Of Deals and Undoings

'The Ripper', Kiria Golding, Tezz Reinard and 'Peeks' all have an interesting relationship with each other. But when forced to choose between friends, how far does your honour take you?


4. Chapter Three

The light grew dim. All noise became muffled and heavy as Ripper approached Reinard's tower. All the grass within one hundred yards of the surrounding wall was browned and wilted. The air was thicker, but strangely scentless. It was a ten minute walk from Regan, but could be seen for miles. The only windows in the tower were at the hexagonal top, where the electricity rods branched. A large flock of birds circled above the tower; occasionally a few were struck by a bolt of lightening from one of the rods.   As Ripper continued, he could see that on the gate was a note with no signature. Ripper pressed the button that buzzed, though he usually knew who was there before it was pressed. However, nothing happened. No voice. Nothing. Ripper read the note.   'Do it.   There is a huge reward waiting.'   Ripper didn't think much after this. He had killed for less. He instantly remembered his past and the bad he had done before. Kiria was nobody special, and her goal was too ambitious. Maybe her being put out of her misery was best. He would need to detach himself.   He knew of a place where she would have to pass by on her way back to town. Ripper waited.   * * *   Ripper decided to ask the orphanage for any sign of Kiria within town to make sure she was still away. There were around twenty orphans; all energetic. Ripper noticed one small girl with black curls, resembling Kiria's and knew she would be the one to ask. “She left. Outside of the big wall.” The girl pointed towards the woods. “Tell us when she's back, wont you? We miss her!”   Ripper didn't reply, he turned, and headed towards her training grounds.   * * *   Kiria was at the edge of her comfort zone when she had reached the Lassok Desert. She was already on her way back, close enough, now, to the entrance of the forest's pathway. She felt as if she was being watched.   She had heard a growling and fluidly span on her heel to find a young lone wolf glaring at her. The wolf looked as if it had an injured leg, which must have meant it was abandoned by the pack. Knowing it was not likely to attack her, she still gripped her sword carefully.   Both Kiria and the wolf edged themselves backwards. Kiria wondered whether it might be better if she stop it's suffering, but she didn't want to risk being bitten. When the wolf was far enough, it turned and limped off as quick as it could. Kiria relaxed and released her weapon.   It was Ripper's slight hesitation that meant Kiria was able to turn round enough for his spiked mace to not be placed as well as intended. He had been within arms length half a second too long, and as a result, Kiria staggered and kept spinning. She fell to her knees. Coughing blood onto Ripper's shoes, his looming figure was the last think she knew.   As blood pooled out around him, he stepped back to avoid it. She had known The Ripper was her undoing. He put away his weapon and took hers; latching it to his belt. He turned his back on Kiria's corpse and went to collect his reward.   Ripper paused when he noticed a long silky hair on his arm. He sighed, and brushed it away.
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