Collection of Short Stories

A collection of short stories. I hope you enjoy!! Read any you want to read - they're not in any specific order.


2. A Writer's Journey

When you see a pen and paper,

Do you think ‘I’ll do it now’?

Do you think ‘I’ll do it later’?

When you see a title on a page,

Do you feel free?

Do you feel like you’re trapped in a cage?

When you see your pen writing words,

Do you feel as ugly as a slug?

Do you feel as beautiful as a bird?

When you’ve written the first chapter,

Do you feel like you’ve wasted your time?

Do you feel filled with rapture?

When you’ve finally finished a story, novel, or book,

Do you feel depressed?

Do you shout out and say ‘Look!’?

When you’re editing this piece of work,

Do you feel a thrill?

Do you feel like you’re a jerk?

When you’re sending your story away,

Do you feel nervous?

Do you feel like you should take in a deep breath and say ‘okay’?

When it arrives in the post,

Do you open it immediately?

Do you open it after some toast?

When the publishers have agreed to publish,

Do you think ‘I knew it!’?

Do you think ‘What? It was rubbish’?

When the book is in the store and selling well,

Do you think ‘Oh yes, this is great!’?

Do you think ‘What type of shop would want my book to sell’?


Whatever your thoughts,

Your book is yours,

No one can copy you now, you’re very bright,

Because, you know what, it’s now under copyright!

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