This is Kat. She is 17 years old, but her life isn't all flowers and gumdrops! When Kat witnesses a live murder, the killer catches her- and erases her memory. Lucky her Niall Horan and Liam Payne, international superstars find her in a building, saving her gut. But what happens when the killer seeks revenge, and Kat starts having crushes on the boys? Find out more in this thrilling book!

Caution- some scenes of voilence and blood occour in this book.


2. Just Dosen't Feel Right

Liam's P.O.V.


When I woke up that Tuesday morning, I felt different, like something was going on. I ran to the other boys rooms, butI could tell Louis had been there because I heard a blowhorn, a loud laugh, and some hilarious death cries from the boys, and Louis came scrambling out of the rooms laughing. I chuckled to myself and walked over to Niall, who was rubbing his ears, and munching on Doritos. 

"Really, Niall, the first thing you do in the morning is eat?" I laughed, and Niall gave me a scorned face.

"But Daddy Direction, why can't I?" Niall begged. 'Daddy Direction' I thought scornfully. 

"We need to go on a interview at MTV, that's why!" I said with folds of laughter tucked into the words. Niall slowly got up, bringing the almost empty bag of crips with him. 

I went downstairs to find the others watching the telly, with a news report on about themselves.

"I am not, dating Louis!" Harry screamed at the telly.

"Yeah, but you want to!" Louis retaliated. Everyone started laughing, including me- Daddy Direction. Harry blushed as red as a tomato, and stomped out of the room to go 'read about hair' but we all knew he was going to look at pictures of hot celebrities and find out ways about how to flirt with them.

Just then, Niall came down stairs, with an empty bag of crips. 

"Hey Niall, want to take a walk?" I asked him.

"Sure, just let me grab a few chocolates!" Niall replied. He walked to the pantry, and did not look happy when Louis tapped him on the shoulder and wiggled in his face- the bag of chocolates.

"Hey!" Niall groaned.

"Sucks for you!" Louis said as he ate the last chocolate in the bag. He ran off quickly, and I just managed to convince Niall to stay with me, barely.

We pulled our shoes on, but before we left we put some sunglasses on and hats, we needed to stay obscure. As we left the room, Zayn opened the window, and we heard screams.

"Let's go out the back door." I suggested, and Niall nodded.

After we got outside via work door, we took a walk in the park. Then, I saw a man coming out of an alleyway, with a huge bag on his shoulder.

"Let's Follow him, he dosen't look quite- normal." Niall said.

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