The Troubles of Being a Teenager.

Oscar and Laura are two 13 year olds who fell in love with each other over Facebook. When they discovered they were going to the same school, in the same year, they were very happy. However, when Oscar became closer to other girls, only Ellie (Laura's best friend) could truly cheer her up, as Laura and Oscar had split. Months and months pass, and Oscar tries to win Laura back, but when he finally settles with a different girl called Ellie, Laura realises how much Oscar meant to her. Read and see the story unfold.


1. It was kind of perfect.

Oscar and Laura. Sounds like some sort of fantasy, right? I guess it is now... I kind of blew my chances, I suppose. It was real. It was kind of perfect at the time, the emotional conversations, the allnighters, the hugging, the kissing, the love. No one stood infront of us. Us. Us against the world: that's how it was. But that's all changed now. We have a love/hate relationship. We still talk to each other, but not as much as we used to. Were the kind of people who look at each other and the memories come flushing back. Now were strangers. Kind of.

    He would upload pictures of us on facebook. People would comment: 'Laura is so gorgeous', 'yes Oscar, got yourself a right girlfriend there mate!!;)' and Oscar would comment: 'Yes she is,' or 'I know I have, shes beautiful x'. I would make videos of us holding hands, us kissing, us being ourselves around each other. Now he has someone else to do all of that with. Ellie Marrison.

   I don't really know what happened. I was just having a shower at the time, trying to clear my head. Once I'd finished washing, I turned the shower off, wrapped a towel round me and sat on my bed. I grabbed my phone and checked facebook. All down my timeline were links to Oscar's saying 'relationship status? taken!' and 'aww you and ellie are so cute!'. I kind of died a little inside. I don't actually know why I still get upset over him. I guess.. that's just how its meant to be, right?

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