I Think I Love You

Can Shane ever get Kaylee to love him like he loves her? Shane is Kaylee's best friend always has been and recently when she moves back from the states he falls in love with her. Only 1 problem...
She goes out with his brother.
Can Shane get Kaylee to realize he's the one for her??
find out in this tale of a teenage battle of love


3. Cafeteria maze

Kaylee's POV:

After surviving the first three lessons I was so proud. Except for the part where everyone made sit next to the bell and they all laughed at my expense of course. But now it was lunch and the geeky girls words were coming back with a vengeance. Walking into the cafeteria I looked around. There was different tables for different cliques. And lucky old me forgot to join a clique. I saw Shane with the 'cool' people and Lewis with the jocks. Heading over to grab my lunch one of the girls sitting at my table yelled across the caf  "HEY SKANK I HAVE A SEAT FOR YOU! THERE GARBABE BIN WHERE TRASH LIKE YOU SHOULD BE!" Tears welled in my eyes at her hateful words. I looked past her at Shane but he just sat there. Not moving or even trying to defend me. I think that's what hurt the most.

Just when I thought the people I loved the most hurt, a voice I can't believe stuck up for me shouted across the room "Loren you absolute cow you might wanna look in the fucking mirror before you call her a skank" As he sat down in his chair again our eyes locked. A smile tugged at my lips until I couldn't stop it. I smiled a real smile at him and it grew wider when he beckoned me to sit with him. I thought I had finally made a friend. But the rest of his friends sure weren't gonna take 'just friends' as an answer. They kept pestering on about how we should go out and everything. When they had enough of us arguing they moved onto truth or dare. "come on guys what are you five" I moaned. "don't be a party pooper" one of them answered. So I played even though I hated the game with all my heart. I must admit it was all fine until they dared me and Lewis to kiss. Lewis was fine with it so I went along. And it hurt me how much I enjoyed it, from the look in his eyes he enjoyed it too. His cheeky grin was back straight after with a playful look in his eyes.

"So Kaylee I know it was a dare but do we go out now. I mean you can't tell me you didn't enjoy that kiss" he asked non stop on the way to fourth period. Sighing a happy sigh I shrugged "I guess we do Lewis"


Lewis' POV:

She said yes to me. She actually said yes. Then with a bite of her lip she was gone. FUCK IT. Being the younger brother I know I shouldn't yell at Shane but I was going to. I headed to track him down. He always said how much he loved her but when Loren says something so mean like that he didn't even TRY to defend her. He left it to me. And now I had the one girl everyone was talking about. ME not HIM. No one knew where he was but I did I knew exactly where he was.

"You proud of yasel Bro I'm proud of ya."
"What have I done"
"You didn't defend Kaylee. I did and now she's MY girl."

I knew I'd pushed it bringing that up so soon. But it slipped out. Before I knew it he had slammed his chair back and had me by the collar of my shirt. "Listen here Lewis you stay the fuck away from Kaylee." I chuckled but didn't speak. When he let go I walked away cockily. Man Shane had issues why does he feel he can push me around! Any girl I want he gets. When I get a girl he can't handle it. He should be happy for me.

I had to cool down before I went home so I hit the gym to burn all the adrenaline off.


Shane's POV:

My brothers a  world class A hole. He couldn't help but rub it in my face and make me feel like an absolute dick at the same time. I know I should have stuck up for her.. I know I let her down. I know that she has no reason too forgive me after I was like that but dating Lewis is just beyond stupid. Lewis doesn't care for her and is using her for his own fortune. That's all it ever is but girls see a different side. Seeing him walking away so cockily I had to fight the urge to run up and give him a good beating but I knew I couldn't. Loren did push it a bit too far calling her a skank when she didn't know her though. I guess I'll have to talk to my mates and convince them to not be too harsh to her. I couldn't make them stop completely sure I could try but I would lose. I would lose the battle and the war. Heading to fourth lesson I kicked myself for what I had done. why would I even do that. It's not like me. But then its usually me with the girl I want not him. He knows I love her too which is probably what hurts more. My own brother betrayed me and will betray the heart of the girl in my dreams.

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