This is Kat. She is 17 years old, but her life isn't all flowers and gumdrops! When Kat witnesses a live murder, the killer catches her- and erases her memory. Lucky her Niall Horan and Liam Payne, international superstars find her in a building, saving her gut. But what happens when the killer seeks revenge, and Kat starts having crushes on the boys? Find out more in this thrilling book!

Caution- some scenes of voilence and blood occour in this book.


4. Saving Kat

Kat's P.O.V.


When the man said I was his, I could not believe it. I was a free person, not to be messed with.

"I am not yours!" I yelled while kicking him in the groin. The large man winced and fell to the ground while I looked at the man next to him. He was reaching into his pocket, looking for his gun. Then I saw the shadows in the background, and I just took my chances, and ran for the stairwell, I heard a gunshot while I was jolting up the steps, and I hoped they were not aimed at me.



Liam's P.O.V.


When I saw the girl run up the stairs, and  James reaching for his gun, I took my chance- and lept for it. I grabbed the gun and shot both of his legs. He fell to the ground and I kicked him in the face to keep him from screaming. Niall pulled them both to a corner and stacked various boxes around them. 

"Let's go find that girl!" I whispered to Niall hoping the men would not wake up.

We quietly lept up the stairs hoping to catch the beautiful girl. We kept running up, when we heard her footsteps and saw her shadow. She started to walk towards us, and then I saw her clearly. She had dark brown hair. Green/Brown eyes. A square face, and hair that fell to her elbows. She was gorgeous.



Niall's P.O.V.


The girl looked very scared. I ran right up to her and gave her a hug. She looked relived to find I would not hurt her- our make her mine. 

"Let's get out of here." I said to her.






Sorry about the short chapter and not updating. I have a school project, and I barely could finish this one. The next chapter will be longer- Zendaya4532


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