Truth after Death.

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  • Published: 24 May 2013
  • Updated: 17 Jun 2013
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(Afterlife Competition)
What happens when we die? Do who go down in Hell or up to heaven? Do we come back to Earth as ghost? or Do we witness punishment or truth!


2. Chapter 2

You know when sometimes your friend acts like his going to punch you or slap you and you flinch. That's what happen to me, I flinched at death.

I was in a car with my sisters, being driven to a new foster home right in Lakeland, Florida. Our new foster parent was a good friend of my Uncles, who he had assign to if in case he were to pass away or something around those lines.

I still didn't knew our new foster parent's name other than that she's a single women who always wanted to adopt kids.

The driver was one of our foster parent's chefs. He was 42 years old Italian for Italy and very childish for his age. We were in this mini van, my sisters in the middle while I stayed all the way back of the car. My sisters and he were talking about this TV show on ABC Family that involved foster kids like us.

I wasn't listening to their conversation  because my full attention was on the iPhone my Uncle had gotten my for my 16 birthday. I was scrolling down at the pictures I took of my sisters, uncle, and the friends I made in Water Park, Florida. I never had time to say good bye to them, I never did.

The weather was currently cloudy, as if God felt my sorrow. My sisters and I had went through so much. They were taking the loss better than I. So many of my family members have died, now me and my sisters where the last Carters. It was as if our family had a curse or bad mojo. Like in Final Destination.

"Almost there guys", said Ricardo, the chef as he took a left.

"Oh does Mrs. Sunny have a pool," asked my sister Mage.

Guess that's our new foster parents last name.

"Yes she does," smiled Ricardo. "She even has horses you guys could ride on."

"Really? Oh I love horses," squeaked my other sister Sarah. "Can we ride them, Dan?"

"If Mrs. Sunny gives you two permission, why not," I answered.

"Yay," my sisters squealed. 

I shook my head, and smiled.

They did really love horses.

My sisters and Ricardo began talking about horses while I looked away at the window. Their were people doing their outdoor chores and a couple of my age walking down the street while holding hands.

I grin at how I was 16 and I never had a girlfriend. I went back to my memories to back in my old school where there was this girl who I had a crush on. Her name was Emma, and we had met in Photography club in school in the afternoon. I remember currently asking her how to join the club and what other clubs where their since I was new to the school.

We became good friends from then on and even when out to movie theater with a couple of friends as a group. I remember my Uncle taking me to the mall and telling me tips on what to where and not to impress her. I still remember the conversation we were having on the fitting room.

"Clothes symbolize your personality, your inside. So when you look for new clothes to wear and you see something you like think of yourself, is this me? Is this my personality," said my Uncle.

"What if my personality is stupid," I said.

"Trust me, Dan there is never such thing as a stupid personality. Though there is such thing as having a bad attitude," quoted Uncle.

"Funny, my dad use to say the same thing," I said, remembering my father quoting the same words.

"Who you think told them to him," said Uncle with a wink.  "Come on out and let me see what you choose to put on."

I came out of the fitting room, wearing this blue and gray plain shirt with a black jacket over it and some dark, gray straight leg pants. I looked myself at the mirror.

"Hmmm, is it me or are those girls behind us looking at you," grinned my Uncle.

At the corner of the mirror were two cute brunet girls looking at us. "Wow, guess my personality is not that stupid," I said, blushing a little.

"Haha," laughed Uncle. "Come on, put your original clothes on and I'll pay for those clothes."

After that my Uncle took me to the movie theater with me wearing the new clothes. My friends and Emily were waiting there.

"Wow, dude. You look hot," complimented my friend Santiago. He was the charismatic guy in the group.

Emily smiled and said," I got to say, you look more confident then usual."

"Yeah I agree, and it seems your posture is straighter," said Tom, he was the watcher I like to call him in the group.

"Shut up," I said to him, as he laughed in return.

"Alright guys, lets go and get inside before the theater is full," suggested Emily.

We had all gotten tickets to see Fast 6. Even though we got to the theater early, the movie theater we were assigned to was already full so we had to sit all the way in the front. 

Santiago would be pointing at girls who were staring as us and telling me to go talk to them.

If he only knew the girl I wanted to talk the most with was right with us.

Tom had gone later to the girls, from what we saw he had them hooked.

"Damn, his good, I'm going in" said Santiago, as he stood from the chair and went to where the girls and Tom where at. Leaving Emily and I alone.

"Bet five bucks they are leaving tonight without any of of them," betted Emily.

