Summer Love

Stella has known Harry Styles sense diaper days, and they have gone to the same family camp in the summer ever sense. Harry hasn't been able to go the past year, for he was on tour, so when Stella gets a text that he can go this year, she is ecstatic. She says that she is bringing some friends with her and Harry is bringing the whole band, but what Harry doesn't know is that Stella is also bringing her dreamy boyfriend carlos. will Harry get jealous? Will the band fall for Stella's friends? Find out!!! :)


5. Ch. 5 Harry's POV

i dont know what to think anymore. all year while the band was on tour, i couldn't get her out of my head. everything reminded me of her. when we played a concert in California, all i could think about was that summer where Stella got food poisoning from Mcdonalds and i had to sit with her in her cabin while she vomited her brains out. and when we went to parties after a long week of concerts i kept thinking about all those times Stella and i would drink grape juice pretending it was wine. then we would laugh so hard and juice would come out of our noses. and i still remember that little girl next to me. that girl with the tangly short brown hair, rosie red cheeks, and ripped apart pink crocs. One time during a meet and greet a girl was wearing a sweatshirt with a goat, and the second i saw it i thought of the time when Stella and i went to the camp petting zoo. we were about 5 and she jump of a brown goat's back. the goat imediatly flung stella off his back. i still have that little confused look on her face in my head, that tiny girl sitting on the hay covered ground, then that high pitched voice asking me "why wont the horsey let me ride him?!" she asked then let out a sob. the truth is that one of the reasons that i changed all my plans so we could be together, become as close as we used to be. truthfully, i wish i could just hold her in my arms again, protect her from all the bad in the world, look her in her eyes and tell her everything will be ok, i want to hold and tell the truth, i love her. i wish i was her boyfriend, but thats one thing she's already got.  

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