Live While We're Young!!!!

Hi I'm Aimee Elise!!! I don't have a last name because I live in an orphanage. And my life was perfectly normal until I got adopted. My new dad, well dads (there's five of them) act younger than me and I'm 12!!! And there's one other thing... the people who adopted me happen to be ONE DIRECTION!!!!!! And I can tell you one thing... if you have the choice of one direction or a kangaroo looking after you, pick the kangaroo!!!


1. Leaving behind.

Aimee's P.O.V

I woke up to the sun shining through my curtains. I got out of bed and checked my phone. It was half eight, I went to my drawers and took out my pink high-waisted jeans, white lace-sleeved top and black slouch pocket cardigan. I took my clothes and went to have a shower. I washed my hair, dryed it then straightened it. I got dressed and put on my lip-gloss. "Perfect." I whispered to myself. I went downstairs to get breakfast. As I passed the dinning room I saw all the little kids eating cereal. I got myself a cup of tea and fruit salad. I heard Maggie call me saying she wanted me to meet someone. I walked into her office to see One Direction sitting on the sofa. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" I screamed, I love those boys. They looked at me smiling. "Sweetie, I'm guessing you know who these people are!" She laughed. I just nodded smiling like a mad woman, girl whatever. "Hi," Niall started" I hope you don't mind but we want to adopt you!" He smiled. 

Louis's P.O.V

We arrived outside the orphanage. "Remember," Paul warned "one kid, not the whole place." Everyone stared at me. "Finnnnnne!" I pouted. We walked in to see a twelve year old girl walk past us. We were led into a sitting room. "Hello," a lady said cheerfully. "What child do you want?" She asked. "Ummmm," we all said. I saw that girl walk past again holding a cup of tea. "Her!" I yelled pointing at her. "AlrightI'll call her to my office, follow me!" 

Aimee's  P.O.V

After I was told I would be leaving soon, I ran to my room to pack. I didn't own much so it was just my back-pack. "Ready!" I smiled walking out the door. I stopped when I saw a huge limo, I swear my jaw must of hit the floor. We climbed into the limo. "Quick question, what's my new last name?" I asked. "Well, since your Irish its gonna be Horan." He smiled. "You excited to move to London?" Louis asked. "Yes! I wanted to move there when I finish school!" I smiled. "Why?" Zayn asked me. "I want to go to the Royal Ballet School!" I answered. As we arrived at the airport the boys toke my hands and led me inside. Right at that moment we heard a scream. "IT'S ONE DIRECTION!!!" "Can you run fast?" Louis looked at me. I nodded grinning as we sprinted towards the departure gate. Paul was waiting for us as we handed over our tickets. As we sat in first class Louis stared at me. "What?" I asked laughing. "Can you teach me something in Irish?" He grinned. I gestured for him to come closer and whispered in his ear. "Pot mo ho!!!" He screamed at Paul. At that moment me and Niall burst out laughing. "What?" He asked staring at us. "That... Means.... Kiss.... My.... Ass!!!" I told him between laughs. "This is gonna be an interesting flight!" I thought to myself.

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