Truth after Death.

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  • Published: 24 May 2013
  • Updated: 17 Jun 2013
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(Afterlife Competition)
What happens when we die? Do who go down in Hell or up to heaven? Do we come back to Earth as ghost? or Do we witness punishment or truth!


1. Chapter 1

They say when your dying all your problems and worries are lifted off your shoulders.

It has come in the mere moments before death that such aphorism is a lie. In the end your problems and worries are not relieved, but worsened.

In my time of dying I worried only about my sisters. What would become of them? Who will protect them from the cruelty the world brings?  Would they be able to follow their dreams?

My whole life I dedicated myself on protecting them, making sure they were feed, clothed, and healthy. My parents were dead, killed in a car "accident", I was told. We were then sent on to live with our drunken Aunt May and her low life boyfriend in a town southwestern of Maine.

We lived with them three months before Aunt May was stab with a kitchen knife by her boyfriend in a current argument they were having. That was the second member of the Carter family that was killed. We didn't cry when she died, we had shed all our tears on our parents tombstone.

From then on, we were sent to our Uncle Dan's home in Winter Park, Florida. Unlike our Aunt, Dan was a "groovy" host. He owned a 40,000 square feet mansion, 19 sports car, and 3 private jets. The 2 months spend with him were the wildest moments my sisters and I ever had. Then a trip he took one day to New York became his death. The private jet's left wing exploded and fell apart from the plane. The plane crashed somewhere in Georgia with my Uncle and the crew inside burned, dead.

He was the last member of the Carter family when he died. Now my sisters and I are the last ones.

Now we where being taking to a foster home in Lakeland, Florida, the ride that ended with my death.


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