Summer Love

Stella has known Harry Styles sense diaper days, and they have gone to the same family camp in the summer ever sense. Harry hasn't been able to go the past year, for he was on tour, so when Stella gets a text that he can go this year, she is ecstatic. She says that she is bringing some friends with her and Harry is bringing the whole band, but what Harry doesn't know is that Stella is also bringing her dreamy boyfriend carlos. will Harry get jealous? Will the band fall for Stella's friends? Find out!!! :)


6. Ch. 6 Daniella POV

so i wake up in the middle of the night and i have to go to the bathroom so bad, like really bad. i walked out of my white tent tipi thing and half asleep walk to the camp's bathroom. i was wearing a hot pink tank top, and grey sweat pants with the top rolled down twice, and my soccer sandals. when i came out i litterally thought i was going to fall asleep in the middle of the forest. but somebody in my head said "Daniella, just don't do that!" so i walked over to the tent tipis things and got in the one that i thought was mine. and to my suprise i wake up at like 10 and see Niall Horan under the the blankets asleep right next to me. i jump of of the bed and almost hyproventalate! "OMG OMG NIALL HORAN IS IN MY TENT!" i thought trying to be quiet so i dont wake him. then a thought came into my head, maybe im not in my tent? well huh! just as i was about to leave, Liam Payne comes in and says "Niall, wake up" then he sees me, then back at Niall and says "oh, am i interupting?" "no no no believe me. i was just going to the bathroom in the middle of the night and when i came back i got in the wrong cabin." i explained to Liam. then Niall wakes up, and grogeley he says "oh hi, who are you?" then sits up. god he's cute! "im so sorry. i was walking back from the bathroom and i was really tired and i guess i got in the wrong tent tipi thing. im so sorry, ill just go." i reached down to grab my slippers when i slipped on something and fell litterally on Niall's chest. thank god i put my arms to my chest because you know, cause i fell pretty hard. i moved my hair out of his face and he half asleep says "oh dear love, are you okay?" "*cough cough* yeah im good. you know im going to leave now, i have already caused to much trouble!" then got up and pushed my self off. "no wait, do you want to go grab some breakfast with me?" Niall says right as i banged my head on a the roof of the tent tipi thing. "owwww! um yeah that would be great!" i replied rubbing my head. he stood up, showing a very muscular chest and plaid pajama bottoms. i was seriously trying not to stare. he slipped on a blue v neck from hollister and we walked on the path to the camp's main building. a bunch of really pretty girls walked by, with short shorts, cropped shirts, a lot of make up on and flowy curly hair, while i was wearing my pajamas and i hadn't even brushed my hair yet. yet, Niall didnt even look at those girls, he just kept looking at , me and asking me questions. he asked me if i sang and i said "no but i play the bass and guitar. also im on a soccer team." after a while didnt feel like i was talking to Niall Horan who i just met. it felt like i was talking to an old friend and we were catching up. when we passed by the lake there was a bush of cat tales. he ripped off one and put it up to his lip so he had a mustache, then he crossed his eyes. i could not stop laughing. "you look rediculous!" i said through laughter then picked off a cat tale and i soon had a mustache too. i grabbed my hair and held them in messing lopsided pig tails, then crossed my eyes. "hahah, you look beautiful, you should really think about growing a mustache!" he laughed. "haha very funny!" i laughed sarcasticly then let go of my hair and through my cat tale into the pond. then we just kept on walking, getting closer and closer to what we both  wanted... FOOD

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