Of Deals and Undoings

'The Ripper', Kiria Golding, Tezz Reinard and 'Peeks' all have an interesting relationship with each other. But when forced to choose between friends, how far does your honour take you?


6. Final Chapter

Ripper used the back entrance to the derelict tavern. The span held only one room at the front of house, half of the tables were underneath the balcony. The rustic lower section was much dirtier with sawdust spread across the floor and a spit trough round the bar. The upper balcony had many seated tables with candles and dining cloths. There were four fat and rugged men in the entire pub, all at the lower part; the upper was dead.   Climbing the rotting stairs towards the balcony. Ripper was looking at the one table with candles lit. He sat on the nearest chair and looked directly ahead into the vacant space before him. He rested his arm on the barrier separating the fall to the lower section and used his most sarcastic tone. “Go on then. Enlighten me.”   “We told you. The light fairy was a thief and a wicked traitor.” The sound seemed to appear out of nowhere. “Peeks, I taught her a lot of what she knows. She's not a thief, I've been a thief, I know them.” Ripper remained staring into where Peeks eyes would be. She faded into view, slightly closer than expected. Her larger pupil slightly shrank as the smaller one embraced a sun. She showed no signs of engaging. Staring into and past Ripper.   “Peeks, you'd better tell me what's going on. I can tell you know something.” Ripper lied. “She was a traitor.” Peeks said, almost inaudibly. Ripper lunged over the table and grabbed Peeks by the scruff of her neck and lifted her up with only one hand. She was unbelievably light. She shot her gaze at Ripper's knife.   “Do you understand nothing, Peeks? Are you that far detached?!” Ripper didn't know any more. She showed such signs of intelligence, when it suited her. “Kill us too, would you?” She cocked her head. “Doesn't it get easy... after the first time?” She smiled at his hands as his grasp weakened and she floated back into her chair. He sighed.   “Peeks. I'm sorry about that. But, could you just give me the truth, please. I just need to hear you tell me everything you know.” “We haven't lied. She was a traitor. She left us. She did.” Peeks shrunk inside herself, looking down at the floor and speaking as soft as a single breath. “It was him that never helped us.” “Him? Who are you talking about now?” Ripper couldn't really figure out if this was a confession or an excuse. “He made her. They killed us, and never stopped. Bladed one, it hurts. It hurts. She was a traitor.” Confession. “Are you talking about Kiria's father? You knew him? Bloody hell, Peeks, she didn't even know her father.” “He was busy. We scar inside.” Peeks, spoke demandingly, as if she made absolute sense. As if Ripper was supposed to let her off. He understood, but he would not let her go lightly.   “So you made me kill Kiria for personal gain? You made me kill Kiria to make it more painful? You stupid bitch! You used my own terms to make me kill someone, because their dad was a scientist in your lab at Kabal?” Ripper raised his voice louder and louder before stopping himself. Her silence was a confirmation. “Tezz will hear that you used him. And to avoid him, you'd best be really, really good at hiding.”   As Ripper got up, she began to fade out of view. He walked over to where her chair was, facing straight ahead, and not at her. “Ohh, and Peeks.” “Yes?” She said in the lightest whisper. Ripper darted out an arm, punching Peeks in the stomach, half making her reappear. He just needed to release a bit of anger, he had no intention of a fight. She was flung backwards over the barrier to the lower floor. Ripper waited for the crash. When it didn't come, he looked over the side, seeing nothing but a trail of miniature footprints in the sawdust.   “Pff. 'Til next time, Peeks.” When Ripper left, nobody noticed him.   * * *   As Ripper got within twenty yards of Reinard's tower, a massive muscular man stepped forward. Six stomaches in place of his abs and arms that could crush a gorilla. “Reinard doesn't want to see you.” The brute said ignorantly. “Hmm, can I just leave a message, then?” Ripper seemed a little bit confused. “He already knows. Now leave.”   Ripper felt annoyed. It was hard enough to figure out Peeks, without Tezz being involved. Ripper sighed and returned home, he had paper-work to do.
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