Never Trust

When Marvin and David hear about recent local murders of young girls, they are shocked - if only they knew the full story.


3. Part 3

     DCI Manning, sir. We've found out some information about the Marvin guy.” The officer was new, and it showed. He looked a lot younger than he was, though Manning thought he had been doing a good job so far. Eager, one might say.
     Very good. What have you found?"
     Well, his name is Marvin Tipping. He didn't seem to have many friends since he moved here because nobody knew him very well. But we found some of his records, apparently he has been divorced for some years to a woman named Eva” The young officer was flicking through a little notepad which didn't seem to have much written on it, though this was good enough news. Manning stared in thought for a few seconds.
     See if we can find a Eva Tipping to identify the body, we need to be sure of this information.” They needed to find her before the media did. Nothing had happened this big for a while, and they had already linked the suicide to the murders as quick as the police could verify the evidence.
     Manning could already see the headlines being 'At the Tipping point' or 'Typical Tip Trip'. He really did hate the newspapers. The officer interjected his thoughts.
     That's kinda the worry, sir. We think we might already have found her.”

                                                                    * * *

     Marvin stretched, getting out of bed and stumbling down the stairs in the late afternoon. David was already sat in the living room and reading the news paper.
     Hello, David. Let yourself in again?"
     “Well I do have keys, I mean I wouldn't manna wake you up at this early hour.” David looked at the clock, which read four twenty four PM. David smirked.
     “Shush, I have no responsibilities. So there are no worries. I'll get a job sometime, when I start running out of money. Besides, I had a late night.” Marvin yawned, and slumped down.
     “Ohh? Why's that?” David wasn't looking at him, rather staring at the paper. Something written about 'Warehouse Murders Suspect Found' " Marvin didn't pay much attention to the news.
     Ahh, nothing special, stayed up watching some films."
     “Porn, then?” Marvin grinned, looking up from his paper.
     “...Shut up David. Nah, it was some horror film where these people were trapped with a shape shifting insect in the desert, somewhere. Pretty good.”
     Marvin got up and wandered into the kitchen, grabbing some cereal and a bowl. He shouted into the other room, so that David could hear him. “Where have you been the past couple of days then?”
     Ohh, y'know me! Here, there and everywhere.” David was already in the kitchen right behind him, even though Marvin hadn't heard him follow in.
     Fair enough, why'd you come round then? Wanna do something?” Marvin asked.
     “Nah, thought I might just come round, we can stay and watch one of your pornos if you like... oops, I mean 'scary films'.”
     Ohh David, if only you knew how funny you aren't...”

                                                                              * * *
     London Police Department. Investigations Officer: DCI Manning Date: 01 / 10 / 10 Offence: Mutilation Time: Between 1900 and 2200 hours

     The body found in the open warehouse was around two days old. The area was searched and found to be completely empty. After sectioning off the site, the forensics and photographers were brought in.
     The body was laid completely naked on the floor. Estimated at fourteen years of age, female, long blonde hair. Her clothes were on a raised plank nearby, she had a bag with a few books inside; all with a name written on the front, presumably hers: Charlotte Pascoe.
     There were names carved into various parts of her body. On her forehead was written the name 'EVA' and on the chest was written the name 'LUCY'. A large hold had been cut out of her stomach and her womb was removed. There were organs on the floor next to her, and her intestines extended to make a circle around them. Four of the officers had to leave the site from nausea.      On the floor approximately five feet from the body, was a footprint of a size nine man's shoe. This was the only lead we found from this particular site. 
                                                    * * *
     Hello again, Eva. How is your cell?” DCI Grover began.
     Comfortable.” Eva lied. She didn't look at him.
     Glad to hear it. Now, Eva, I'm hoping that you'll be more productive today, for your sake not mine. You know what I want from you. There is nothing you can do to get out of what you've done. All we want to know, is which of these murders are yours.” Grover placed murder scenes on the table in front of him. The other side of which Eva was sat, her glance darted through the pictures, given no emotion.
     While Eva was distracted by the pictures, Grover took out a recorder from his pocket, placed it on the table and pressed record.
     Now Eva, do you notice anything interesting about this picture?” He picked one photo from under the scattered pile, and placed it on the top. It depicted a female teenager with her head turned to the side. Written on her cheek was a crude knife cut of the word 'EVA'. Eva stared at the picture as if shocked to see her own name. She frowned and looked up at Grover.
     Not me.” She said, sternly. “Why the fuck would I write my own name?"
     We don't know, Eva, that's what we're trying to find out.”
     The door was pursed open and an officer popped his head in. Beckoning Grover out of the room, he stopped the recording and asked Eva to remain where she was. He stepped out of the room and was told there was a message from DCI Manning.
     The stories seemed to fit up. He walked back in the room and apologised to Eva. He continued the recoding.
     Now Eva, I've just been informed of an event that has happened near here at another station. There has been a death. I need to ask you. Are you aware of the name Tipping?” He asked as calmly as possible. Eva's glance shot directly into his eyes, it sent chills down his spine, she recognised the name.
     It's your name, isn't it, Eva?” he pressed, but she remained silent. “Are you aware of someone named Marvin Tipping? We need to know this Eva.” Grover wasn't prepared for the sheer look of anger he received at the sound of the name.
     Eva, I'm afraid he has died. He committed suicide last night” Grover tried to remain as neutral as possible.
     Good” Eva simply grinned. “It's his fault.”
                                                                                     * * *
     That's all we need to ask, sir.” The officer still stood at the doorstep. Marvin hadn't let him in when he first asked. 'It's really messy, I wasn't expecting extra company' was his excuse.
     Well sorry, I couldn't be of more help. If I hear anything about any girls, I will let you know” Marvin smiled. With believed truth behind every word.
     Good day, sir.” The officer turned around.
     Yeah, bye.” Marvin replied.
     Thank fuck he's gone” David sighed.
       “ Yeah, I mean how should I know anything about those missing girls?' Marvin walked away from the door, poured himself another whiskey and sunk it before slumping down in the comfiest chair.
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