I Think I Love You

Can Shane ever get Kaylee to love him like he loves her? Shane is Kaylee's best friend always has been and recently when she moves back from the states he falls in love with her. Only 1 problem...
She goes out with his brother.
Can Shane get Kaylee to realize he's the one for her??
find out in this tale of a teenage battle of love


1. UK School

Shrugging on my brown leather jacket, I climbed out my car. Being in England felt weird compared to the sunny L.A. I'd lived in England till I was 10 then got told we were moving to L.A. Now aged 17 I was here to get my life back on track. I just wished I knew someone. Heading closer to school dreads filled my head. As if the devil planned it boys catcalled and wolf-whistled while the girls gave me the evils. I was just heading in the doors when a strong pair of arms grabbed my waist pulling me back. "Is this my Kaylee. The Kaylee I skyped yesterday who told me she wasn't coming back to England!" a deep voice growled. "SHAANEEE!!!!!!" I screeched. Shane was my best friend always had been and he was the one thing that made me so upset that I was leaving when I was 10. I skyped him once every week back in L.A. I shrugged from his grip, stuck my tongue out at him before I headed down the crowded hallways to reception for my schedule. "Hi, I'm Kaylee Thompson I just started here today. I'm fresh from L.A. and I need my schedule. Is this the place to get it?" I asked when I reach there with a massive smile plastered on my face. Oh I should probably  tell you a bit about me I guess. I'm 17 and I have long wavy brown hair. My brown eyes are always sparkling and my tan is always fresh. I have a slender body and I know myself that I'm pretty but I'm definitely not beautiful.

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