Summer Love

Stella has known Harry Styles sense diaper days, and they have gone to the same family camp in the summer ever sense. Harry hasn't been able to go the past year, for he was on tour, so when Stella gets a text that he can go this year, she is ecstatic. She says that she is bringing some friends with her and Harry is bringing the whole band, but what Harry doesn't know is that Stella is also bringing her dreamy boyfriend carlos. will Harry get jealous? Will the band fall for Stella's friends? Find out!!! :)


7. Ch. 7 Ella's POV

So today i was feeling pretty lazy, so i decided to spend the day going kayaking in the lake. now i know what you're thinking, "if you are feeling lazy, why in the world would you go kayaking, doesnt that take a lot of energy?" Well yeah it does but im a girl who doesnt really think things through, she just does. i was rowing along, enjoying the view of the nature, and looking at the woman with 4 children by the side of the highway with a flat tire. i really like to look at people panic, i just think its fun. every time i go to the airport i sit and watch the losers who missed their flight, or the frantic teenagers realizing they lost their bording bass, or the crazy lunitics yelling at the airplane people complaining that the flight is delayed. anyway, i was paddling along when i suddenly hit a really shallow area near the middle of the lake. i dug my ore into the dry gravel and tried to push my self off the miny mountain, but i wouldn't move. i got out of the kayak, went to the back and tried to push the boat forward, but it didn't move. now i was mad, i hate things that dont go my way and i hate things that im not good at. i went to the front of the kayak and as i pulled harder and harder, i heard a voice, "do you need help love?" This scared me so i fell flat on my butt. after say a few curse words under breath i wearyily got up and said "uh well..." then stopped my self. you wont believe who it was! Zayn Malik!!! i almost fainted. "you're... uh" i spuddered. "Zayn from One Direction? yeah, now hop in!" i smiled "uh thanks!" I sat in the seat in the back of the boat and he sat in the seat in the front, we were facing each other as he paddled slowly in a backwards motion. i looked down at the water over the edge of the kayak and ran my fingers through the clear water. after a moment of silence, Zayn said "your eyes match the water!" i looked up putting my wet hand on my lap, i didn't care, my denum shorts were already wet from my clumsy fall. "there very pretty!" he said after a second of silence. "thanks!" i giggled, then put my focus back on the water. the way the ripples float along the surface, the noise the splash makes as my hand hit the water again. then i looked at the shore, so far away from us. "look, there's a dear." i said pointing to the baby dear. "i would have never of seen that, how did you notice it?" he asked impressed. "i dont know, i guess i just pay more attention to ever thing more than other people, i guess i just notice the little things you know?" i said. "hm. so what do you like to do?" he asked akwardly. "well i play futball, and guitar, and i sing in a band." i said. "what do you like to sing, what is your favorite song i mean?" "UH i dont know." i said and left it at that. he could tell i didnt want to talk. i leaned my whole body of the side of the boat and ran my hands along the water again. i felt the boat tip a little but i ignored it, but the next thing i new i was jumping out of the water gasping for air and a capsized boat in between Zayn and i. "oh dear im so so sorry! i guess i wasn't paying attention and i just fell" i said embarassed. i tried to flip over the boat so we could keep going and i could try not to embarrase my self any farther, but i wasnt strong enough. he was cracking up. "its ok love don't worry about it!" he laughed then flipped the boat around in a second. "now that wasn't so hard!" he teased. "show off!" i laughed, suddenly i was having fun and forgot about the whole boat thing. "jealous?" he said lifting me up into the boat. "i know what you are but what am i?" i giggled then splashed a tiny bit of water at him, the boat slightly tipped. "don't tip the boat" "Ella" i said. "Ella thats a beautiful name." he said looking up at me, rowing slowly. i smiled. "a beautiful name for a beautiful girl." he said smiling back. i was hyproventalating! what do i say? i was blushing like crazy and i finally got up the nerve to say "thanks" then pulled a strand of hair behind my ear, looking down at my wet shoes. the boat shifted a little and because i was so wet i slid in my seat slightly near him. when i looked up Zayn was looking me, as if he was noticing every curve and detail in my face. i starred into his eyes, he had beautiful eyes. finally when we reached the shore i quickly got out. "zayn, thank you for bringing me back, it really would have sucked if i was stuck out there." i said. "no no worries, anytime. maybe i'll see you around." he said back. "yeah!" i laughed then walked away, that could have been the best hour of my life!

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