Of Deals and Undoings

'The Ripper', Kiria Golding, Tezz Reinard and 'Peeks' all have an interesting relationship with each other. But when forced to choose between friends, how far does your honour take you?


3. Chapter Two

Kiria's plated armour stopped gleaming when the night's darkness deepened. On her way to her favourite place to train, in quiet. The outskirts of Regan held a tower of untold knowledge, which Kiria had to pass. Owned by one of the most powerful figures known to modern science: Professor Tezz Rienard. One of the few people in the world to have access to electricity – a position held by only the most influential and knowledgeable powers.   The air grew uneasy. Around the tower always gave a looming feeling of being watched. She had heard many stories of Reinard and his influence over others. She stopped in the darkness and stared up at the vast height of the tower which, in the darkness, gave a purple glow.

A bolt of lightning hit a tree nearby that made her jump. She hurried on past, to her destination. She didn't want to anger the area any more.   * * *   “So, what's Tezz got to do with this?” Ripper quizzed. He needed the information, which was turning into a struggle with Peeks. “Puppet Master commands, and the puppets move. This is so?” Peeks looked slightly unsteady, Ripper could tell she was hiding something important. “Alright Peeks, so Tezz wants me to do a job for him, and he sent you. This is all looking quite strange. What do I get out of this?” Ripper spoke sternly, trying to figure out what might be so important. Peeks remained silent. Ripper changed the question. “I'm not going to like this, am I?” “We know you are a friend of the light fairy. But her light needs to be extinguished.” Peeks' voice carried the same emotionless ring. Ripper was taken aback. “Kiria? Assassinate? No chance! I'm not gonna kill a friend for someone else.” Ripper was shocked, even angry. He had never killed a friend before. Was it Reinard's idea of making the death even worse?   “Puppet Master grinds the organ. He expects monkeys to perform.” “I'm not a monkey, Peeks! Explain yourself. She can't have done anything wrong!” “The fairy flew on her wings and stole something precious from Puppet-Master, and now her death has been ordered by him. We have been tasked with the fine detail.” Peeks gave a disturbing non-smile as if she had given an adequate explanation of the events.   Ripper could not believe that Kiria would have done such a thing. Especially risking her life with Tezz Reinard. It was odd that Reinard didn't kill her the moment she went near his stuff, if she did do such a thing. That way, he had a new body to use in his work, for free. It made less sense the more Ripper thought about it.   “Important item. Puppet-Master now fears for his life and is hiding in his tower. Has requested this dark deed immediately.” Peeks stared directly into the centre of Ripper and could feel his doubt. Kiria was a friend, but only for a short period of time. It was his duty to carry out these jobs if asked by another friend; if there is reason for it. It was hard to believe Reinard would ever fear for his life, but Ripper wasn't to know what objects of power he could have up there worth stealing. Ripper stared into the icy fireplace. “I'll need time to think.” Ripper said, turning to the other chair, then realising that peeks had already left. The door was swinging wide open. Ripper sighed.   * * *   Ripper hadn't had much sleep before he left, in search of Kiria. Unsuccessfully. Wearing his wide-brim, he searched, asking for sight of her in the taverns and libraries of Regan. But nobody had seen her. He had ignored requests for stories, and even a new job offer, he had more important things to focus on.   Ripper decided to branch out to the church. Where he was refused entrance by a very thin and tall man. “Sorry, laddy. Ye cannie be in here.” Noeyn stuck his hand out. He had long hair round the back of his head, but was completely bald on top. He wore long robes and was obviously a man of high faith. He held his hand up at Ripper. “Ohh, and why not?” Ripper said, staring the man down. Ripper recognised him as someone he had done a job for before. “Cause I know who ye is. I know what ye do! We cannie have yer hands dripping wi' blood in 'ere” “Ahh! Fair enough, but keep your voice down wont you. I did do a job for you, remember? You're as responsible as I am for that one.” “True that, laddy, I suppose. But see, ye ain't commin' in.” “Fine, but can you tell me where Kiria went? Was she here?” Ripper didn't want to argue, but could see over the man's shoulder that there was only a handful of guests inside. “Nope. Not seen 'er in days, laddy.” Noeyn smiled. “Alright, alright, I'm leaving.”   Realising he wouldn't be able to track her down very quickly, Ripper had only one other option. Professor Tezz Reinard.
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