This is Kat. She is 17 years old, but her life isn't all flowers and gumdrops! When Kat witnesses a live murder, the killer catches her- and erases her memory. Lucky her Niall Horan and Liam Payne, international superstars find her in a building, saving her gut. But what happens when the killer seeks revenge, and Kat starts having crushes on the boys? Find out more in this thrilling book!

Caution- some scenes of voilence and blood occour in this book.


3. My Brain Is Not My Own

Kat's P.O.V.


I woke up in a prison-like room. The air smalled like sulfur, and I felt grimy.

"James, she is awake." called a bored voice from outside the grates by the cell door. The man who killed the lady walked in. He had a look of pure evil.

"Come with me, girl." He said to me harshly.

He dragged me into a room with a wierd looking machine, one like you might see on Doctor Who, execpt, with more blades, and a long, clear cord. 

"I am going to erase everything you know, and turn you into a super villian!" he cackled. I whimpered, and laughed very hard. James, as he was named, pulled me into the machine, and attached the cord to my head, and pressed a button.


Niall's P.O.V.


As we walked into the building, we saw the man unload the bag, inside, was a girl. He stood by her door, talking quitly to another man who stood by her door.

"She will do well James, I can be sure of that, she will make a fine assasin." the man whispered.

"The wiping, I hope, will be painless." James chuckled. Then the girl woke up, and the man next to James said; "James, she is awake." and James walked into the cell, and I noticed, just then, he had a gun in his pocket, covered in blood. 

"Come with me girl." the man barked at her and he dragged he down a long stair case, where the other man quitly followed behind.

"Come on, let's go be super heroes!" Liam said to me, with no fear at all.


Liam's P.O.V.


When I walked down the long staircase, fear started to wash over me. 'Don't back down, Liam, don't back down.' I thought to myself. 

Once we reached the bottom of the staircase we saw the girl being pushed into a wierd machine, and the man attached a cord to her head! James walked to the side and pressed a button, and the girl's body shook, then her head slouched down, then went back up.

"Where am I!" the girl screamed.

"You are Kat, you are in your training room." the man who was next to James said, "You are mine."

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