Summer Love

Stella has known Harry Styles sense diaper days, and they have gone to the same family camp in the summer ever sense. Harry hasn't been able to go the past year, for he was on tour, so when Stella gets a text that he can go this year, she is ecstatic. She says that she is bringing some friends with her and Harry is bringing the whole band, but what Harry doesn't know is that Stella is also bringing her dreamy boyfriend carlos. will Harry get jealous? Will the band fall for Stella's friends? Find out!!! :)


4. Ch. 4 bonding time with Harry

Going on the human hamster balls in the lake used to be one Harry and i's favorite part of Evesham's Family Camp. but sense we haven't been in what felt like forever, we may have lost our skill. 

"I'll raise you to the other side of the lake!" i yelled through the clear plastic ball wall. Harry laughed and yelled back "you're on!" and took off running. but we both fell in a second, trying to get up on our knees, then falling ad sliding. "how did we used be able to do this?!" i cried absolutely cracking up. "i have no idea. but im gonna win!" he laughed then ran a few steps then fell on his butt. i laughed then took off running. i actually made it pretty far without falling, i was sure i was going to win this race (for the first time ever!) But suddenly my ball slipped and i fell on my side sliding across the water and hitting Harry's ball. we both cracked up and he yelled "what, you trying to nock me off course? trying to actually win for once?!!" i tried to push him through the walls and laughed "shut up!" then took off running again. 

Suprise suprise Harry won the race. but i really didn't care that much, i was having fun. okay maybe i cared a tiny bit but what ever. When we got to the shore we got out of our human hamster balls and sat down on the sand. "That was so fun yet so trying!" i said as i lied down on the sand. my hair was going a little crazy, so i put it in a bun. then Harry lied down too and sighed. "i really missed you, i couldn't stop thinking about you Stell. i miss all those summers we spent together, i just, i just wish we spent more time together you know?" he said looking up at the clear blue sky. "yeah i get it." i said "i think about you everyday." we both sat up. "i just wish life was as easy as it used to be!" Harry chuckled then looked at me. i smiled "yeah me too" "im so scared that me being in One Direction is going to get in the way of our friendship. i just cant let that happen!" i said looking out to the lake. "im so scared of that too! im proud of you and all, im just scared you'll never have enough time for me, you wont be there for me any more." i said looking at the side of his face, noticing all the little details, all the little things. "lets play a game!" he said suddenly. "you close your eyes and count to infinity, and when you open your eyes to look for me, i'll still be there. i may get a little old, but Stell, im always there for you, even if we are miles apart." he said. i giggled at this. "race again to the other side?"he asked looking at me. "no way, im too tired!" i said lying back down. he laughed the reached down at me stomach and tickled me. "scared you're gonna loose again?!" he cried. "stop, stop!" i could not stop laughing, im really ticklish. he laughed then picked me up bridle style, and swung me around. then he through he in the air while i was still laughing. "god i missed that smile so much!" he said spinning me around again. i laughed then cried "Put me down!!" i laughed. when i got on my feet me jumped in our human hamster balls and took off. we didn't fall once

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