Summer Love

Stella has known Harry Styles sense diaper days, and they have gone to the same family camp in the summer ever sense. Harry hasn't been able to go the past year, for he was on tour, so when Stella gets a text that he can go this year, she is ecstatic. She says that she is bringing some friends with her and Harry is bringing the whole band, but what Harry doesn't know is that Stella is also bringing her dreamy boyfriend carlos. will Harry get jealous? Will the band fall for Stella's friends? Find out!!! :)


2. Ch. 2 High School Graduation

"oh my goodness, i really should not have worn makeup!" i said as my mascara was starting to smudge. "Stell, stop crying! we are seeing each other over the summer right?" Daniella said hugging me. "im sorry i just cant help it!!" i cried whipping a tear off my face. i am what you would call an emotional person! every body laughed a little and walked away, except for Ella, my best friend. we linked arms and walked to the end of the school hallway, our high heels cluncking against the floor, our curled hair and short sundresses blowing in the wind. a barnet and a blonde with an inseperable bond!! "i have to go, im meeting Carlos in a hour at some fancy restraunt. he graduated last year and wanted to congraduate me. isnt that sweet!" i said turing to holding her hands. "oh thats so nice, my mom is taking me to a restraunt too with my dad and grandparents. we hanging tomorrow right?" Ella asked. "deffinitly. i love you!!" i said then hugged her. she hugged me back, "i love you more!" and we both went to meet our own parents.  

"hon, roll down the window, im hot! now look at theses people! 'what are you doing!'" my mom yelled at the person in front of us. i rolled down the window and all of the sudden my phone buzzed. "hey Stell, you know the camp we always go to, i can go this year! im so sorry we haven't seen each other for so long because i was on tour, but i really miss you and i was wondering if you already had plans?... -Harry i could not believe it!! i have known Harry Styles sense we were born, but i havent seen him for a couple years because he has been doing all this stuff with the band. we used to go to this family camp together, but we havent gone for years. "mom, are we going anywhere this summer?" i asked. "nope" "deffinetly, cant wait! ill bring some friends" i replied. "yeah sure, ill bring the band!" he texted back right away. "yeah sure. im so excited. gtg, bi!:)" i said then turned off my phone. i couldnt wait. 

"so i was wondering if you wanted to go with me to a family camp. the thing is my parents are going to Italy for the summer for the 30th aniversery so im going alone with an old friend and some girlfriends from school." i asked then took a sip of water. he took a bite of steak and said "that would be so fun! i would love to come. when do we leave?" he asked. "tomorrow, pick me up at noon, my parents leave at 11am!" i said then speared some salad onto my fork. "cool, perfect!" he said.



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