I Think I Love You

Can Shane ever get Kaylee to love him like he loves her? Shane is Kaylee's best friend always has been and recently when she moves back from the states he falls in love with her. Only 1 problem...
She goes out with his brother.
Can Shane get Kaylee to realize he's the one for her??
find out in this tale of a teenage battle of love


4. Partaayyyyyyy


Pulling up to 32 Kindler Lane I couldn't help but breathe in. The party was in full fling already. Walking in I swear I got groped ten times and a variety of boys have made rude hand gestures showing what they would like to do to me. I had to find Lewis and soon... I knew that he would be with the same idiots he was with at lunch so I just looked for them. Picking up some punch which I knew had been spiked I went on my search. Several alcoholic drinks later I was feeling the drink kick in and I just so happened to fall into the person I'd been looking for. Lewis. "Heyyyy baby..." his voice was slurred. It was obvious he'd drank more than me. Flinging himself at me he forced his mouth on mine. HARD. His hands sliding to my butt this is wear the sensible Kaylee would have shrugged him off and never spoke to him again. But I wasn't sensible Kaylee right now. I was the total opposite. Grinding myself closer to him, I forced my tongue into his mouth and kissed him back passionately. He moaned and it vibrated right through my body. Pulling me in closer to him he picked me up never once breaking the kiss. Carrying me upstairs I heard a door creak. I was unable to see but I knew exactly where we were.



I'd seen her long before she'd seen me but I knew she would look for me. As she neared me it was obvious she was hammered. As quick as I possibly could I got myself pissed. Stupid I know but you would too. She stumbled into me and before she could react I was kissing her. As soon as she responded I found myself carrying her upstairs. There was a spare room in here where I was sleeping for the night. I was a close friend to the jock who was holding the party so he lent me a room for the night. I opened the door, dumped her on the bed and quickly locked it. Slowly I climbed on top of her looking at her with such a hunger and desire I felt like an animal. The only weird thing was I wanted her so bad but I wasn't hard... Was my mind fooling me? Did I not really want her. I kissed her and went along with it. Slowly removing her clothes, seeing her in just her bra and panties was what made me hard. And I was so hard it was painful. So I had to put her through the same pain. I teased her. Moving my lips away from her lips I moved them down. When I reached her belly button I licked around the circumference of it. It was so enjoyable watching her moan more and more. Making her want me more and more. Sliding down her panties I let my fingers wander. "Oh baby your so wet" I cried in pleasure.


"oh baby your so wet" You could hear the desire in his voice.

" I am not" I replied. Suddenly I gasped. He'd stuck a finger inside me rubbing gently. Suddenly he moved his fingers harder making me moan more and more. "Shit... Lewis.... Don't" I couldn't speak seriously enough to tell him to stop in a way he would listen too. The moans making my words just a flicker of murmurs. Suddenly more than one finger was in me and I knew I was going to climax. Warning him was no good he just laughed and carried on watching my orgasm. But he said it wasn't good enough. Climbing on top of me he forced himself into me. Hard. Once we'd both climaxed again. He rolled off of me. Dead serious he said to me " roll over" I did as I was told but it was getting too much for me. He forced me into doggy style position. He stuck himself into me but not through anal, causing me to gasp and wince at the same time louder than before. This was the last time apparently he was done. Pulling me to him we cuddled up for the night.


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