"Deal," I agreed and took out five dollars.

Ten minutes later the girls stood up and left the movie theater, with Tom and Santiago coming sitting back with us with sad faces.

"Haha, told ya," giggled Emily, as ye took my five dollars out of my hand.

"You betted on us?" asked Tom.

"Sorry man I actually though you two would get their phone numbers at the end of the movie," I sincerely answered him.

"It's alright man, I know they wants us," uttered Santiago.

"Sure," teased Emily.

The movie began playing and we took out our candy we bought from Walgreen's. Since candy cost more in movie theaters we bought some in Walgreen's for cheap.

Hey just because I have a rich uncle doesn't mean I can't just be buying whatever.

We finished the the movie and eat at a restaurant next to the movie theater. Emily and I beamed at surprise as we saw the girls Tom and Santiago where trying to hook up with on the movie theater.

"Wow, I did not saw that coming," noted Emily.

"Yeah," I agreed, as Tom and Santiago saw the girls.

"Alright, Tom," Santiago cheerfully said, "Time for round two."

"After you, my brother," Tom happily said, as he followed Tom to the table where the girls where at.

Emily and I shock our heads as we went to a tablet, sat down and order our meal.

"By the way, I'm not betting again," I said.

"Come on, you scared to lose another five bucks," joked Emily.

"Nah, it's just that my guts are telling me to not to," I justified.

"Sure," said Emily as our server came back with our drinks and food ready,

That was fast

"Enjoy," said the server and left to take another order.

Tom and Santiago came back to our table with stars in their eyes.

"I'm so in love," claimed Santiago.

"Know how you feel, man," said Tom.

Emily looked at me, giving me a look saying, you should have bet.

I shocked my head at the two love birds.

"You two got the girls' phone number?", I asked.

"Nope, we got something better," answered Tom."We got the girls' home address and her Skype."

"Why would you want her home addresses?" I asked in wary.

The both answer by looking at me with this pervert look.

"You two little perverts," said Emily in disgust while Tom and Santiago laughed at the comment.

The server came back at took Emily's and I's plates. He looked at Tom and Santiago before Emily telling him that they were with the group of the girls on the other side of the restaurant. He then acknowledged the explanation and left to get the bill.

"Wait, I though we were eating together," said Santiago.

"Not anymore," said Emily as the server came back with the bill and I gave her my money while she added hers." You can keep the change."

"Thanks, kids," said the server with gratitude. "You both have a wonderful night."

"You two," Emily and I said as the server left.

"So, we don't get to eat," Tom said pointing at himself and Santiago.

"Actually, I thought you two could eat with the girls you two are falling down on," said Emily with a evil smile on her face.

"Okay," said both Santiago and Tom as they went back to the girls.

I looked at them leave and then turned to Emily. "Your are definitely up to something."

"What!," said Emily sarcastically. "What are you talking about Carter," she winked.

I shocked my head as she walked out of the restaurant, then followed after her. There weren't many people outside, most were going to the movie theater.

"So...," I said.

"So...," Emily repeated.

"I had a good time tonight," I said.

"Me too," smiled Emily.

"I was thinking, the Man of Steel movie will be coming out in 3 weeks," I said. "And well I was just wondering if you would like to come with me, as friends and well umm watch it with me."

"Sure," Emily said five seconds later."Sounds fun, and sounds way better than hanging out with Santiago and Tom."


"Cool," I said a heartbeat later.

A red 2013 Ford Explorer pulled up at the front of the restaurant.

"I got to go, I'll text you later," said Emily.

"Sure," I smiled.

"Okay," she smiled back and went inside the car and left.

15 minutes later my Uncle came in his Lamborghini and took me home. He had told me that he was going to drop me off home, then he will go to the airport and leave for New York.

Ten minutes later we were home.

"Before you leave," began Uncle. "Did you asked the girl out," he asked.

I stayed silent, raising the suspension before answering with a grin." June 14, 2013. Man of Steel," I said and left the car as Uncle shouted.

"Yes, yes. That's my boy ha ha," and left.

That was the last time or conversation we had before the following, when I learned his plane had exploded and he had burned inside.

That was also the last time I was together with my friends.

The car was beginning to enter the highway. As we did a black cat ran in front pf the car across. Stopping at the other side, looking at me with its green beach eyes. Then a chill ran my spine, sending fear into my body, my heart bumping faster than ever before.

What the kept was happening to me?

I heard a collision happening behind me, I turn around and then a Police Armed Truck came flying down at me. Then I blinked, then I died.






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