This is Kat. She is 17 years old, but her life isn't all flowers and gumdrops! When Kat witnesses a live murder, the killer catches her- and erases her memory. Lucky her Niall Horan and Liam Payne, international superstars find her in a building, saving her gut. But what happens when the killer seeks revenge, and Kat starts having crushes on the boys? Find out more in this thrilling book!

Caution- some scenes of voilence and blood occour in this book.


1. Too Much

Kat's P.O.V.


"Kat! Wake up!" yelled my mom from down stairs. She was always yelling after my Dad left- at first I felt sorry for him, now I feel sorry for myself.

"Coming!" I yelled back. I pulled the covers from off my bed and I looked through my closet to pick out what to wear. I decided on a flowy pink blouse with puffy sleeves and black skinny jeans. After I pulled all the cloths off the hangers I put them on quickly and ran into the bathroom to do my usual makeup. Mascara, Eyeliner, Red Lipgloss, after all, what could go wrong with lipgloss? I hurredly slipped on my Toms and ran as fast as I could down the stairs. My mom was having a heated conversation about grades with my 13 year old brother, Calvin.

"Thanks for the breakfast ma." I said to her- to stall the fight, and I gave Calvin the 'You owe me one' look.

"Thanks hon, now get your bag ready, don't want to be late again!" she laughed. Then she went back to yelling at Calvin, and his face got even redder! 

I pulled out my phone and I started to look at missed texts, when my phone screen flashed to a photo of Louis Tomlinson, the most cute guy in One Direction and it rings with the old, "Hurry Kat!" as a reminder for this bus in five minutes. I quickly pulled my bag on my back, and then I look at the time on the stove, and on my phone. The clock read 11:30, and my phone read 11:26, the clock on the stove broke, I ran outside to see the bus pulling away, I missed my stop. 

I ran to the alleyway, it was the only way I could make it to school. People were looking at me with the same expression, "She is late, again.' I nodded to them as I ran down the dark dismal alleyway. Then I saw a man, and he held the body of a woman, and she started whimpering when she saw an item in the mans hand. 'A Gun!' I thought to myself. I started walking backwards, anvd then the lady screamed the sound of a echoing bullet went through her skull, and she lay limp in his arms. He dropped her and pulled off a diamond ring from her finger. 'I just witnessed a murder!' I thought. Just then, my phone decided to buzz, and the Killer turned around. He was a tall burly man, with graying hair and a lot of muscle. He looked at me evily and he grabbed me and stuffed me into a large bag around his shoulder. 

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