Of Deals and Undoings

'The Ripper', Kiria Golding, Tezz Reinard and 'Peeks' all have an interesting relationship with each other. But when forced to choose between friends, how far does your honour take you?


2. Chapter One

The Ripper usually clothed himself in dusty black and had an array of weapons in his house which few knew the location of. His face rarely gave away his feelings except to give emotion to the stories he told. Most tavern dwellers knew him as the storyteller. He wore a wide brimmed, purple hat out in public – this was his guise to those who knew him only as a storyteller, and the give away to his friends who know who he really was.   He was known for his sharp wit, agility and ability to come and go without notice.   The room was filled with the light of seven flickering candles. The light wind made the blinds tap the edge of the window and was the one of two things that broke the silence. The other was the sound of the graphite stick, scribbling and ticking over a stack of paper. Walls of uncovered wood, splinters and candlestick holders tipped off the unmatching furniture. Floral armchairs seated slightly towards the bronze coloured iron fireplace. A white tiger-skin rug stretched three quarters of the floor, ending at the painted green stairs. The ripper, half glowing like an outsider's view of the moon, loomed over his paperwork.

Ripper's breath almost froze in the cold air. A faded shouting from a tavern round the corner stung the silence. His desk was right up in the furthest corner, making it quite impressive that he had heard the lightest tapping at his door.   He swept all the paper to one side in a tidy mess and grabbed the tallest candle. He sat in the chair with the highest back and slightly raised his voice: “Come in, come in!”. The door remained stubbornly closed. Knowing someone was there, he crossed the room and pried the door open with a creak. The dark distance outside was empty.
“The mouse never sees the cat” came a small voice directly behind him. Ripper recognised the voice immediately and returned back to his chair. He peered deeply at the chair opposite.
  “Okay, Peeks, stop playing silly buggers and give me some bloody respect in my own home.” Ripper always admired Peeks' ability to turn almost completely invisible at will, and was the only person who didn't find her disturbing. She slowly faded into view, sat backwards, directly inside Ripper's stare. She was small. She had a pure face that would be considered cute, until she spoke. Her delusioned sapphire eyes radiated in the gloom with one pupil larger than the other. She was staring directly back at Ripper.   “Alright, Peeks? Hmm, last time I saw you...” He trailed off. It probably wasn't good to dwell on such things with her. She wasn't very great at light conversation. “Ehh, it was a while ago, anyway. To do with 'The Council' I believe. Haven't been to them for a while – probably for the best. Anyway, how can I help you?” He relaxed back in his chair.   “We seek the bladed one, for...” She looked unsteady, Ripper knew there wasn't something quite right with her, then again, it was hard to tell that was right with her. “Talent for darkening runs in your veins and is needed to desecrate the life of another.” “Yeah, I can do that, but I will need more information, of course.” Ripper spoke confidently. Shooting a glance at the window, he got up to make sure it was firmly shut. You could never be too careful. “We grind the organ and expect monkey to perform.” Peeks stated in a cold tone.   Ripper didn't like the way she put it, he was no monkey. When Peeks wanted someone dead, it wasn't unlike her to do it herself in a heartbeat. She would merely disappear directly after, and could never be found. If she didn't like someone, they were often advised to write a will. Now, however, she wanted Ripper's assistance, and yet she was a friend, so all he could do was comply. She continued.
“The Puppet-Master pulls our strings and yet we rarely see you question him.” Peeks spoke in the softest mono-tone, and Ripper couldn't help but wonder what this was about. The puppet-master was her name for Tezz Reinard. Reinard was a scientist who often dabbled with life it's self for his rather dark work. He, also, had no issues with solving his own problems, or confronting Ripper for anything.

Peeks was an impossible enigma.
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