Never Trust

When Marvin and David hear about recent local murders of young girls, they are shocked - if only they knew the full story.


1. Part 1

  Part 1      His soft hand caressed her hip; wandering upwards. Pressing his lips upon her smooth forehead, he held there for a second. Stepping back, he gazed into her eyes. The moment was captured in this pause. Soft slow steps in a small circle around her chair, with his fingertip making contact, stroking, the whole way from shoulder to shoulder and back. The room was empty. Him and her. One chair and one spotlight. The naked feet of his, softly pattering upon the stone floor creating an echo in the vast room. Step. Step. Step. He moved in. Closer. Closer. Closer; to slap his victim on the face with bludgeoning precision, from hair to chin. Giggling furiously, he backed off out of the light with nothing in his hands; returning with a simple flick-knife. Sharp and shining, reflecting the circular beam cast around the girl. Her head rested on her own shoulder. Lifeless. There was no need to rush, she wouldn't start to decay for another few hours. The artwork begins...

                                                     * * *

     'Thank fuck he's gone' David sighed. Mid thirties, scruffy brown hair with careless eyes to match. Marvin was a similar height, though older. Had same coloured eyes and hair except greying. Apart from the slightly larger belly, he was a much tidier looking, clean shaven man. Marvin closed the door as the policeman was at the end of the drive. 
     'Yeah, I mean how should I know anything about those missing girls?' Marvin walked away from the door, poured himself another whiskey and sunk it before slumping down in the comfiest chair. David remained standing, and silent. Marvin gave a nod. 'And why did it not concern you? I mean he just stands there talking and talking to me about this upsetting stuff. But he just ignored you!'
     'Quite' David smirked. 'Who do you reckon it was? That's four, very pretty, teenage girls now'.
     'Probably some sick fuck on a spree. It's such a shame really, what a waste of a life'. There was a long, contemplating pause.
     'We're out of milk. Bugger, I really wanted a tea' Marvin shouted from the kitchen, breaking the silence.
     'There's more in the upper cupboard, in the carton!' David shouted.
     'Okay!' Marvin said before a longer pause and coming back in with a cup of tea.
     'I bet you're glad you don't have a daughter around now. You nearly did. You'd be in a similar situation.' David returned to the horrid matter.
     'Yeah, I still kinda like the idea of a daughter. If I did have one, I'd probably just go on holiday 'til this is all over... We both wanted kids y'know?' Marvin swirled his cup in his usual repetitive actions. David was sat down on a wooden chair facing the other.
     'What happened, Marvin?'
     'Have I not told you all this before?'
     'Well if you have, I've forgotten. You do bore me after all.' David gave a toothy smile, cheeky as always.

     'Well, we always planned on having them. Me 'n the missus. But when we got round to trying. She couldn't have them. That was the tipping point. All sorts happened, and everything reminds me of it.' Marvin slowed as he spoke, clearly an emotionally problematic subject. 'Not a God forsaken day goes by where I don't think something different could have happened.' His repetitive actions became more prominent.      David started. 'I bet that's what you were thinking about when...' Marvin interrupted, staring into nothingness. 
     'It's what I think about all the time! Arguments about adoption. It broke our love. I left her in the end. I resented her.' Marvin had one hand tightly gripping onto the arm of the chair as his nails dug deeper indents.
     'If only other families didn't have their pretty daughters?' David stared at Marvin, who gave a hasty reply.
     'No! Of course not!' Martin raised his voice. Tension was released. There was another, awkward, contemplating pause. 'What did you bring this up for anyway?! Shut up! Just shut up!' Marvin looked as if there would be tears in his eyes if he knew how.
     'Sorry, that's why I'm here Marvin, so you can get your head straight. Or is it not? Why am I here?'
     'No! Just shut up! I was fine. I just wanted some company.' Marvin couldn't look David in those accusing eyes.
     'I think you are a bad man, Marvin.' David kept staring, and staring, and staring until Marvin broke.
     'What are you talking about?! I broke up with her, nothing more! Just fuck off! You were saying earlier how a good innocent person I was. I believe in God, isn't that enough? I repented! I'm not a sinner.'
     'Woah, touchy!' David mused, then turn abruptly serious 'Think. Confessing for your past thoughts isn't enough. Your actions is what you need to repent for.' David mimed zipping his mouth shut and started to walk out the room. Marvin closed his eyes tight as if everything was going to go away. He couldn't hear David after he walked off, but as he opened his eyes, there he was, right infront of him, slightly bent to his level.

