesitation. A part of me told me that the men who I was speaking to was aided by forces not known by the living.

"Where exactly am I," I asked as birds began flying above us to where what seemed the direction we where walking.

"Your are in Purgatory,  at least that's what the mortals call it," he answered. "And please call me Grim and don't ask if I am the Grim Reaper."

I accepted the answer and stop myself for asking if he was the Grim Reaper.

"Now, what do you remember," Grim asked.

"Well," I began as we walked. " I remember the truck coming down at me and killing me. I remember my life, how my parents died and everyone in the Carter family. I remember-"

"Do you remember anything before your birth," Grim interrupted.

"Um no," I said. " I wasn't born yet."

Grim nodded to the answer. "Tell me, Dan. What is the meaning of Purgatory."

I stayed silent, thinking of an answer. " A place of purification," I finally said. " A place for punishment," I gulped.

"Correct," Grim accepted.

"Aim I being punished," I quaked.

"No, you soul wasn't made for such action," Grim beckoned.

"What you mean," I said, coming closer toward him.

Grim went walked me toward the hill side, where we had the keen view of a cascade. Ironically, the water coming down went down into the air and formed into clouds.

"I want you to look at the water falling down the cascade for me," Grim said. " As doing so I want you to reflect your thoughts, your characteristics that make you you, and think past that."

"What you mean," I said.

"You will see. Now just look at the water, what you see," asked Grim.

I looked at the flow of the water, trying to reflect myself in it. As I did images appeared.

My parents, my sisters, my friends, my life flashed in an instant. Times when I helped my sisters in trouble and my friends. Through that saw who I was. I was responsible, caring, and kind with a code of honor and truth.

Tears began coming at my eyes and soon I saw the time I was born, I saw the face of my mom smiling at me.

Then something happen I looked past that. I saw a boy looking exactly like me guiding a group of what seemed as Jews down a sewer. The Jews had the Star of David on their left side of their jackets. Over head sounds of guns and tanks were fired.

The boy stopped at what appeared as a door.

"Through here you will come out under a farm. The owner of the farm is Mr. Butters. He will help you on your journey on getting out of this holocaust," I told them. "Give him this," I handed the leader of the group a postcard."This will show him I brought you here."

"Thank You," said Mr. Carter said, the leader of the group. "How could we ever repay you."

"Don't," I said. "Many like me don't agree with Hitler's method. Many like risk our lives to save your people because it is the right thing to do. Now go!, before its to late."

The Jews gave me their blessing and entered though the door, the leader entering the last and telling me for the last time. "Thank You," and left.

The boy smiled and close the other, then ran back down the tunnel. My eyes close at the memory.

I looked away from the water and stepped back, dropping down to the ground.

"What did that memory meant," I asked.

"It meant many things," Grim replied. "It means the truth."

"The truth, the truth of what?" I asked.

"The truth about yourself," Grim answered. "The truth of your cause in Earth."

As those words rang in my ears my mind went black. Somehow my instincts told me that I heard that same phase before. Then a word hit me, a word that has been hiding me since I was born and sent to earth.

The Watcher.

"Who's the Watcher," I asked, my tome dropping doing sincere.

The Grim smiled, happily of being asked the right question. "That my boy is you"





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