Never Trust

When Marvin and David hear about recent local murders of young girls, they are shocked - if only they knew the full story.


2. Part 2

     Stillness. Legs spread wide apart. Arms tucked neatly by her side. Deathly pale fourteen year old girl. Marvin's cheeks ached, admiring the victim. He griped a fist of brunette strands and lifted her skull. Giving her hair an exaggerated sniff, her head hit the floor like a dead weight. A low hanging echo bellowed across the room. Marvin handed the knife to David.
     The Pascoe girl was one of the easiest victims. Marvin heard about her parents on holiday. Church goers love to gossip. She always walked to her friend's house. Every day. Same direction. Usually same time. Interception was simple. She liked to take the short-cut through a darkened street opening. All houses around a corner; 3 street lamps that had needed fixing. He waited against the wall. Palpitations kicking in. Adrenaline heightening reactions for the moment she entered his gaze. Less than a minute stopped her struggling for breath.

                                                    * * *
     Good afternoon, madam. I’m DCI Manning of London Police department. May I come in?”
     “Of course, please, come this way.” Mrs Hadley was a widowed old woman with an arched back and a tea obsession. She led the detective into her front room, decorated with china and floral patterned furniture. Manning somehow questioned whether he’d walked into the 50s, judging by the lack of TV and a well-used radio. He guessed she had been a house wife for quite some time.
     So, madam. We are here to investigate the phone call coming from your
house, 4 days ago, on the afternoon of September 30th. It concerned the first girl on our homicide case.”
     Yes, that was me. What do you mean first? Are there more?” Mrs Hadley pried.
     “That is confidential information, I’m afraid, I am just interested to gather information from you concerning a ‘Pascoe family’.” Manning flicked through a scribbled notepad full of phone calls to investigate further. It had been a long day already. The teenage girl from the Pascoe family had been named 3 times, but they had not made themselves known, yet.
     Yes. Well, as soon as I heard of the girl, I remembered the Pascoe family with a daughter that age. I’ve always thought they were a strange family. If you ask me, it was them who did it to their own daughter. I know it sound strange, but I always see that girl go by here and she’s never at home - surely signs of a terrible domestic life.”
     This is all very well Mrs Hadley…” He was cut off.
     Oh, call me Mary, please” She winced at the term Mrs Hadley, stung by the name of her deceased husband. Manning guessed she was a different person since his death.  It was a common thing for women to outlive their husbands, and few of them dealt with it very well. Though, he thought, at least it shows they probably were not victims of domestic abuse.
     “… Mary. What exactly is your reason for believing that Miss Pascoe is the missing girl?” Manning pressed, he had at least another 6 houses to visit before he could go on a break. Police in important homicide cases never got much sleep and were constantly over-worked. Something Manning could never get used to.
     Well, like I said, I always see that girl going by here. But ever since I read about a girl of about 14 being found, I haven’t seen her at all! I’m really worried. Quite a pretty girl she is, I can’t imagine what would happen to her with the wrong person” Mrs Hadley, paused. DCI Manning didn’t want to know what she meant by that.
     Is there any more information you could give us on this family? … Mary?” He prompted her out of her thought tracks.
     Well, I heard from one of the girls at the church that they had gone on holiday recently. Perhaps to escape from whatever they did.” At this point, he could tell the woman was mad. The family being on holiday seemed a much more obvious explanation as to why the girl hadn’t been seen. Sadly, he had to check out all calls, and all leads. “I know that she lives down the road. Try asking at number 92, there’s a man that lives next door to them who might know more. He’s solitary by nature and lives alone. Erm… Marvin, I think."
     “I’ll send someone round this evening madam”                                                        * * *

     Vertical cuts were always the first. Never too deep. First Marvin would write the name across her breasts, the one that he would have given her. Then came the slow process of removing the womb. The knife, gripped between whitened knuckles, raised high above the head. Always a hesitation before the plummet.                                                                     * * *
     London Police Department. Investigations Officer: DCI Grover Date: 04 / 10 / 10 Offence: Murder and Mutilation Time: Between 1900 and 2200 hours
     After a phone call claiming to have seen a person carrying a body into the warehouse, it was confirmed to be occupied. We sent a team of 4 armed officers and myself. It took a two man battering ram to break down the door in one hit and we rushed in.
     I shouted “Stay where you are!” when we had established the claim to be true. Inside the warehouse was a lone figure in the middle of the floor next to a corpse.
     Put the knife on the floor and step away from the body” the command followed. The subject didn't seem phased by the commotion, instead, just did as told. The body on the floor was a young teenage boy.
     When we were close enough with no threat, the disturbed subject seemed to be grinning at us. When we took her back the station and into the interview room, she refused to speak. The only thing she would tell us was her name.
                                                           * * *  
     David laughed: “What would she do now, if she could see you?”
     Who's that?” Marvin span quizzically toward David.
     Your ex-wife? What was her name again?”
     I carved it on my girl's face - here” Marvin grinned. 
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