     'Are you okay?' David mused again.
     'You're such a bastard. What are you trying to prove? You're confusing me!'
     'Nothing, Marvin, and everything. That's what I'm here for. To give you some clarity. Think carefully.'
     'What are you talking about? David!' Sighing, David rolled his eyes. 'Need some help? What were you doing Friday at around 2am, Marvin?'
     'I can't remember! What was I doing?'
     'You can't remember what you were doing in the morning, 2 nights ago? Of course you can. If I can remember, then you can.'
     'I literally have no idea, sleeping probably...' Marvin paused. 'Wait, no. I was awake then? I never go to sleep before 3. Ohh.' After ten seconds of silence, Marvin's face dropped. Totally blank as if he had just seen the most disturbing, shocking scene. Like he had just seen a ghost. Like he had just watched a family member commit suicide. Like he had just remembered himself drenched in blood, in a room at 2am, with a knife deep in the stomach of a dead teenage girl. So it was him? He was a murderer? But How? The cup dropped on the floor spilling still hot tea on the thin carpet. Marvin slowly brought his hands up to look at them. How had he been the kidnapper? He didn't remember... four of them? How?
     'David... How?'
     'How what Marvin?' David said in his calmest voice. Eerie.
     'How did I not know? How did you know? Was it you who did it, am I remembering this correctly?' Marvin didn't know where to look. He was distraught, shocked, appauled. His mind brust into a rubbish tip of thoughts with only a hand brush to tidy it. 'What do I do David, are you going to tell anyone?!'
     'I couldn't tell anyone if I tried. I did it, you did it... same thing. I think you've already decided what to do, Marvin. It's for the best I think. I'll go with you.' David had no emotion at this point; he was almost speaking as if he were a robot.

     David held up some car keys and a small lock box out in front of him. Marvin got up slowly from his chair; bowed his head in silence. His feet slid towards the kitchen door. David just followed.
     Marvin hesitated every few steps as if considering an alternative. He knew, however, that this was the right thing to do. God would save them both. They would repent. Everything would be fine. Through the kitchen; they made their way to the garage, where the car was. Only a small car, 2 doors, red.
     Pulling the garage to kitchen door behind him shut, David gestured to Marvin, who then locked it. He also made his way to the opening hatch of the increasingly enclosed garage and locked it, four times. Picking up a length of plastic pipe, and knocking things over in the process. He did not bother to pick anything up, that wasn't important now. He rolled down the front driver's seat window. Sliding one end of the pipe over the car's exhaust pipe; then the other end feeding through the window of the car. All other windows were firmly closed tight.
     They simultaneously sat into the car. Marvin on the driver's side and David in the passenger's. They locked the car doors. The keys moved slowly towards the ignition before a final hesitation. Marvin looked at David. David looked back and gave a nod, and a slight smirk. The keys went in, they turned. It took 3 times before the car started and the smoke began to pour into the car; filling it up.
     Marvin took the keys to exit the garage and placed them into the lock box. He also put his spare car keys in. He locked the box. With the final key for the box, he swallowed it. It hurt as it rolled down his gullet, and he relished the pain - he was suddenly aware of life. There was no going back.
     Every second seemed to last a very long time, but every chronic second also became easier and easier as Marvin slowly slipped away into the deepest sleep he could ever imagine. Forever. Just like those girls. Only without the pain. And nobody in his life to care. In his final moment, he felt peace and he knew he was alone in the car.

    'London Police Department.      Investigations Officer: DCI Manning Date: 04 / 10 / 10        Offence: Alleged Suicide        Time: Between 1900 and 2200 hours

     After responding to the call of gas leaking from a neighbour’s garage, a team was sent out. Upon knocking the garage door down, there was no sign of any struggle to get out. Nobody had entered or exited since the incident. The ignition was turned off after the smoke cleared. A deceased body was found inside the car.
     Inside the car was a lock box. The key was not found, so forced entry was needed. The box contained the keys to both and only entrances of the garage. It was confirmed that the keys in the box were the only of their type in existence to our knowledge, as found from locksmith's records. There is little doubt that this was a voluntary suicide.
     After further tests, the DNA on the John Doe in the car matches the DNA left in the warehouse where the four recent missing girls were mutilated found eight, six, five and one night previous. It seems this man committed suicide for what we assume to be a linked reason.
     The man was later identified as a Caucasian British male called Marvin; around fourty-five years of age. He mostly kept himself to himself. According to neighbours, he was 'solitary mainly, nature and lived alone.' However, he was sometimes heard talking to himself. This is all the information we found from the neighbours. An autopsy will be carried out in the next twelve hours.
     There was no sign of struggle and 'Marvin' was alone in the car. With no way of anyone leaving before we broke the door down. We must assume there was nobody else involved and suicide is the only option. End report.'

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