I Think I Love You

Can Shane ever get Kaylee to love him like he loves her? Shane is Kaylee's best friend always has been and recently when she moves back from the states he falls in love with her. Only 1 problem...
She goes out with his brother.
Can Shane get Kaylee to realize he's the one for her??
find out in this tale of a teenage battle of love


5. Morning After


Last night had been so much fun. Yeah sure the likely hood of it being it would be awkward when she woke up but seriously until then I was loving it. She had been so tight which had probably made it hell of a lot more fun for me and hell of a lot sorer for her. But waking up to her lying in my arms was just amazing I couldn't help it. It was one of the best feelings ever. The pillow was stained with smeared makeup. Memories flooded me off the party. I just had to laugh it off. I knew she would have a major hangover but it didn't bother me. Unlike her mine wasn't to bad I had learned how to handle my drink a lot more than her I guess.

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