I Think I Love You

Can Shane ever get Kaylee to love him like he loves her? Shane is Kaylee's best friend always has been and recently when she moves back from the states he falls in love with her. Only 1 problem...
She goes out with his brother.
Can Shane get Kaylee to realize he's the one for her??
find out in this tale of a teenage battle of love


2. God Damn Why Are You So Gorgeous

Shanes POV:

Dammit, I thought it was Kaylee as soon as I seen her back head towards the doors. When did she start looking so fucking beautiful. I don't want to admit it but I think I've just fell in love with my best friend. My heart broke a little bit as she stepped out my reach when I grabbed her waist. Oh well, I was being called on by my mates anyway. Heading to their silver SUV  I crossed my brother Lewis' path. "Kaylee's back and you stay the fuck away from her!" I growled threateningly. Even though he was my brother I knew his games. I guess in a way he took after our father. Dad didn't know how to handle a women correctly without moving onto another girl for sex in five minutes. nodding my greeting to the guys I leant against a red BMW truck another mate had. It was amazing how our friend varied, some could afford expensive shiny toys where as others just grabbed whatever car or truck they could get. "So Shane we seen a sexy ass of a girl walk away from you when you grabbed her. Think she'll have me mate?" Jake said. Jake's been my best friend since Kaylee left. We grew up playing soccer together and since then we stuck together. "PARTAYYY TONIGHT! 32 KINDLER LANE EVERYONES WELCOME!" a random jock shouted. "We in guys?" Everyone nodded there agreement. We had a kick about till the bell went. I headed towards my first lesson gym. Only as I went to go by the girls changing rooms Loren the head cheerleader stepped put. "Hey Shaneyy wanna go out tonight?" she purred seductively. I shook my head and swiftly pushed past her. Today was track and we had that with the girls. Only as I got outside I noticed Kaylee standing there looking out of place in her tan. She stuck out like a sore thumb round here. Running up to her I gave her a hug. I hated the feeling that rushed through me when she wrapped her legs around me. "God damn why are you so gorgeous" I muttered under my breath. When she pulled back with a pained look on her face I guessed she'd heard it. Coach broke the awkwardness by blowing the whistle and making us run.

Kaylee's POV:

Was it me or did he just call me gorgeous. Before I could question any more coach blew the whistle. Looking across the field I saw Lewis leaning against the mesh wiring watching me. God he was sexy. But then he go that from Shane I guess. He just showed it more. Running was fun and it made me remember why I used to run all the time. It cleared my head and I was free again. Unfortunately it was over before it had begun. Sweaty and tired I collapsed to the ground looking into the sky. I felt the slow trickle of rain hit me in the face. For some unworldly reason this made me laugh out loud. Suddenly a hand was in my face. Lewis. "Hey Kaylee we meet again. Never thought that would happen!" I laughed. I couldn't help myself. "Hey Lewis." His face lit up probably at the fact I remembered his name. "Let me change one minute Lewis" I heard a muttered response but when I looked again some slutty looking girls were dragging him away. Oh well. Lets explore. I swear down it was like a beach house back home. Some cute guy ran up to me gave me an address for a party. Then he walked away slapping my ass as he went bye. Suddenly, my phone beeped with a text.

                                                                          BITCH LEWIS IS MINE STAY AWAY

It was an unknown number but I knew it had to be someone at this school, otherwise they wouldn't have seen me and him. I left it but they got more and more hateful. Girls started calling me a slut and a skank and I honestly couldn't react. I hadn't talked to half of them so I couldn't have offended them. Sure the guys were being well guys but that is soo not my fault. Maybe they need to see that, I just dreaded lunch. I was talking to a geeky looking girl and she told me that it looked like I'd either be eating with her or a toilet cubicle. I didn't know which was worse. But surely I'd still have Shane or Lewis. They were always there for me. Surely there egos weren't so big they wouldn't protect me. After all I fell out with my best friend back in L.A for calling them freaks and bastards so they owed me big time. My boyfriend finished me because he though there was something going on between me and Shane seeing as we were so close. I t didn't honestly bother me at first but now realising he'll never hold me or protect me. He'll never be my shoulder to cry on made me want to cry. But I told myself to be strong. Surely letting myself look weak wouldn't help with this crisis.



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